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This Table contains all published decisions of the Tribunal from 1990 (and selected earlier ones) which are categorised in the rating section.

The Other, Business Tenancies and Pre-1990 Domestic Rating are available by clicking on the links available on the left hand side of this page

A Key to Legislation is included at the end.

Caution: This table provides no more than aid to research and should be not be treated as a substitute for legal advice or detailed case preparation.

Use "Edit" and "Find" to search for cases relevant to particular issues. Click on the Short Title to see a case summary (not complete). (Lands Tribunal Case Summaries prepared by Dr William McCluskey, University of Ulster.) Click on the Lands Tribunal Reference to see the Decision in full. This will open a new page where the document can be viewed in a variety of formats.

With users' co-operation the Table will be improved. Please contact the Registrar, Kevin McQuillan at with corrections and suggestions for improvements (including suggestions for other earlier Decisions to be added).

Short Title Principal Act or Order BNIL Citation or Year Lands Tribunal Reference Property Location Main Issue Other or Subsidiary Issue Significant Other Issues or Legislation Attachments
​RZ v COV ​RO77  ​[2017] ​VT/2 & 3/2016 ​Deramore Av, Belfast ​Rating assessment of flats ​Comparable evidence ​Tone of the List  ​1. VT/2 & 3/2016.doc

2. VT/2 & 3/2016.pdf​
​Belfast International Airport v COV ​RO77 ​[2017] ​VR/9/2016 ​Airport Rd, Crumlin ​Rates appeal ​Over capacity ​Date for economic circumstances ​1. VR/9/2016.doc

2. VR/9/2016.pdf​

Elias Altrincham v COV (2)

​RO77  ​[2016]  ​VR/15/2011  ​Hillmans Way, Belfast ​Costs  ​Allocation  ​Issues other than valuation ​1. ​VR/15/2011.doc

2. ​VR/15/2011.pdf​
​Mayers v COV (2) RO77​ ​[2016] ​VR/3/2014​ ​Corporation St, Enniskillen ​Costs ​Liability

​1. VR/3/2014.doc

2. VR/3/2014.pdf

​Debenhams v COV (2) RO77​ [2015]​ ​VR/32/2011 ​Fairhill Shopping Centre, Ballymena ​ ​Rates assessment, anchor store ​Admissibility of assessments post valuation date ​Zoning v overall

