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Magistrates Court Rules Committee Publication Scheme

This section explains what information is available to you, when and where you can access it and whether there is a charge for it.

Role of the Magistrates' Court Rules Committee

The Magistrates' Courts Rules Committee is an advisory body, established under the Magistrates’ Courts (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 ("the 1981 Order").

The purpose of the Committee, is to recommend to the Lord Chancellor that he make rules in respect of matters of procedure and practice (including forms, costs, witnesses’ and other expenses) as appear necessary or desirable for the purpose of any enactment relating to or affecting proceedings in magistrates’ courts under Article 14 of the 1981 Order. The Magistrates' Courts Rules Committee may make rules only after consultation with the Lord Chancellor and with the agreement of the Lord Chief Justice.

Article 13 of the 1981 Order sets out the statutory composition of the Magistrates' Courts Rules Committee. Appointments to the Committee are made by the Lord Chief Justice. The Lord Chancellor is responsible for designating the Secretary to the Committee.

Under Article 13(4) of the 1981 Order the Committee may regulate their own quorum and procedure and appoint such sub-committee as they think fit.


Publications regularly published by the Magistrates' Court Rules Committee are available from the Legislation section of this website free of charge. The publications include:

The following information is available from the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI). Hard copies obtainable, for a charge, from the Stationery Office.

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