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Judicial Decisions

Judgments are now available from the Published By Year link on the left hand side.  The judgments are grouped by year using the date the Judgment was delivered.

Some documents may be in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Click here to download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required for opening and viewing pdf files.

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If you require a Northern Ireland judgment that is not listed here, please email the Library with the relevant details and we will make every effort to fulfill your request.

Documents published on this site before 12 April 2010 are designated as “pre-devolution”. Some are of an historical nature and will remain unchanged as they are provided solely for reference.

Information leaflets about how to use Courts and Tribunals services which still carry our old title and logo are in the process of being renamed and re-branded. We would wish to make clear that the material they contain is still valid. We thank you for your co-operation during this updating process.

Items Retrieved: 10

30 Nov 2015The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application2015 NIQB 96Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9740Final.htm 274 KB
30 Nov 2015Summary of Judgment - Court declares abortion law in Northern Ireland breaches European Convention on Human Rights by failing to provide exceptions to banJudicial Communications OfficerHorner JHTML Download - j_j_Summary of judgment - In re NIHRC (Termination of Pregnancy) 30.11.15.htm 57 KB
18 Nov 2015Practice Direction 02/15 - Target times for cases in the Crown Court  Morgan LCJ PDF Download - j_j_Practice Direction 02-15.pdf 42 KB
13 Nov 2015Irvine (Una) v The Sisters of Nazareth2015 NIQB 94Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9781Final.htm 118 KB
13 Nov 2015Summary of Judgment - Court delivers judgment in legal aid disputeJudicial Communications OfficeMaguire JHTML Download - j_j_Summary of judgment - In re General Council of the Bar of NI and the Council of the Law Society of NI 13 Nov 15.htm 43 KB
13 Nov 2015Summary of Judgment - Court rules that historical claim for damages against Nazareth house is statute barredJudicial Communications OfficeColton JHTML Download - j_j_Summary of judgment - Irvine v Sisters of Nazareth 13 Nov 15.htm 24 KB
10 Nov 2015Sylvia Craig (Appellant) and the Commissioner of Valuation for Northern Ireland (Respondent)Capital Value AppealE O'ConnorHTML Download - Sylvia Craig - 42_13 - 27_7_15.htm 21 KB
10 Nov 2015Sylvia Craig (Appellant) and the Commissioner of Valuation for Northern Ireland (Respondent)Capital Value AppealE O'ConnorPDF Download - Sylvia Craig - 42_13 - 27_7_15.pdf 216 KB
09 Nov 2015Atkinson (Gary William Owen) v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2015 NIQB 92Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9777Final.htm 57 KB
06 Nov 2015McKee (Michael) v The Sisters of Nazareth 2015 NIQB 93Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9779Final.htm 59 KB