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Pre-1990 Domestic Rating

This Table contains all published decisions of the Tribunal from 1990 (and selected earlier ones) which are categorised in the Pre-1990 Domestic Rating section.

The Other, Business Tenancies and Rating and are available by clicking on the links available on the left hand side of this page.

A Key to Legislation is included at the end.

Caution: This table provides no more than aid to research and should be not be treated as a substitute for legal advice or detailed case preparation.

Use "Edit" and "Find" to search for cases relevant to particular issues. Click on the Short Title to see a case summary (not complete). (Lands Tribunal Case Summaries prepared by Dr William McCluskey, University of Ulster.) Click on the Lands Tribunal Reference to see the Decision in full. This will open a new page where the document can be viewed in a variety of formats.

With users' co-operation the Table will be improved. Please contact the Registrar, Kevin McQuillan at with corrections and suggestions for improvements (including suggestions for other earlier Decisions to be added).

Short Title Principal Act or Order BNIL Citation or Year Lands Tribunal Reference Property Location Main Issue Other or Subsidiary Issue Significant Other Issues or Legislation Attachments
McCready v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/1/1981 Gransha Rd, Comber End allowance Nuisance Traffic
  1. VR-1-1981.doc
  2. VR-1-1981.pdf
McCullagh v COV RO77 [1985] VR/1/1985 Rathmore, Cookstown End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-1-1985.pdf
  2. VR-1-1985.doc
Rollins v COV RO77 [1988] VR/1/1988 Kings Rd Comparisons Statement of Case Onus of proof
  1. VR-1-1988.pdf
  2. VR-1-1988.doc
O'Kane & Anr v COV RO77 [1970] VR/10 & 11/1969 Bridge St, Strabane End allowance Traffic Neighbour
  1. VR-10___11-1969.doc
  2. VR-10___11-1969.pdf
Shillington v COV RO72 [1966] VR/10/1966 Belfast Rd, Craigavad End allowance Privacy Disabilities
  1. VR-10-1966.pdf
  2. VR-10-1966.doc
Minnis v COV RO77 [1976] VR/10/1976 Deramore Av, Belfast End allowance Light Noise
  1. VR-10-1976.pdf
  2. VR-10-1976.doc
Rooney v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/100/1980 Molesworth Rd, Cookstown End allowance Disturbance Nuisance
  1. VR-100-1980.pdf
  2. VR-100-1980.doc
McCabe v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/101/1980 Molesworth Rd, Cookstown End allowance Disturbance Nuisance
  1. VR-101-1980.doc
  2. VR-101-1980.pdf
Allen v COV RO77 [1981] 5/71 VR/104/1980 Maryville Pk, Belfast Valuation Heating Garage
  1. VR-104-1980.pdf
  2. VR-104-1980.doc
McLaughlin v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/11/1981 Carnoughter Rd, Castlederg Valuation Access
  1. VR-11-1981.doc
  2. VR-11-1981.pdf
McGowan v COV RO77 [1989] 10/61 VR/11/1988 Slievemore Pk, Londonderry End allowance
  1. VR-11-1988.pdf
  2. VR-11-1988.doc
McBrien v COV RO72 [1966] VR/12/1966 Hillsborough Dr, Belfast Valuation Nuisance Neighbour
  1. VR-12-1966.doc
  2. VR-12-1966.pdf
Johnston v COV RO77 [1976] VR/12/1976 Coastguard Rd, Larne End allowance Nuisance Burden
  1. VR-12-1976.pdf
  2. VR-12-1976.doc
MacOscar v COV RO77 [1982] 2/88 VR/13/1981 Main St, Blackwatertown Valuation Burden
  1. VR-13-1981.doc
  2. VR-13-1981.pdf
Derry v COV RO77 [1983] 9/92 VR/13/1982 Teaguy Rd, Annaghmore, Portadown End allowance Neighbour Mixed
  1. VR-13-1982.pdf
  2. VR-13-1982.doc
McConnell v COV RO77 [1978] VR/15/1977 Lancedean Rd, Castlereagh End allowance Access Site
