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21 Dec 2015Beechview Aviation Limited v Axa Insurance Limited2015 NIQB 106Stephen's J HTML Download - j_j_STE9778Final.htm 222 KB
18 Dec 2015Queen v Robert Bari2015 NICA 74Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9830Final.htm 31 KB
18 Dec 2015R v Douglas Fredrick Ayton2015 NICA 78Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI9839Final.htm 25 KB
17 Dec 2015Folder[2015] NICA 772015 NICA 77Gillen LJ  
17 Dec 2015Morgan’s (Barry) Application2015 NIQB 105Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9838Final.htm 38 KB
16 Dec 2015McDonnell’s (Elizabeth) Application2015 NICA 72Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9826Final-PUBLISH.htm 54 KB
16 Dec 2015Laverty (Paul) v Police Service for Northern Ireland and Police Appeals Tribunal2015 NICA 75Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA9800Final.htm 75 KB
16 Dec 2015The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application2015 NIQB 102Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9822Final.htm 18 KB
11 Dec 2015Taggart (Michael Adrian) and John Desmond Taggart v Ulster Bank (Ireland) Ltd and Ulster Bank Ltd (“The Taggart Action”) and Ulster Bank (Ireland) Ltd and Ulster Bank Ltd v Michael Adrian Taggart and John Desmond Taggart (“The Banks’ Actions”)2015 NIQB 101Burgess J HTML Download - j_j_BUR9633Final.htm 697 KB
11 Dec 2015Cooley’s (Annette) and Rosaleen Cooley’s Application 2015 NIQB 110Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9808Final.htm 41 KB
09 Dec 2015Fulton (Colin David) v Sunday Newspapers Limited2015 NIQB 100Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9759Final.htm 131 KB
04 Dec 2015Queen v AB2015 NICA 70Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9806Final.htm 66 KB
04 Dec 2015R v Louis Maguire 2015 NICA 71Girvan LJ, Stephens J, Horner J HTML Download - j_j_GIR9667Final.htm 331 KB
04 Dec 2015Brenda Harkin v Brendan Kearney & Company, Solicitors, Sean Fox T/A Glen Builders Limited, Pat Fahy, Solicitors, ADP Architects, Planning Department, Road Service, Land Registry, Greenbelt Group Limited, Memery Crystal, Solicitors, Colleys Valuers, Birmingham Midshires, Arthur Cox Solicitors, CRL Management Ltd 2015 NICA 79Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9802Final.htm 46 KB
04 Dec 2015Attorney General for Northern Ireland v The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland2015 NICh 18Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9783Final.htm 46 KB
04 Dec 2015Hughes (Gregory) v St Patrick’s Archdiocesan Trust Limited2015 NICh 19Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9809Final.htm 26 KB
04 Dec 2015Greg Foster, A Man and One of the People v John McPeake – Former CEO, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, John Wilkinson – CEO Land and Property Services, Mervyn Adair – Land and Property Services, Brian McCann – Land and Property Services: Four Men and Four of the People 2015 NIMaster 14Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster14Final.htm 58 KB
04 Dec 2015Belkovic (Marek) v Dr Toal and BHSCT2015 NIQB 104Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9835Final.htm 14 KB
03 Dec 2015Queen v William Ernest Coulter 2015 NICA 73Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9827Final.htm 68 KB
01 Dec 2015Barclays Bank Plc trading as The Woolwich v Cregan Boyd and Paula Boyd 2015 NICh 16Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9469Final.htm 62 KB
30 Nov 2015Morrow (William John) v Attorney General for Northern Ireland2015 NICA 69Weir LJHTML Download - j_j_WEI9801Final.htm 53 KB
30 Nov 2015Walsh (Philomena) v Hector Lester and Claire Lester2015 NICh 17Colton JHTML Download - j_j_COL9790Final.htm 65 KB
30 Nov 2015The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application2015 NIQB 96Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9740Final.htm 274 KB
26 Nov 2015The Queen v M H2015 NICA 67Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9780Final-PUBLISH.htm 43 KB
26 Nov 2015Hart’s (Darren) Application2015 NIQB 97Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9798Final-PUBLISH.htm 29 KB
26 Nov 2015McMullan’s (June) Application2015 NIQB 98Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9785Final.htm 29 KB
