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User Guide

The Northern Ireland Court Service website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Below is a summary of how to maximise your ease of use of our website. The site is designed for a minimum of 800 x 600 monitor display.


By using the top menu bar on every screen, you can access all the key areas of the website - About Us, Services, Publications, Judicial Decisions, Tribunals and Help.

The Quicklinks on the left hand side of each page give you further access to the sub sections of each of the aforementioned key areas of the site.

Keywords at the bottom of every screen

Running across the bottom left hand side of every screen, the underlined keywords give access to the following:-
Sitemap - a complete list of all sections and sub-sections on this site.
Terms and Conditions - our conditions of use statement.
Privacy Policies - how we respect your privacy.

Last Updated - the date on which the page you are viewing was last modified or the date on which a new item was added to the page. The website is checked regularly for accuracy.

Navigating around the website

Breadcrumbs - leaving a trail of the route you have taken in your current screen, these are the words located just below the top menu bar. As well as indicating exactly where you are on the website, these words can be clicked to return to a previous screen thus retracing your path.

Scales of Justice - you can return to the Home Page by clicking on the Scales of Justice at the top left of every screen.

Hyperlinks - underlined words are known as hyperlinks. Clicking on these will take you to another area of the site or to a link relevant to the word(s) underlined.

You can view the full Sitemap which is a complete list of all sections and sub-sections on this site.


To avail of our services you must register with us. To do this click on Login/Register at right hand side of the top menu bar and then click on Create a New Account. You will be prompted to enter some details.

Reasons why you should register.

You must register with us before availing of our services. In order to register there is some mandatory data which you must complete and supply on the registration form (this is marked on the registration form, however if you complete the additional fields such as address email etc then these will automatically populate any forms which you might have to complete whilst using our online services such as Small Claims Online.

After registering you will have access to our online services such as Small Claims Online, EJO searching and case tracking, copy orders and public search facilities, and be able to request that when new Judgments, Press Releases etc are added to the website that these be automatically e-mailed to you.

Create a New Account - if this is your first time using the Court Service website and you wish to avail of some of our services.

I am an existing user/account holder - click on this if you have already registered and know your UserID and Password.

If you have forgotten your password please click on - "Forgot your password - Please click here".

Error Messages

Error messages are shown on the site in red. Please follow the instruction on the screen to correct. If you cannot resolve the problem please contact or telephone 028 9041 2385.


To ensure the service performance of our infrastructure it is sometimes necessary to have a temporary period of downtime. We will always try to give as much advanced notice as possible and advertise what services are likely to be affected.  We also perform routine maintenance from 6pm to 7 pm every Monday evening during which time you might experience a temporary distribution to our services.

Customer Help Desk

If you have any difficulties using the site please contact the web team by e-mail at or telephone 028 9041 2385.