  1. VR-15-1977.doc
  2. VR-15-1977.pdf
Patterson v COV RO77 [1980] VR/15/1980 Lower Mossvale, Dromore End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-15-1980.doc
  2. VR-15-1980.pdf
Jamison v COV RO77 [1982] 2/88 VR/15/1981 Ranfurly Av, Bangor Neighbouring property Heating Burden
  1. VR-15-1981.doc
  2. VR-15-1981.pdf
Mansell v COV RO77 [1982] 10/74 VR/16/1982 Annaghbeg Rd, Dungannon End allowance Access
  1. VR-16-1982.pdf
  2. VR-16-1982.doc
Stewart v COV RO77 [1977] VR/17/1977 Evish Rd, Victoria Bridge, Strabane End allowance Water supply
  1. VR-17-1977.doc
  2. VR-17-1977.pdf
Watters v COV RO77 [1983] 3/90 VR/17/1982 Newforge Lane, Belfast Valuation Garage Heating
  1. VR-17-1982.pdf
  2. VR-17-1982.doc
Kerr v COV RO77 [1989] 7/138 VR/17/1988 Sharman Gdns, Belfast Temporary allowance Roads Service
  1. VR-17-1988.pdf
  2. VR-17-1988.doc
Smyth & Ors v COV RO77 [1976] VR/17-19/1975 Netherleigh Pk, Belfast End allowance Security lighting Privacy
  1. VR-17-19-1975.doc
  2. VR-17-19-1975.pdf
Farrelly v COV RO77 [1977] VR/18/1976 Glencoe Pk, Belfast Access Comparables
  1. VR-18-1976.doc
  2. VR-18-1976.pdf
Brown v COV RO77 [1980] VR/18/1980 Silverstream Dr, Bangor End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-18-1980.pdf
  2. VR-18-1980.doc
Martin v COV RO77 [1983] 3/90 VR/18/1982 Bohattan Lane, Fivemiletown Valuation Privacy
  1. VR-18-1982.pdf
  2. VR-18-1982.doc
Kelly v COV RO77 [1989] 3/89 VR/18/1988 Suffolk Rd, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-18-1988.pdf
  2. VR-18-1988.doc
Kirker v COV RO77 [1982] VR/19/1981 Carmavy Rd, Ballyrobin Exemption Caretaker
  1. VR-19-1981.doc
  2. VR-19-1981.pdf
Mullan v COV RO77 [1983] VR/19/1982 Corlacky Hill, Maghera End allowance Services Heating
  1. VR-19-1982.doc
  2. VR-19-1982.pdf
MacKenzie v COV RO77 [1986] VR/19/1986 Ormonde Pk, Belfast Textual error Central Heating
  1. VR-19-1986.pdf
  2. VR-19-1986.doc
McMaster v COV RO77 [1975] VR/2/1975 Church Rd, Castlereagh End allowance Privacy
  1. VR-2-1975.doc
  2. VR-2-1975.pdf
Townson v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/2/1981 Ashton Heights, Newry Valuation Location Quality
  1. VR-2-1981.doc
  2. VR-2-1981.pdf
Feeney v COV RO77 [1983] 9/82 VR/2/1983 Whiterock Rd, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-2-1983.pdf
  2. VR-2-1983.doc
McAuley v COV? RO77 [1986] VR/2/1985 Ballyhanwood Rd, Dundonald Relief Disabled
  1. VR-2-1985.pdf
  2. VR-2-1985.doc
Newman v COV RO77 [1989] 1/128 VR/2/1988 Sycamore Grove, Belfast Comparisons
  1. VR-2-1988.doc
  2. VR-2-1988.pdf
Rutledge v COV RO77 [1977] VR/20/1976 Mullagharn Rd, Omagh End allowance Repair Services
  1. VR-20-1976.doc
  2. VR-20-1976.pdf
Kemplay v COV RO77 [1969] VR/21/1969 Woodland Pk, Lisburn End allowance Traffic Privacy
  1. VR-21-1969.pdf
  2. VR-21-1969.doc
Bailey v COV RO77 [1970] VR/21/1970 Belmont Church Rd, Belfast End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-21-1970.pdf
  2. VR-21-1970.doc
Ulster Cash Investments v COV RO77 [1983] 4/82 VR/21-23/1982 Cavehill Rd, Belfast Valuation Flats Shared facilities
  1. VR-21-23-1982.pdf
  2. VR-21-23-1982.doc
Patterson v COV RO77 [1970] VR/22/1969 Dunbreen, Omagh Valuation Services Comparables
  1. VR-22-1969.doc
  2. VR-22-1969.pdf
Rountree v COV RO77 [1978] VR/22/1977 Hospital Rd, Omagh End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-22-1977.doc
  2. VR-22-1977.pdf
Moorehead v COV RO77 [1989] 4/86 VR/22/1988 Carricknadarriff Rd, Hillsborough Comparisons
  1. VR-22-1988.pdf