​1. VR/32/2011.doc

2. VR/32/2011.pdf

Geddis v COV​ RO77​ [2014]​ VR/4/2013​ Stockbridge Lane, Donaghadee​ Commercial or Domestic​ Definition of a showhouse​
  1. VR/4/2013.doc
  2. VR/4/2013.pdf​
COV v Doherty (2)​ RO77​ [2014]​ VT/4/2012​ Ballymaleddy Rd, Comber​ COV appeal from NIVT​ Agricultural​
  1. VT/4/2012.doc
  2. VT/4/2012.pdf
Samuel Monteith v COV RO77 [1991] 9/87 VR/1/1991 Main St, Castlederg Burden Wheely-bin
  1. VR-1-1991.doc
  2. VR-1-1991.pdf
Susan E Simpson v COV RO77 [1992] 7/68 VR/1/1992 Rathfriland Rd, Dromara End allowance Damp Smoke pollution
  1. VR-1-1992.doc
  2. R-1-1992.pdf
Laginaf v COV RO77 [1995] 7/61 VR/1/1995 Glen Rd, Holywood End allowance Site size Drainage; finish and construction
  1. VR-1-1995.doc
  2. VR-1-1995.pdf
Milliken v COV RO77 [2005] VR/1/2004 The Hill, Groomsport Comparisons Services
  1. VR-1-2004.doc
  2. VR-1-2004.pdf
Robinson v COV RO77 [1995] 10/76 VR/10/1993 Mallusk, Newtownabbey Industrial relief Bulk Primacy
  1. VR-10-1993.pdf
  2. VR-10-1993.doc
Harron v COV RO77 [1997] 6/116 VR/10/1994 Lisburn Rd, Belfast Industrial relief Retail Primary purpose
  1. VR-10-1994.pdf
  2. VR-10-1994.doc
Northern Bank v COV RO77 [2000] 9/59 VR/117/1999 Donegall Sq West, Belfast End allowance Access Hypothetical tenant; expert evidence
  1. VR-117-1999.pdf
  2. VR-117-1999.doc
War Memorial Hostel v COV RO77 [2001] 4/86 VR/124/1999 Derryvolgie Av, Belfast Exemption Objects Use; church hall; religious purposes; unit
  1. VR-124-1999.doc
  2. VR-124-1999.pdf
Geddis Enterprises v COV RO77 [1992] 8/67 VR/13/1990 Young St, Lisburn Industrial relief Unit Contiguity
  1. VR-13-1990.doc
  2. VR-13-1990.pdf
O'Neill v COV RO77 [1994] 1/79 VR/13/1993 The Grange, Lurgan Temporary allowance Unfinished road
  1. VR-13-1993.pdf
  2. VR-13-1993.doc
McGarvey v COV RO77 [1994] 3/69 VR/14/1992 Birch Grove, Cookstown Burden Comparables Traffic
  1. VR-14-1992.doc
  2. VR-14-1992.pdf
Anderson v COV RO77 [2000] 8/57 VR/15/2000 Bryansburn Gdns, Bangor End allowance Expert evidence Self represented persons; transparency; duty of expert
  1. VR-15-2000.doc
  2. VR-15-2000.pdf
Samuel Stevenson v COV RO77 [1992] 5/102 VR/18/1989 Annesborough, Craigavon Industrial Balance sheet Primacy; overturned on appeal see [1993] 2/107 & [1992] NILR 258
  1. VR-18-1989.pdf
  2. VR/18/1989 (Word)
Fletcher v COV RO77 [1991] 3/104 VR/18/1990 Milford Av, Dunmurry End allowance Electricity pole
  1. VR-18-1990.pdf
  2. VR/18/1990 (Word)
Flanagan v COV RO77 [1990] 10/54 VR/19/1988 Glen Rd, Belfast End allowance Nuisances
  1. VR-19-1988.pdf
  2. VR/19/1988 (Word)
Coyle v COV RO77 [1994] 7/93 VR/2, 3 & 4/1993 Ballintrain Rd, Carrickmore End allowance Privacy Noise; RUC station; fresh grounds; burden; pre-existing pattern; scope of cross examination
  1. VR-2__3___4-1993.pdf
  2. VR-2__3___4-1993.doc
Leckey v COV RO77 [1994] 10/88 VR/2/1994 Ardmillan, Belfast Flat Comparables Category of property
  1. VR-2-1994.pdf
  2. VR-2-1994.doc
Odyssey v COV RO77 [2010] VR/2/2006 Queens Quay, Belfast Charitable Relief Recreational Charities Act (NI) 1958?
  1. VR-2-2006.pdf
  2. VR-2-2006.doc
Chambers v COV RO77 [1994] 1/79 VR/21/1993 Broomhill Rd, Spa End allowance Valuation date Smell
  1. VR-21-1993.pdf
  2. VR/21/1993 (Word)
Brown v COV RO77 [1990] 5/83 VR/22/1989 Thorndale Rd Sth, Carryduff End allowance Blow-downs
  1. VR-22-1989.pdf
  2. VR/22/1989 (Word)
Leckpatrick Dairies v COV RO77 [1992] 4/88 VR/22/1990 & VR/23/1990 Art Rd, Strabane Industrial relief Unit Contiguity
  1. VR-22___23-1990.pd
  2. VR/22/1990 and VR/23/1990 (Word)
Troughton v COV RO77 [1994] 4/71 VR/22/1993 Crievelaugh Rd, Dungannon End allowance Special drawbacks Dwelling; extended and redeveloped
  1. VR/22/1993 (Word)
  2. VR-22-1993.pdf
Boyde v COV RO77 [2000] 2/84 VR/24/1999 Greystone Pk, Coleraine End allowance Nuisance
  1. VR-24-1999.doc
  2. VR-24-1999.pdf
Drummond v COV RO77 [2003] 2/98 VR/24/2002 Drumsurn Rd, Limavady Recreation Relief Professional Coach
  1. VR-24-2002.pdf
  2. VR-24-2002.doc
Harland & Wolff v COV RO77 [1994] 3/70 VR/25/1990 Dee St, Belfast Relief Recreation Part; ballroom
  1. VR/25/1990 (Word)
  2. VR-25-1990.pdf
Gorman v COV RO77 [1994] 7/92 VR/26/1993 Greyabbey Temporary allowance Unmade roads Hypothetical tenant
  1. VR/26/1993 (Word)
  2. VR-26-1993.pdf
Kennedy Entertainments v COV RO77 [2002] 9/72 VR/27/2000 Kerr St, Portrush Valuation Valuation method Receipts & expenditure; category of use; tone of the list; helpfulness of comparables
  1. VR-27-2000.doc
  2. VR-27-2000.pdf
Corr/Moy Riding School v COV RO77 [2006] VR/28 & 30/2000 Derrycaw Rd, Dungannon Unit of Assessment Shared use Valuation
  1. VR-28___30-2000.pdf
  2. VR-28___30-2000.doc
Millings v COV RO77 [1990] 8/52 VR/29/1989 Smithfield Sq, Belfast Temporary allowance
  1. VR/29/1989 (Word)
  2. VR-29-1989.pdf
Hagan v COV RO77 [1991] 7/147 VR/29/1990 Killaughey Rd Sth, Co Down Valuation Disrepair Burden
  1. VR-29-1990.pdf
  2. VR/29/1990 (Word)
Knights of St Columbanus v COV RO77 [1998] 7/66 VR/3/1996 York Lane, Belfast Exemption Objects Religious purposes; church hall