24 Nov 2015R v Stephen McCaughey, Ian Weir and Jason Weir2015 NICA 76Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9775Final.htm 62 KB
20 Nov 2015Keenan (Tom) and Scott Murray as administrators of Brickkiln Waste Limited v Thomas McGlinchey2015 NICh 15Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9792Final.htm 49 KB
20 Nov 2015Gordon v Best 2015 NIQB 112Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9836Final.htm 20 KB
18 Nov 2015Browne (Elizabeth) who sues as the personal representative of the estate of Leslie Browne (deceased) v Sandra Murray and Michal Marczak2015 NIQB 95Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9786Final.htm 101 KB
13 Nov 2015Kennedy’s (Victor) Application 2015 NIQB 114Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9834final.htm 61 KB
13 Nov 2015Irvine (Una) v The Sisters of Nazareth2015 NIQB 94Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9781Final.htm 118 KB
13 Nov 2015The General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland and the Council of the Law Society of Northern Ireland 2015 NIQB 99Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9767Final.htm 358 KB
11 Nov 2015Trunk Flooring Limited v HSBC Asset Finance (UK) Limited and Costi Righi Spa2015 NICA 68Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9764Final-PUBLISH.htm 50 KB
09 Nov 2015Atkinson (Gary William Owen) v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2015 NIQB 92Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9777Final.htm 57 KB
06 Nov 2015Phillips (Matthew Samuel) (a minor) by Susan Isobel Phillips (his mother and next friend) v South Eastern Education and Library Board2015 NIQB 91Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9776Final.htm 49 KB
06 Nov 2015McKee (Michael) v The Sisters of Nazareth 2015 NIQB 93Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9779Final-PUBLISH.htm 60 KB
05 Nov 2015R v Brian Mongan2015 NICA 65Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9784Final.htm 45 KB
03 Nov 2015O’Neill (Geraldine Patricia) v Ulster Bank Limited2015 NICA 64Weir LJHTML Download - j_j_WEI9760Final-PUBLISH.htm 73 KB
02 Nov 2015Wallace (Alan) v Brian Fitzsimons2015 NIQB 89Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9768Final.htm 53 KB
02 Nov 2015HK v Department of Justice 2015 NIQB 90Stephens J Word Download - STE9564Final - Approved(No1).doc 108 KBPDF Download - STE9564Final - Approved9No 1).pdf 153 KB
01 Nov 2015Whiteside (Gladys Elizabeth Caroline) v Richard Alexander Whiteside2015 NIFam 16O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9782Final.htm 26 KB
22 Oct 2015R v Paul Duffy, Damien Duffy and Shane Duffy2015 NICC 13Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9772Final-PUBLISH.htm 53 KB
22 Oct 2015Jones (Simon) v Mary Ivors2015 NICty 4Judge Meehan HTML Download - j_j_2015NICty4final.htm 34 KB
20 Oct 2015R v Hazel Stewart2015 NICA 62Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9753Final-PUBLISH.htm 58 KB
20 Oct 2015R v Myles Christopher O’Hagan2015 NICA 63Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9769Final.htm 49 KB
16 Oct 2015Bus Eireann v John Connor2015 NIMaster 11Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster11Final.htm 25 KB
16 Oct 2015KL and NN v Sunday Newspapers Limited2015 NIQB 88Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9765Final-PUBLISH.htm 44 KB
15 Oct 2015Rooney (Catherine) v Western Education and Library Board2015 NIQB 87Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9761Final-PUBLISH.htm 54 KB
29 Sep 2015Moffatt (Dorothy) v Laurence Moffatt2015 NICA 61Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9748Final.htm 29 KB
24 Sep 2015R v Sean Francis, Francis Taggart, Mary Bernadette Ferguson2015 NICA 60Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9754Final.htm 13 KB
23 Sep 2015Re A and B (Children: Injury: Proof: Suspicion: Speculation)2015 NIFam 14O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9745Final-PUBLISH.htm 50 KB
22 Sep 2015(Belkovic) Marek v DSG International Plc and First Choice Selection Services2015 NICA 59Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI9746Final-PUBLISH.htm 44 KB
22 Sep 2015Jordan’s (Hugh) Applications 13/002996/1; 13/002223/1; 13/037869/1 Delay and Damages2015 NICA 66Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9751Final.htm 5 KB