  2. VR-22-1988.doc
McCullough v COV RO77 [1972] VR/23/1972 Downshire Rd, Newry End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-23-1972.doc
  2. VR-23-1972.pdf
Magee v COV RO77 [1982] 1/76 VR/23/1981 Donegall Av, Belfast Valuation Quality
  1. VR-23-1981.pdf
  2. VR-23-1981.doc
Merville Residents v COV RO77 [1983] 7/84 VR/24 & 25/1982 Merville Gdn Village, Newtownabbey Valuation Shopping centre Comparables
  1. VR-24___25-1982.pdf
  2. VR-24___25-1982.doc
Bradshaw v COV RO77 [1989] 1/128 VR/24/1988 Silvio St, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-24-1988.doc
  2. VR-24-1988.pdf
Graham v COV RO77 [1984] 5/72 VR/25/1983 Mallard View, Newtownards End allowance Temporary allowance Services
  1. VR-25-1983.doc
  2. VR-25-1983.pdf
Collins v COV RO77 [1985] 1/76 VR/25/1984 Drumharney, Armagh Comparisons Address
  1. VR-25-1984.doc
  2. VR-25-1984.pdf
Swandel v COV RO77 [1977] VR/26/1976 Knockbracken Dr, Carryduff End allowance Access Amenities burden
  1. VR-26-1976.pdf
  2. VR-26-1976.doc
McKnight v COV RO77 [1983] 4/82 VR/27/1982 Gilnahirk Pk, Belfast Valuation Quality Heating
  1. VR-27-1982.doc
  2. VR-27-1982.pdf
McConnell v COV RO77 [1972] VR/28/1971 Old Holywood Rd, Holywood End allowance Neighbour Noise
  1. VR-28-1971.doc
  2. VR-28-1971.pdf
Ravey v COV RO72 [1975] VR/28/1972 Warren Rd, Donaghadee Exemption Use
  1. VR-28-1972.doc
  2. VR-28-1972.pdf
Pitcaithley v COV RO77 [1982] 4/66 VR/28/1981 Bowmount Pk, Newtownards Heating Comparables
  1. VR-28-1981.doc
  2. VR-28-1981.pdf
Johnston v COV RO77 [1988] 2/88 VR/28/1987 Salisbury Court, Belfast Comparisons Nuisance
  1. VR-28-1987.pdf
  2. VR-28-1987.doc
Sherrard v COV RO77 [1976] VR/3/1976 O'Neill Rd, Newtownabbey End allowance Traffic Burden
  1. VR-3-1976.pdf
  2. VR-3-1976.doc
Kane v COV RO77 [1978] VR/3/1978 Upper Toberhewny Lane, Lurgan End allowance Repair
  1. VR-3-1978.pdf
  2. VR-3-1978.doc
Johnston v COV RO77 [1982] 9/96 VR/3/1982 Glen Rd, Andersonstown, Belfast Valuation Nuisance Comparables
  1. VR-3-1982.pdf
  2. VR-3-1982.doc
Lloyd v COV RO77 [1983] 8/68 VR/3/1983 Ardgowan St, Belfast Heating Comparables
  1. VR-3-1983.pdf
  2. VR-3-1983.doc
Morgan v COV RO77 [1987] 4/99 VR/3/1986 Andersonstown Rd, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-3-1986.pdf
  2. VR-3-1986.doc
Quinn v COV RO77 [1989] 3/90 VR/3/1988 Rathmore, Cookstown End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-3-1988.doc
  2. VR-3-1988.pdf
Murphy v COV RO77 [1989] VR/31/1988 Rodney Pk, Bangor Valuation Comparables
  1. VR-31-1988.pdf
  2. VR-31-1988.doc
McCann v COV RO77 [1980] VR/33/1980 Drumcullen Rd, Dungannon Valuation Actual state Repair
  1. VR-33-1980.pdf
  2. VR-33-1980.doc
Hayes v COV RO77 [1980] VR/34/1980 Ashley Pk, Dunmurry End allowance Neighbour Burden
  1. VR-34-1980.doc
  2. VR-34-1980.pdf
Mayes v COV RO77 [1986] 4/78 VR/34/1985 Olympia Dr, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-34-1985.pdf
  2. VR-34-1985.doc
McCoy v COV RO77 [1989] VR/35/1988 Tummery Rd, Meengowan Occupation farmer
  1. VR-35-1988.pdf
  2. VR-35-1988.doc
Welshman v COV RO77 [1978] VR/39/1978 Newforge Lane, Belfast End allowance Traffic Nuisance
  1. VR-39-1978.pdf
  2. VR-39-1978.doc
Park v COV RO77 [1980] VR/39/1979 The Square, Stewartstown End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-39-1979.doc
  2. VR-39-1979.pdf
Troughton v COV RO77 [1973] VR/4/1973 Ballintaggart, Portadown Valuation Comparables Burden
  1. VR-4-1973.doc
  2. VR-4-1973.pdf
Kline v COV RO77 ?[1981] 7/154 VR/4/1981 Pansy St, Belfast Valuation Improvements