  1. VR-3-1996.doc
  2. VR-3-1996.pdf
A-wear v COV RO77 [2003] 6/93 VR/3/2001 The Quays, Newry Valuation State and circumstances of comparables at relevant time Comparables under challenge
  1. VR-3-2001.doc
  2. VR-3-2001.pdf
Marks & Spencer v COV RO77 [1991] 3/102 VR/30/1986 Donegall Pl, Belfast Date of assessment State & circumstances Validity of certificate
  1. VR/30/1986 (Word)
  2. VR-30-1986.pdf
Glenavna Hotel v COV RO77 [1990] 5/82 VR/30/1988 Shore Rd, Newtownabbey Personal application Withdrawal
  1. VR-30-1988.pdf
  2. VR/30/1988 (Word)
Lofty Inns Ltd v COV RO77 [1991] 7/98 VR/31/1986 Clarence St, Belfast Tone of the List Receipts & expenditure
  1. VR/31/1986 (Word)
  2. VR-31-1986.pdf
Glenkeen Orange Hall v COV RO77 [1994] 10/89 VR/31/1993 Aghadoey, Coleraine Rural hall Class affected Tone of the List
  1. VR-31-1993.pdf
  2. VR/31/1993 (Word)
Maria Upholstery v COV RO77 [1990] 3/107 VR/32/1988 Carrickfergus Marina Industrial relief Retail
  1. VR-32-1988.pdf
  2. VR-32-1988 (Word)
Brennan v COV RO77 [1994] VR/33/1993 Culmore, Londonderry End allowance Nuisance Burden; comparables; revaluation
  1. VR/33/1993 (Word)
  2. VR-33-1993.pdf
Newtownards Chronicle v COV RO77 [1995] 10/75 VR/4/1992 Frances St, Newtownards Industrial relief Article Manual labour
  1. VR-4-1992.doc
  2. VR-4-1992.pdf
Granville Cold Storage v COV RO77 [1998] 10/79 VR/4/1995 Granville Industrial Estate, Dungannon Industrial relief Storage Burden
  1. VR-4-1995.doc
  2. VR-4-1995.pdf
Black v COV RO77 [2002] 3/100 VR/4/1998 Kingsgate St, Coleraine Valuation Zoning Disrepair; expert evidence
  1. VR-4-1998.doc
  2. VR-4-1998.pdf
Patrick McCartan v COV RO77 [1991] 1/85 VR/48/1987 Main St, Donaghcloney Liquor licence Receipts & expenditure Actual; hypothetical
  1. VR-48-1987.pdf
  2. VR-48-1987 (Word)
Conway v COV RO77 [1994] 3/68 VR/5/1991 Chapel St, Cookstown Burden Comparables Security base
  1. VR-5-1991.pdf
  2. VR-5-1991.doc
Queen's University v COV (1) RO77 [2000] 9/60 VR/51/1998 (1) Stranmillis Gdns, Belfast Relief Recreation Purpose; use; education
  1. VR-51-1998__1_.pdf
  2. VR-51-1998__1_.doc
Queen's University v COV (2) RO77 [2002] VR/51/1998 (2) Stranmillis Gdns, Belfast Leave to amend Statement of Case Finality of decision
  1. VR-51-1998__2_.pdf
  2. VR-51-1998__2_.doc
Queen's University v COV (3) RO77 [2002] VR/51/1998 (3) Stranmillis Gdns, Belfast Exemption Purpose Costs
  1. VR-51-1998__3_.doc
  2. VR-51-1998__3_.pdf
Larne Enterprise Co v COV RO77 [1998] 9/54 VR/6/1995 Bank Rd, Larne Exemption Objects Profit; costs
  1. VR-6-1995.doc
  2. VR-6-1995.pdf
Behzadafshar v COV RO77 [1992] 8/68 VR/7/1992 Queen St, Belfast Valuation Comparables Pattern
  1. VR-7-1992.pdf
  2. VR-7-1992.doc
Wilson v COV RO77 [2006] 9/99 VR/7/2005 Ballynahinch Rd, Dromore Occupation Farmer Reversed on Appeal
  1. VR-7-2005.doc
  2. VR-7-2005.pdf
Newry Building Supplies Ltd v COV RO77 [1999] 6/93 VR/8/1997 Rampart Rd Industrial relief Retail Primacy of trade
  1. VR-8-1997.pdf
  2. VR-8-1997.doc
McKeown Vintners v COV RO77 [1991] 8/70 VR/9/1985 Shaftesbury Sq, Belfast Tone of the List Off-licence Tool of comparison; receipts & expenditure; no automatic enhancement
  1. VR-9-1985.doc
  2. VR-9-1985.pdf
NI Transport Holding Co v COV RO77 [1996] 8/98 VR/9/1993 St Andrew's Sq, Belfast Valuation method Hybrid Comparative; receipts & expenditure; expert's duty; admissiblity of accounts
  1. VR-9-1993.pdf
  2. VR-9-1993.doc
Flannigan v COV RO77 [2008] 10/100 VT/1/2008 Corernagh Rd, Tandragee Leave Serious doubt General importance
  1. VT-1-2008.doc
  2. VT-1-2008.pdf
Flannigan v COV RO77 [2010] VT/1/2009 Corernagh Rd, Tandragee Costs Expenses of attending Hearing Briefing costs
  1. VT-1-2009.doc
  2. VT-1-2009.pdf
Sayers v COV RO77 [2010] VT/1/2010 Ashburn Pk, Eglinton Leave Breach of rules Independence
  1. VT-1-2010.doc
  2. VT-1-2010.pdf
Hanna Brothers v COV​ RO77​ [2012]​ VR/12/2010​ Loughan Rr, Coleraine​ Costs​ Rating​
  1. VR-12-2010 (Word)
  2. VR-12-2010 (PDF)
​Menarys v COV RO77​ [2012]​ VR/5/2011​ Main St, Bangor​ Valuation​ Department Store​ ​Comparables
  1. VR-5-2010 (Word)
  2. VR-5-2010 (PDF)
Menarys v COV (2) RO77 [2013] VR/5/2011 Main St, Bangor First Floor pricing
  1. VR/5/2011 (Word)
  2. VR/5/2011 (PDF)
Elias Altrincham v COV RO77 [2013] VR/15/2011 Hillmans Way, Coleraine Rating assessment Comparables State and circumstances
  1. VR/15/2011 (Word)
  2. VR/15/2011 (PDF)
Debenhams v COV​ RO77​ ​[2013] ​VR/32/2011 ​Fairhill Shopping Centre, Ballymena ​Comparisons ​Overall v zoning ​Evidence post DVs Certificate
  1. VR/32/2011 (Word)
  2. VR/32/2011 (PDF)
Coastal Container v COV RO77 [1989] VR/9/1986 Herman Channel Rd, Belfast Rateable occupation Exclusive and beneficial occupation  
  1. VR/9/1986 (Word)
  2. VR/9/1986 (PDF)
Sainsburys v COV RO77 [2013] VR/13/2012 Rushmere Centre, Craigavon Choice of comparables    
  1. VR/13/2012 (Word)
  2. VR/13/2012 (PDF)
COV v Doherty RO77 [2014] VT/4/2012 Ballymaleddy Rd, Comber Protective Costs application    
  1. VT/4/2012 (Word)
  2. VT/4/2012 (PDF)