21 Sep 2015R v Raymond Brownlee (Sentencing)2015 NICA 58Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9750Final-PUBLISH.htm 37 KB
21 Sep 2015Envirogreen Polymers Limited’s Application (Leave stage) 2015 NIQB 84Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9747Final.htm 138 KB
21 Sep 2015ABC v British Broadcasting Corporation and John Conway2015 NIQB 86Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_Wea9752+AddendumFinal.htm 43 KB
18 Sep 2015R v Paul Bustard, Olwyn Bustard and James Gawn2015 NICC 12Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9703Final.htm 106 KB
15 Sep 2015The Director of Public Prosecutions v John Ferguson2015 NIMag 2District Judge (MC) Meehan HTML Download - j_j_2015NImag2Final.htm 83 KB
14 Sep 2015Queen v M2015 NICA 56Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9739Final.htm 46 KB
14 Sep 2015Queen v Sean Hackett2015 NICA 57Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9743Final-PUBLISH.htm 84 KB
14 Sep 2015Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC v Dermot McLaughlin2015 NIQB 85Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9345Final.htm 126 KB
11 Sep 2015X Health and Social Care Trust v W and E2015 NICA 55Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9735Final.htm 107 KB
11 Sep 2015M v M2015 NIMaster 9Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster9final.htm 50 KB
10 Sep 2015D’s Application2015 NIQB 78Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9722Final.htm 76 KB
08 Sep 2015McCarthy (Cain) v Chief Constable of PSNI2015 NICty 3Her Honour Judge P Smyth HTML Download - j_j_2015NICty3Final.htm 42 KB
08 Sep 2015Flynn (Kelly Anne) v Maria Corr, Dominic Corr and Damien Corr 2015 NIQB 109Burgess J HTML Download - j_j_BUR9741Final.htm 21 KB
28 Aug 2015XY's Application2015 NIQB 75Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9738Final-PUBLISH.htm 109 KB
26 Aug 2015McAuley (Robert) v Sunday Newspapers Limited and Independent News and Media Limited2015 NIQB 74Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9726Final.htm 69 KB
21 Aug 2015Western Health and Social Services Trust v K and L2015 NIFam 15Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9199Final.htm 146 KB
05 Aug 2015Helm Housing Limited v Myles Danker Associates Limited2015 NIQB 73Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9704Final.htm 122 KB
21 Jul 2015Jenkinson (Jonathan Graham) v Ministry of Defence2015 NIQB 66Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9715Final.htm 47 KB
17 Jul 2015Fox Building & Engineering Ltd v The Department of Finance and Personnel (No. 2)2015 NIQB 72Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9733Final.htm 57 KB
15 Jul 2015McAteer (Daniel) v Sean Devine, Mary Devine, Brendan Fox and John Lowe2015 NIQB 81Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9729Final.htm 76 KB
15 Jul 2015McAteer (Daniel) v Toby McMurray2015 NIQB 82Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9731Final.htm 29 KB
10 Jul 2015Gallagher’s (Lorraine) Application2015 NIQB 63Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9719Final.htm 139 KB
10 Jul 2015Gorski’s (Sebastian) Application2015 NIQB 64Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9724Final.htm 51 KB
10 Jul 2015Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade's Application2015 NIQB 65Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9718Final.htm 212 KB
07 Jul 2015R v Gerard Kevin Hughes, Gavin Martin Hughes and Joseph Christopher Hughes; Director of Public Prosecution’s Reference (Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 of 2015)2015 NICA 53Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9716Final-PUBLISH.htm 66 KB
07 Jul 2015Re M (A Child: Care Order: Mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder)2015 NIFam 13O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9717Final.htm 8 KB
03 Jul 2015R v S and C2015 NICA 51Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9707Final.htm 65 KB
03 Jul 2015Queen v Martin Raymond Jude Murray, Liam Patrick Kevin Murray, Kevin Michael Charles Toye and William McDonagh2015 NICA 54Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG9711Final.htm 184 KB