  1. VR-4-1981.pdf
  2. VR-4-1981.doc
Christie v COV RO77 [1987] 8/87 VR/4/1987 Portrush Rd, Portstewart Comparisons Repair
  1. VR-4-1987.pdf
  2. VR-4-1987.doc
Pallin v COV RO77 [1986] 10/85 VR/40/1985 Demesne Rd, Holywood Comparisons
  1. VR-40-1985.doc
  2. VR-40-1985.pdf
McKibbin v COV RO77 [1980] VR/41/1979 Glenholm Pk, Belfast End allowance Pylon
  1. VR-41-1979.pdf
  2. VR-41-1979.doc
Mallon v COV RO77 [1980] VR/41/1980 Molesworth Rd, Cookstown End allowance Neighbour Nuisance
  1. VR-41-1980.doc
  2. VR-41-1980.pdf
Lavery v COV RO77 [1988] 3/119 VR/43/1987 Battlehill Rd, Richhill Comparisons Nuisance
  1. VR-43-1987.pdf
  2. VR-43-1987.doc
Hammond v COV RO77 [1981] 5/71 VR/44/1980 Coleraine Rd, Ballymoney End allowance Privacy Quiet enjoyment
  1. VR-44-1980.doc
  2. VR-44-1980.pdf
Mattocks v COV RO77 [1979] VR/47/1978 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast End allowance Repair Comparables
  1. VR-48-1978.doc
  2. VR-48-1978.pdf
Tumelty v COV RO77 [1980] VR/47/1979 Clarke Lodge Rd, Newtownabbey End allowance Access
  1. VR-47-1979.pdf
  2. VR-47-1979.doc
Hawthorne v COV RO72 [1967] VR/48/1967 Rosepark Central, Dundonald End allowance Privacy Comparables
  1. VR-48-1967.doc
  2. VR-48-1967.pdf
Donnelly v COV RO77 [1978] VR/48/1978 St James Parade, Belfast End allowance Repair Disabilities
  1. VR-48-1978.pdf
  2. VR-47-1978.doc
Bradley v COV RO72 [1965] VR/49/1965 Urney Rd, Strabane Valuation Repairs
  1. VR-49-1965.pdf
  2. VR-49-1965.doc
Wilson v COV RO77 [1987] 4/99 VR/49/1985 Shrewsbury Gdns, Belfast Comparisons
  1. VR-49-1985.doc
  2. VR-49-1985.pdf
Norton v COV RO77 [1970] VR/5/1970 Algeo Dr, Enniskillen End allowance View
  1. VR-5-1970.pdf
  2. VR-5-1970.doc
Ekins v COV RO77 [1989] 7/138 VR/5/1989 Knocklayde Pk, Coleraine End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-5-1989.pdf
  2. VR-5-1989.doc
Victoria Housing Estates v COV RO77 [1968] VR/50/1967 Clonaver Dr, Belfast Lease restrictions Comparables
  1. VR-50-1967.doc
  2. VR-50-1967.pdf
Carvill v COV RO72 [1966] VR/52/1965 Ballyedmond, Killowen, Kilkeel Valuation Amenities Comparables
  1. VR-52-1965.doc
  2. VR-52-1965.pdf
Fegan v COV RO77 [1978] VR/53/1978 Blair Dr, Lurgan End allowance Nuisance Neighbour
  1. VR-53-1978.doc
  2. VR-53-1978.pdf
Newell v COV RO77 [1989] 9/77 VR/56/1987 Killeen Pk, Bangor Temporary allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-56-1987.doc
  2. VR-56-1987.pdf
Crotty v COV RO77 [1969] VR/58/1968 Lisdrumliska, Newry Valuation Comparables Stories
  1. VR-58-1968.doc
  2. VR-58-1968.pdf
Harper v COV RO77 [1979] VR/58/1978 Ballydrain Rd, Comber Valuation Swimming pool Garage; central heating
  1. VR-58-1978.pdf
  2. VR-58-1978.doc
Allen v COV RO77 [1987] 4/99 VR/58/1985 Finaghy Rd North, Belfast End allowance Repair Grant
  1. VR-58-1985.pdf
  2. VR-58-1985.doc
Johnston v COV RO77 [1968] VR/59-61/1968 Clanbrassil Rd, Co Down End allowance Neighbour Access
  1. VR-59-61-1968.doc
  2. VR-59-61-1968.pdf
Carrick v COV RO77 [1968] VR/6/1968 Wheatfield Gdns, Belfast End allowance Neighbour
  1. VR-6-1968.pdf
  2. VR-6-1968.doc
Stewart v COV RO77 [1972] VR/6/1972 Dergalt, Strabane End allowance Services
  1. VR-6-1972.doc
  2. VR-6-1972.pdf
McKee v COV RO77 [1978] VR/6/1978 Shore Rd, Newtownabbey End allowance Traffic Nuisance
  1. VR-6-1978.pdf
  2. VR-6-1978.doc
Hull v COV RO77 [1969] VR/62/1968 Saintfield Rd, Belfast Valuation Garage
  1. VR-62-1968.pdf
  2. VR-62-1968.doc
Kelly v COV RO77 [1985] 4/79 VR/67/1984 Cumberland Pk, Dundonald Comparisons Heating Garage
