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The services we offer

Advice and guidance, booklets, leaflets, newsletters and media releases. A description of the services we offer.

Our Services

Leaflets - guidance and advice

General Information

  • About the Court Service - English
  • About the Court Service - Irish
  • About the Court Service - Ulster Scots
  • Codes of Courtesy on the use of Irish in official business - English
  • Code of Courtesy on the use of Irish in official business - Irish
  • Codes of Courtesy on the use of Ulster Scots in official business - English
  • Code of Courtesy on the use of Ulster Scots in official business - Ulster Scots
  • Court Etiquette
  • Courthouse Information Leaflets
  • Countering Intimidation on Court Premises (PDF)
  • Human Rights Act 1998 (PDF)
  • Information for Disabled Customers (PDF)
  • Information for victims of crime (PDF) (in various languages)
  • Juror Information Booklet (PDF)
  • Making a Complaint about the Court Service
  • Making information accessible
  • Victims and Witness Policy (PDF)
  • Who's Who in the Courtroom (PDF)
  • Court User Notice in Other Languages
    • English
    • Latvian
    • Portuguese
    • Bulgarian
    • Lithuanian
    • Romanian
    • Mandarin
    • Russian
    • German
    • Polish
    • Slovak

Civil and Family

  • Ancillary Relief Guidance Notes
  • Children and the family courts
  • Consolidated Practice Notes
  • Court Fees - Do I have to pay them? A Civil Fee Guide for Court Users (PDF)
  • Dealing with a deceased persons estate (PDF)
  • Dealing with the Financial Affairs of the Mentally Ill (PDF)
  • Drafting Applications for Divorce and Judicial Separations - Notes for Guidance
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (PDF)
  • Getting a Divorce - What do I do? (PDF)
  • Giving Evidence in a Civil Court - A Guide for Children and Young People
  • Handbook for Controllers Appointed under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) order 1986 (PDF)
  • Information about the Family Homes and Domestic Violence Order
  • Small Claims Guide (PDF)
  • Small Claims Application Form (PDF)

Coroners Service Information Booklets

  • Coroners Inquest (PDF)
  • Coroners Liaison Officer (PDF)
  • Coroners Postmortem Examination: Information for Relatives (PDF)
  • Coroners Service for Northern Ireland (PDF)

Court Funds

  • Applying for Payments from a Minor's Fund held by the High Court (PDF)
  • Compensation Awarded to a Minor (PDF)
  • Court Funds Office Customer Service Standards (PDF)
  • Investing Patient's Funds (PDF)
  • Turning 18 - How to have funds released from Court (PDF)
  • Unclaimed Funds (PDF)


  • The work of the Pensions Appeal Tribunal (PDF)
  • Social Security Commissioners and Child Support Commissioners

Enforcement of Judgments Office

  • Electronic Services in the Enforcement of Judgments Office
  • Enforcement of Judgments Office Charter (PDF)
  • EJO Advice for Customers (PDF)
  • Supreme Court Taxing Office Charter (PDF)



  • Community & Education Outreach for Young People
  • Recruitment Booklet
  • Teachers Education Resources
  • Workbook for Students

Documents published on this site before 12 April 2010 are designated as "pre-devolution". Some are of an historical nature and will remain unchanged as they are provided solely for reference.

Information leaflets about how to use Courts and Tribunals services which still carry our old title and logo are in the process of being renamed and re-branded. We would wish to make clear that the material they contain is still valid. We thank you for your co-operation during this updating process.