03 Jul 2015Begley (Katrina) on behalf of David Begley (Deceased) v William Cowlin & Sons Ltd, The Cementation Co Ltd, J Murphy & Sons Ltd, Kier Group and H & J Martin Ltd2015 NIQB 62Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9664Final.htm 59 KB
02 Jul 2015Morris (Brian) v The Director of Public Prosecutions2015 NICA 49Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9656Final-PUBLISH.htm 58 KB
02 Jul 2015Bank of Scotland Plc v Charles Christopher Mallon (Liam Joseph Mallon as Appointed Attorney) and (by Order of Master Ellison of 6 September 2012) Liam Joseph Mallon2015 NICh 13Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9670Final.htm 51 KB
01 Jul 2015Tesco (Ireland) Limited v William Moffett, Richard McLaughlin, James Mclaughlin and Anson Logue2015 NIQB 68Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9720Final.htm 36 KB
01 Jul 2015Cavanagh (John Joseph) As Liquidator of Meteor Controls (International) Ltd v John Conway and The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland2015 NIQB 69Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9723Final.htm 32 KB
30 Jun 2015R v TH2015 NICA 48Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9708Final.htm 43 KB
30 Jun 2015Doherty (John) and Mary Doherty v James Perrett, Matthew Hunt and Rachel Fowle of Touchstone Lender Services2015 NICA 52Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9702Final.htm 31 KB
30 Jun 2015The Queen v Shaun Patrick Joseph Hegarty and Ciaran Nugent2015 NICC 11Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9732Final.htm 44 KB
30 Jun 2015Queen v Thomas Ashe Mellon 2015 NICC 14His Honour Judge McFarland HTML Download - j_j_2015NICC14Final - Approved.htm 66 KB
30 Jun 2015Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) and Brian Gormally’s Application2015 NIQB 59Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9697Final - PUBLISH.htm 69 KB
30 Jun 2015Morgan’s (Barry) Application2015 NIQB 60Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9712Final.htm 30 KB
26 Jun 2015Finucane’s (Geraldine) Application2015 NIQB 57Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9642Final.htm 355 KB
26 Jun 2015A’s Application2015 NIQB 58Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9682Final-PUBLISH.htm 85 KB
25 Jun 2015R v Karen Walsh2015 NICA 46Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9706Final.htm 60 KB
25 Jun 2015Donnelly’s (Bridgin) Application2015 NIQB 56Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9676Final.htm 80 KB
25 Jun 2015HL (a young person) by her father and next friend AL v Facebook Incorporated, Facebook Ireland Ltd, The Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Department of Culture Media and Sport2015 NIQB 61Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9710Final.htm 52 KB
25 Jun 2015Belfast International Airport Limited v Aer Lingus Limited2015 NIQB 80Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9721Final.htm 150 KB
24 Jun 2015R v Henry Martin Joseph Creaney2015 NICA 43 HTML Download - j_j_MOR9700Final.htm 69 KB
24 Jun 2015Stokes (Martin) v Sunday Newspapers Limited2015 NIQB 53Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9698Final.htm 6 KB
24 Jun 2015Allpay Limited v Northern Ireland Housing Executive2015 NIQB 54Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9657Final.htm 91 KB
24 Jun 2015CE’s Application2015 NIQB 55Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9684Final.htm 65 KB
23 Jun 2015X’s (a minor) Application2015 NIQB 52Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9685Final.htm 60 KB
22 Jun 2015Ulster Bank Ltd v Terence McQuaid2015 NIQB 79Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9734Final.htm 44 KB
17 Jun 2015R v Paul Joshua Balmer and Paula Wilson2015 NICA 40Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9678Final.htm 32 KB
17 Jun 2015Fox Building & Engineering Ltd v The Department of Finance and Personnel (No. 1)2015 NIQB 71Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9694Final.htm 39 KB
16 Jun 2015Santander (UK) Plc v Anthony Parker2015 NICA 41Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9673Final.htm 32 KB
16 Jun 2015R v Philip Hedley2015 NICA 45Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9705Final.htm 45 KB
16 Jun 2015McGowan (David) v Christabel McGowan2015 NIFam 10O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9629Final.htm 17 KB