  1. VR-67-1984.pdf
  2. VR-67-1984.doc
White v COV RO77 [1978] VR/68/1977 Milburn Av, Cookstown End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-68-1977.pdf
  2. VR-68-1977.doc
Campbell v COV RO72 [1965] VR/69/1965 Prince Edward Pk, Belfast End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-69-1965.pdf
  2. VR-69-1965.doc
Keenan v COV RO77 [1985] 9/99 VR/69/1984 Carnanransy Rd, Omagh Temporary allowance Garden
  1. VR-69-1984.doc
  2. VR-69-1984.pdf
Lawlor v COV RO77 [1976] VR/7/1976 Westway Gdns, Belfast End allowance Subsidence
  1. VR-7-1976.pdf
  2. VR-7-1976.doc
Gormley v COV RO77 [1977] VR/7/1977 Glen Rd, Strabane End allowance Neighbour Comparables
  1. VR-7-1977.pdf
  2. VR-7-1977.doc
O'Doherty v COV RO72 [1965] VR/73/1965 Railway St, Strabane Valuation Comparables
  1. VR-73-1965.doc
  2. VR-73-1965.pdf
Ginniff v COV RO72 [1965] VR/75/1965 Church Rd, Newtownbreda End allowance Privacy
  1. VR-75-1965.pdf
  2. VR-75-1965.doc
Troughton v COV RO77 [1980] VR/75/1979 Creevelough Rd, Dungannon Valuation Comparables
  1. VR-75-1979.doc
  2. VR-75-1979.pdf
Mulholland v COV RO77 [1981] 2/63 VR/75/1980 Lisnagarran Lane, Cullybackey End allowance Access Privacy
  1. VR-75-1980.doc
  2. VR-75-1980.pdf
Kelly v COV RO77 [1979] VR/76/1978 Cedar Av, Belfast End allowance Neighbour Vandalised
  1. VR-76-1978.doc
  2. VR-76-1978.pdf
Robinson v COV RO72 [1965] VR/77/1965 Gortmore Dr, Omagh End allowance Privacy
  1. VR-77-1965.pdf
  2. VR-77-1965.doc
O'Connor v COV RO77 [1974] VR/8/1974 Ballyoran Heights, Craigavon Valuation Location Nuisance
  1. VR-8-1974.pdf
  2. VR-8-1974.doc
Fleming v COV RO77 [1977] VR/8/1977 Melmount Rd, Strabane End allowance Nuisance Comparables
  1. VR-8-1977.doc
  2. VR-8-1977.pdf
Bramston v COV RO77 [1981] 8/90 VR/8/1981 Belmont Church Rd, Belfast Valuation Comparables
  1. VR-8-1981.pdf
  2. VR-8-1981.doc
Crawford v COV RO77 [1984] 5/72 VR/8/1984 Whappstown Rd, Moorfields End allowance Garden Flooding
  1. VR-8-1984.pdf
  2. VR-8-1984.doc
King v COV RO77 [1987] 7/88 VR/8/1987 Amalkane Rd, Camlough End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-8-1987.doc
  2. VR-8-1987.pdf
Shillington v COV RO72 [1966] VR/9/1966 Belfast Rd, Craigavad End allowance Privacy
  1. VR-9-1966.pdf
  2. VR-9-1966.doc
Gibson v COV RO77 [1972] VR/9/1972 Mount Pleasant Rd, Newtownabbey Valuation Flooding Comparables
  1. VR-9-1972.pdf
  2. VR-9-1972.doc
Johnston v COV RO77 [1975] VR/9/1974 Dunluce Pk, Ballymena Valuation Junction box
  1. VR-9-1974.pdf
  2. VR-9-1974.doc
Brooks v COV RO77 [1979] VR/93/1978 Clogher Rd, Hillsborough End allowance Services Repair
  1. VR-93-1978.pdf
  2. VR-93-1978.doc
Hillis v COV RO77 [1981] VR/93/1980 Tillysburn Dr, Belfast End allowance Nuisance Traffic
  1. VR-93-1980.doc
  2. VR-93-1980.pdf
McLaughlin v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/94/1980 Slane Rd, Ballymena Valuation Water supply
  1. VR-94-1980.pdf
  2. VR-94-1980.doc
Morrow v COV RO77 [1982] 1/76 VR/96/1980 Ballygowan Rd, Saintfield Amenities Comparables
  1. VR-96-1980.pdf
  2. VR-96-1980.doc
Hume v COV RO77 [1978] VR/97/1977 Clanbrassil Rd, Cultra End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-97-1977.doc
  2. VR-97-1977.pdf
Willey v COV RO77 [1978] VR/99/1977 Carnalea Av, Bangor End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-99-1977.pdf
  2. VR-99-1977.doc
Wallace v COV RO77 [1981] 7/154 VR/99/1980 Lurganeden Rd, Pomeroy End allowance Water supply
  1. VR-99-1980.pdf
  2. VR-99-1980.doc

