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29 Oct 1999McAteer, Douglas (Deceased): In the matter of the estate of Douglas McAteer (Deceased) and in the matter of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) (NI) Order 1979; Samuel McAteer v John McAteer, Annie Speedie, Patricia Thompson and Eileen Orr1996Girvan JHTML Download - j_j_GIRJ3020Final.htm 32 KB
02 Sep 1999In the matter of an application by DI Todd Clements and Ed Moloney1999 HAR 0902Hart JHTML Download - j_j_ruling19990902.htm 50 KB
18 Jun 1999Robert Emmet Morgan ( A Minor) by Malachy Morgan, His Uncle and Next Friend v Gre (UK) Limited1945Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEC2876.htm 34 KB
16 Jun 1999Seaport Investments Limited, Seymore Henry Sweeney Carol Sweeney v Andrew Cameron Mitchell Bailey, John Crooks and the Attorney-General1943McCollum LJHTML Download - j_j_MCCE2727.htm 98 KB
15 Jun 1999Mary O'Neill v James Girvan and John O'Neill and Gre (UK) Limited1940Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COGC2867.htm 55 KB
15 Jun 1999James Bernard Cullen v Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary1942Carswell LCJHTML Download - j_j_CARC2743.htm 139 KB
11 Jun 1999The Queen v Anthony Thomas McGeough1939Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERF2872.htm 16 KB
11 Jun 1999The Queen v ITA Ann Doyle1999 KER 2868Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERF2868.htm 26 KB
09 Jun 1999Brian Lundie vs Andrew Millar Company Ltd1937Girvan JHTML Download - J_J_GIRJ2697.htm 47 KB
03 Jun 1999In the matter of an application by Claire Angela Buick for Judicial Review v In the Matter of a decision by the minister for Health and Social services in Northern Ireland1936Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COGC2864.htm 78 KB
27 May 1999Roadside (Garages) LImited and Roadside Motors (Coleraine) Limited1935Girvan JHTML Download - j_j_GIRA2693.htm 40 KB
25 May 1999Britannia Building Society v Norman Gilmour (otherwise known as Norman Alan Gilmour) and Rosaleen Gilmour (otherwise known as Rosaleen Bridget Gilmour)1933Girvan JHTML Download - j_j_GIRI2691.htm 25 KB
21 May 1999Dr Geraldine Fennell v University of Ulster1931McCollum LJHTML Download - j_j_MCCE2764.htm 62 KB
21 May 1999Gary Nugent v Godfrey Irwin sued on his own behalf and behalf of all the members of the East Tyrone Cycling Club and the Federation of Irish Cyclists1932Sheil LJHTML Download - j_j_SHEC2859.htm 30 KB
19 May 1999Edward Copeland vs Ministry of Defence and Andrew Brian Clarke1929Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEE2790.htm 76 KB
18 May 1999Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson vs Belfast Telegraph Newspapers Limited1927Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COGC2855.htm 64 KB
18 May 1999Margaret Gardiner, The sister and personal representative of the estate of Jack McVeigh, Deceased vs Scruttons PLC, P O Ferries Limited and Belfast Steamship Company Limited1928McCollum LJHTML Download - j_j_MCCC2851.htm 44 KB
14 May 1999Thomas and Geraldine McLoughlin and Samuel Cooper v Eamon and Ann O'Hare and Samuel Cooper1999 SHE 2791Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEC2791.htm 39 KB
11 May 1999Andrew Strong v Translink Limited1925Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GILF2852.htm 32 KB
30 Apr 1999The Queen v Adele McConville1921Pringle JHTML Download - j_j_PRIC2797.htm 28 KB
30 Apr 1999In the Matter of an Application by William Faulkner for Judicial Review1922Carswell LCJHTML Download - j_j_CARE2799.htm 48 KB
12 Apr 1999Sean Rodgers v Charles O'Neill1918Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEC2789.htm 25 KB
26 Mar 1999The Queen v Kwong Fatt Loke1910Carswell LCJHTML Download - j_j_CARC2778.htm 57 KB
26 Mar 1999In the Matter of an Application by Josephine Devine for Judicial Review1917Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COGE2772.htm 63 KB
16 Mar 1999In the Matter of an Application by Sharon Lavery for Judicial Review1905Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERC2780.htm 28 KB
16 Mar 1999In the Matter of an Application by Sharon Lavery for Judicial Review1906Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERC2781.htm 34 KB
15 Mar 1999In the Matter of an Application by Shirley Burns for Judicial Review1904Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERE2782.htm 46 KB
11 Mar 1999The Queen v Lee William Clegg1908Kerr JHTML Download - j_j_KERF2771.htm 384 KB
05 Mar 1999Cape Industrial Services Limited v Brian McClure and C D Insulation Company Limited1900Carswell LCJHTML Download - j_j_CARC2767.htm 54 KB
26 Feb 1999Gregory McCartney v Little Brown and Company (UK) LImited1897Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEC2765.htm 57 KB
24 Feb 1999Adrian Porter v The Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary1896Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEE2752.htm 80 KB
18 Feb 1999In the Matter of an Application by Gail Mullan and Sarah Mullan for Judicial Review1893Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COGC2756.htm 71 KB
05 Feb 1999William Christopher Mullan v Omagh Meats Limited1887McCollum LJHTML Download - j_j_MCCE2749.htm 49 KB
04 Feb 1999Crazy Prices trading as Tesco an Unlimited Company v Wines Inns Limited1884Pringles JHTML Download - j_j_PRIE2753.htm 55 KB
26 Jan 1999In the Matter of James Cuthbert Thomas Watson v In the Matter of the Royal Ulster Constabulary Pensions Regulations 19881878Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GILE2746.htm 76 KB
22 Jan 1999The Queen v Michael Townsley1877Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GILE2745.htm 33 KB
08 Jan 1999Tiffany Brown v David Campbell Hughes1871Sheil JHTML Download - j_j_SHEE2740.htm 39 KB
04 Jan 1999In a Matter of an Application by Brian McKenna for Judicial Review1889Nicholson LJHTML Download - j_j_NICE2748.htm 48 KB