16 Jun 2015McGowan (David) v Christabel McGowan2015 NIFam 11O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9686Final.htm 20 KB
15 Jun 2015Cavanagh (John J) v William John Dolan2015 NICh 14Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9691Final.htm 40 KB
12 Jun 2015R v James Seales and Stephen Charles McCaughey2015 NICA 42Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9659Final.htm 200 KB
11 Jun 2015Queen v Lucasz Artur Kubik2015 NICA 38Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9681Final.htm 32 KB
11 Jun 2015Queen v Raymond Brownlee2015 NICA 39Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9680FinalPUBLISH.htm 55 KB
11 Jun 2015Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v Sheridan (Brenda Mary) and Sheridan (Patrick Andrew Eoin)2015 NICh 12Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9679Final.htm 42 KB
10 Jun 2015Arthur Boyd as Administrator of The Presbyterian Mutual Society Limited v Adrian Stott and Ors practising as J & E Shepherd Chartered Surveyors and WYG Engineering Ltd2015 NIMaster 10Master McCorry HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster10Final.htm 67 KB
09 Jun 2015Dunne's Stores (Bangor) Limited v Newriver Trustees 11 Ltd 2015 NICh 20Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9687Final.htm 19 KB
08 Jun 2015Queen v McLaughlin (Kieran Edward)2015 NICC 10Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9668Final.htm 45 KB
08 Jun 2015Purcell Bros Limited v The Owners, Charterers and all persons claiming to be interested in the Motor Vessel Star Viking (No. 3)2015 NIQB 70Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9688Final.htm 36 KB
05 Jun 2015Leisure Arcades Limited’s Application 2015 NICA 36Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9647Final.htm 58 KB
05 Jun 2015Bradley (Paul) v Chief Constable of the Police Service in Northern Ireland2015 NIMaster 7Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster7Final.htm 39 KB
03 Jun 2015Queen v Michael Burns and Trevor McClintock2015 NICC 8Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9665Final.htm 17 KB
03 Jun 2015Queen v Michelle Owens2015 NICC 9Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9666Final.htm 23 KB
02 Jun 2015MW’s Application (Leave Stage)2015 NIQB 50Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9650Final-PUBLISHED.htm 74 KB
28 May 2015Proberkas (Eimantas) v Klaipeda Circuit Court, Lithuania2015 NICA 32Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9653FinalPUBLISH.htm 30 KB
28 May 2015N’s (a minor) Application (Relocation Appeal)2015 NIFam 12O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9654Final.htm 19 KB
28 May 2015Ms BB and Mr A and Mrs A 2015 NIFam 17O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9649Final-PUBLISH.htm 28 KB
27 May 2015M’s (a child) Application2015 NIFam 8O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9658Final.htm 33 KB
27 May 2015MO's Application2015 NIQB 47Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9637Final.htm 67 KB
27 May 2015Tohill’s (Robert) Application2015 NIQB 48Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9655Final.htm 41 KB
22 May 2015RS’ Application2015 NICA 30Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9652Final-PUBLISH.htm 75 KB
22 May 2015R v Donna McCool and Michael Harkin2015 NICA 31Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9651Final.htm 58 KB
20 May 2015McCauley (Carol ) as personal representative of the estate of William McCauley (Deceased) v Harland and Wolff Plc and Royal Mail Group Limited2015 NICA 28Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9639Final.htm 49 KB
19 May 2015Queen v Michael Mongan2015 NICA 26Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9638Final.htm 47 KB
19 May 2015R v Michael Mongan2015 NICA 33Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9530Final.htm 54 KB
19 May 2015Lee (Gareth) v Ashers Baking Co Ltd and Colin McArthur and Karen McArthur2015 NICty 2District Judge BrownlieHTML Download - j_j_2015NICty2Final.htm 342 KB
19 May 2015The Republic of Poland v Pawel Tumkiewicz2015 NIQB 107Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9644Final.htm 65 KB
18 May 2015Official Receiver v Julie-Ann Urey2015 NICh 11Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9648Final.htm 32 KB