Key to Legislation

AER71. Aerodromes Act (NI) 1971

AL19. Acquisition of Land (Assessment of Compensation) Act 1919

BGLA85. Betting, Gaming, Lotteries & Amusements (NI) Order 1985

BTA64. Business Tenancies Act (NI) 1964

BTO96. Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996

BO73. Drainage (NI) Order 1973

EO92. Electricity (NI) Order 1992

HO81. Housing (NI) Order 1981

LAC73. Land Acquisition & Compensation (NI) Order 1973

LC82. Land Compensation (NI) Order 1982

LDV65. Land Development Values (Compensation) Act (NI) 1965

LE71. Leasehold (Enlargement & Extension) Act (NI) 1971

LG72. Local Government Act (NI) 1972

LO90. Licensing (NI) Order 1990

MD69. Mineral Development Act (NI) 1969

PLCA71. Planning & Land Compensation Act (NI) 1971

PBO81. Planning Blight (Compensation) (NI) Order 1981

PO72. Planning (NI) Order 1972

PO78. Property (NI) Order 1978

PO91. Planning (NI) Order 1991

RD48. Roads Act (NI) 1948

RD80. Roads (NI) Order 1980

RD93. Roads (NI) Order 1993

RO72. Rates (NI) Order 1972

RO77. Rates (NI) Order 1977

RT81. Road Traffic (NI) Order 1981

WS73. Water & Sewerage Services (NI) Order 1973