Claiming Expenses &  Information


After you have completed your jury service, you can claim expenses for attending court. This can include travel expenses and loss of earnings or benefits. You will have received a claim form with your jury summons. There is also a leaflet that explains what allowances you are entitled to. The completed forms should be submitted to the Customer Service Centre at the address on your jury summons within 14 days of you completing your jury service.


If you need advice or assistance, please contact the Customer Service Centre the telephone number, address and e-mail address are on your jury summons.


Information on jury service is also available on the Court Service website at and is included in the information pack that you will have received with your jury summons.


Details about court attendance are available from our free phone jury line on 0800 032 7080 or posted on the Court Service website.  Occasionally information may be published in the press. 


Please remember, that if you experience any difficulties when sworn as a juror either before or during your deliberations, you should make the Judge aware of it immediately through the jury keepers.

Thank you for your attention, and thank you for taking your civic responsibility seriously.