Key to Legislation

AER71. Aerodromes Act (NI) 1971

AL19. Acquisition of Land (Assessment of Compensation) Act 1919

BGLA85. Betting, Gaming, Lotteries & Amusements (NI) Order 1985

BTA64. Business Tenancies Act (NI) 1964

BTO96. Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996

BO73. Drainage (NI) Order 1973

EO92. Electricity (NI) Order 1992

HO81. Housing (NI) Order 1981

LAC73. Land Acquisition & Compensation (NI) Order 1973

LC82. Land Compensation (NI) Order 1982

LDV65. Land Development Values (Compensation) Act (NI) 1965

LE71. Leasehold (Enlargement & Extension) Act (NI) 1971

LG72. Local Government Act (NI) 1972

LO90. Licensing (NI) Order 1990

MD69. Mineral Development Act (NI) 1969

PLCA71. Planning & Land Compensation Act (NI) 1971

PBO81. Planning Blight (Compensation) (NI) Order 1981

PO72. Planning (NI) Order 1972

PO78. Property (NI) Order 1978

PO91. Planning (NI) Order 1991

RD48. Roads Act (NI) 1948

RD80. Roads (NI) Order 1980

RD93. Roads (NI) Order 1993

RO72. Rates (NI) Order 1972

RO77. Rates (NI) Order 1977

RT81. Road Traffic (NI) Order 1981

WS73. Water & Sewerage Services (NI) Order 1973