15 May 2015The Queen v Richard McAuley2015 NICC 7Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9641Final.htm 32 KB
15 May 2015AC and CH’s Application2015 NIFam 9O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9636Final.htm 43 KB
15 May 2015Harper’s Application 2015 NIQB 49Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9662Final.htm 18 KB
14 May 2015McNulty (Joseph) v Donovan Ross2015 NIQB 42Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9626FINAL.htm 115 KB
13 May 2015Fernhill Properties (NI) Ltd v Henry McCambridge and Ann McCambridge2015 NICh 9Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9580Final.htm 34 KB
12 May 2015Curistan (Peter Gerard) v The Official Receiver for Northern Ireland2015 NICh 10Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9630Final.htm 22 KB
08 May 2015The Queen v Barry McCarney2015 NICA 27Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG9591Final.htm 277 KB
06 May 2015Baird (Heather) v Stephen W R Hastings, practising as Hastings & Company, Solicitors2015 NICA 22Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9617Final.htm 63 KB
06 May 2015R v ML2015 NICA 25Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9615Final.htm 48 KB
06 May 2015CB (a child by her mother and next friend) v Belfast Health and Social Care Trust2015 NIQB 44Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9632Final.htm 30 KB
05 May 2015R v Liam Dominic Adams2015 NICA 24Coghlin LJ HTML Download - j_j_COG9601Final.htm 81 KB
05 May 2015McGowan (David) v Christabel McGowan2015 NIFam 4O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9606Final.htm 59 KB
30 Apr 2015R v Angeline Mitchell 2015 NICA 34Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9609Final.htm 70 KB
30 Apr 2015CS’ Application2015 NIQB 36Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9556Final.htm 129 KB
29 Apr 2015The Queen v Michael Robin Burns and Trevor McClintock2015 NICC 6Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9628Final.htm 26 KB
24 Apr 2015The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland v Bangor Provident Trust and The Attorney General for Northern Ireland2015 NICA 21Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9602Final.htm 85 KB
23 Apr 2015R v Francis Gerard D'Arcy2015 NICC 5Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI9623Final.htm 24 KB
21 Apr 2015Nash’s (Thomas) Application2015 NICA 18Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9612Final.htm 40 KB
21 Apr 2015Loughlin’s (Jason) Application2015 NIQB 33Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9611Final-PUBLISH.htm 99 KB
21 Apr 2015NR’s Application2015 NIQB 35Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9614Final.htm 35 KB
20 Apr 2015Salad’s (Fowsiya) Application2015 NIQB 32Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9610Final.htm 83 KB
17 Apr 2015Queen v Patrick Somers and Paul Somers2015 NICA 17Morgan LCJ Word Download - MOR9608Final.doc 86 KB
17 Apr 2015R v Daniel Carlisle2015 NICA 19Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9589Final.htm 36 KB
17 Apr 2015X v Ministry of Defence2015 NICA 44Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9557Final.htm 82 KB
17 Apr 2015Patterson (Robert) v Castlereagh Borough Council2015 NICA 47Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9695Final-PUBLISH.htm 39 KB
17 Apr 2015SC’s Application2015 NIQB 34Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9613Final.htm 43 KB
17 Apr 2015Nursing and Midwifery Council v CN2015 NIQB 37Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9618Final.htm 22 KB
15 Apr 2015South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust v Flanagan (Colin) and Capper Trading Limited2015 NIQB 30Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9600Final.htm 46 KB
14 Apr 2015Owens’ (Irene) Application2015 NIQB 29Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9605Final.htm 142 KB
13 Apr 2015Gribben’s (Sally) Application2015 NIQB 51Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9620Final.htm 53 KB
10 Apr 2015Herron (Harry John) (by his Mother and next friend) v Western Education and Library Board2015 NIQB 38Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9619Final.htm 38 KB
