Everyone watching this video is attending for the first day of jury service. Please remember to bring your jury summons with you each day, and do try to arrive in good time. Your juror number is on the top right hand corner of your summons, and this number together with your name will have been called out in court or in a juror assembly area earlier this morning during the daily roll call of all jurors.


It is important that you remember your juror number, as this is the only way you will be identified later in the jury process. This is because your personal details must remain confidential.


You must not reveal any information to any person that could identify any other juror or potential juror. You should be aware that unlawful disclosure of information about other jurors is a criminal offence.


Failure to attend court every day you should be here could result in a fine from the Judge. If you cannot attend because of an emergency, you should advise a court official. If you need to be excused for a particular reason, you can ask the Judge in court.