The Northern Ireland Court Service

Annual Summary of Complaints Statistics January 2005 – December 2005

Complaints Statistics

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of complaints received throughout the Court Service during January to December 2005.
A member of the public can either make a complaint directly to a court office or make the complaint centrally to the Information Centre.

Complaints received

Complaints were received in 4 main business areas as can been seen below.

Breakdown of Complaints by Business Area

Number of Complaints received during 2005 broken down by courthouse

Breakdown of complaints by category

Following a review of the complaints system in March 2005 it was agreed that a more meaningful analysis of the complaints could be obtained if we included a number of new categories.  A full list of the categories can be found at Annex A. 

A breakdown of each of the categories of complaint can be seen below.

Breakdown of complaints by category

The area that received the most complaints was accommodation, 42 complaints in total were received, reflecting a 29% reduction on the same period in 2004.

Breakdown of complaints regarding accomodation received by courthouse durinig 2005

Complaints regarding delays received a total of 36 complaints; this reflects a 50% increase on the same period in 2004.

Number of complaints regarding delays received by location during 2005

Complaints regarding administrative error received a total of 35 complaints this reflects a reduction of 24% on the same period in 2004.  A year on year comparison can be found at Annex B.

Number of complaints regarding administrative errors by location during 2005

How complaints were made

The most frequent method of making a complaint was to put it in writing (36%) the second was to make the complaint in person (20%) and over the telephone (21.5%).  A full breakdown of how complaints were received can be seen below.

Breakdown of how complaints were received


Annex A

Additional categories were added to the complaints template in April 2005, allowing for a more accurate analysis of returns. 
Court offices were asked to give due consideration when selecting the most appropriate category as previously the category of “other” has been selected when more appropriate categories have been available.

Court Service Staff
Information Available
Telephone Manner
Summons Servers
Jury Service
Judicial Decision
Another organisation
Maybin Staff – security and cleaning staff
Poor performance of funds
ICOS / Online services

These new categories have enabled the Information Centre to highlight organisational issues such as problems with online services which previously would have been included under the website category. 


Annex B




% difference on previous year

Total number of complaints




Accommodation Complaints




Delays complaints



+ 50%

Administrative Error complaints



- 24%