10 Apr 2015Suiter (Ian Shaw) and Alfred David Suiter v William Francis Eves and O’Hanlon Brothers Limited (No. 2)2015 NIQB 39Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9607Final.htm 29 KB
01 Apr 2015Mr E v Ms L2015 NIFam 3O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9599Final.htm 36 KB
31 Mar 2015AIB Group (UK) PLC, John Dee Anderson and William Kennedy v Edward Thomas Stephen Boyes 2015 NICh 21O'Hara J Word Download - OHA9598Final - Approved.doc 67 KBPDF Download - OHA9598Final - Approved.pdf 90 KB
27 Mar 2015R v Connor Joseph Hamilton2015 NICA 15Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9590Final.htm 57 KB
27 Mar 2015BP’s Application2015 NICA 20Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9585Final.htm 111 KB
27 Mar 2015J v G2015 NICA 23Weir J Word Download - WEI9584Final.doc 88 KB
27 Mar 2015Queen v Kieran Edward McLaughlin2015 NICC 3Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9583Final.htm 86 KB
27 Mar 2015R v Tomas Hornay2015 NICC 4Burgess JHTML Download - j_j_2015NICC4Final.htm 57 KB
27 Mar 2015Logan (Roddy) v Chief Constable of the Police Service on Northern Ireland2015 NIMaster 3Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster3Final.htm 32 KB
27 Mar 2015Sweeney (Emmett) v National Association of Round Tables – Enniskillen Branch and Waterways Ireland2015 NIMaster 6Master McCorry HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster6Final.htm 73 KB
27 Mar 2015Burns’ (Michael) Application2015 NIQB 24Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9588Final.htm 79 KB
27 Mar 2015Cunningham’s (Maighread) (A Minor) Application2015 NIQB 25Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9596Final.htm 31 KB
26 Mar 2015Cooke (Fleet) v Kenneth Cooke and Malcolm Cooke; Malcolm Cooke v Fleet Cooke2015 NICA 13Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9595Final.htm 29 KB
25 Mar 2015Queen v Gerard McCormick2015 NICA 14Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9592Final.htm 32 KB
25 Mar 2015Beckett (Beatrice Maeve) and Shane Lawton Beckett v Anthony Robert William Beckett and Evangeline Jemima Beckett2015 NICh 8Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9506Final.htm 8 KB
25 Mar 2015John Graham Construction Limited v FK Lowry Piling Limited2015 NIQB 40Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9594Final.htm 46 KB
25 Mar 2015Morton (William Edward Alexander) v First Trust Financial Services Limited2015 NIQB 46Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9593Final.htm 35 KB
20 Mar 2015Queen v Muhammad Nabi2015 NICA 11Girvan LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIR9562Final.htm 78 KB
20 Mar 2015McKinstry (Philip) v Moy Park, Gary Maxwell and Brian Johnston2015 NICA 12Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9570Final-PUBLISH.htm 76 KB
20 Mar 2015Court In Sad Okregowy, Poland v Sebastian Gorski2015 NICty 1Her Honour Judge SmythHTML Download - j_j_2015NICty1Final.htm 68 KB
18 Mar 2015Parker’s (Dermot) Application2015 NIQB 21Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9507Final-PUBLISH.htm 64 KB
13 Mar 2015Fulton (Melvin) v Vion Food Group Limited2015 NICA 10Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9578Final.htm 62 KB
13 Mar 2015Burgess (Carl) v David Gilmore T/A Gilmore Developments2015 NIQB 43Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9625FINAL.htm 26 KB
12 Mar 2015Belfast Health and Social Care Trust v W and E2015 NIFam 6Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9450(a)Final.htm 224 KB
12 Mar 2015AIB Group (UK) PLC v Stephen Donnelly as personal representative of Peter Donnelly2015 NIMaster 13Master Hardstaff HTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster13Final.htm 40 KB
11 Mar 2015AM v Western Health and Social Care Trust2015 NIFam 5Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG9513Final.htm 56 KB
11 Mar 2015Kearney (Mary Frances) v Allen (Jim) Allen (Mary Jane) 2015 NIMaster 5Master KellyHTML Download - j_j_2015NIMaster5Final.htm 47 KB
10 Mar 2015Maguire’s (Gavin) Application2015 NIQB 19Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9577Final.htm 17 KB
06 Mar 2015Peifer’s (James Robert) Application2015 NIQB 18Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9558Final.htm 58 KB
05 Mar 2015Brown’s (Patrick) Application (Leave Stage)2015 NIQB 76O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9574Final.htm 13 KB