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21 Dec 2016CG v Facebook Ireland Limited and McCloskey (Joseph) 2016 NICA 54Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10142Final.htm 146 KB
21 Dec 2016Lee (Gareth) v McArthur (Colin), McArthur (Karen) and Ashers Baking Company Limited2016 NICA 55Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10144Final.htm 29 KB
21 Dec 2016R v WC 2016 NICA 61McBride J Word Download - MCB10128Final - Approved.doc 79 KBPDF Download - MCB10128Final - Approved.pdf 106 KB
21 Dec 2016The Queen v Alan Norman Foster2016 NICC 23Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE10143Final.htm 98 KB
21 Dec 2016JKL's Application 2016 NIQB 99Colton J HTML Download - 2015_108163.htm 87 KB
20 Dec 2016R v Harte (Gerard) and Roberts (James Gary) 2016 NICA 57Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10140Final.htm 69 KB
20 Dec 2016Gallagher's (Michael) Application2016 NIQB 95Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG10113FINAL.htm 106 KB
20 Dec 2016J20 and Facebook Ireland Limited 2016 NIQB 98Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10121Final.htm 123 KB
19 Dec 2016Martin (John) v The Commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs 2016 NICA 56Weir LJ Word Download - WEI10132Final.doc 94 KB
19 Dec 2016Cunningham, Ciaran and The Chief Constable of Northern Ireland 2016 NICA 58Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA10119Final.htm 73 KB
14 Dec 2016Queen v Mandy Louise O'Toole2016 NICA 59Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI10124Final.htm 31 KB
13 Dec 2016Siobhan McLaughlin 2016 NICA 53Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA10095Final.htm 106 KB
09 Dec 2016R v Hughes (Stephen) and Boyle (Shauneen) 2016 NICC 20Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10136Final.htm 79 KB
07 Dec 2016R v McClenaghan (Fred) 2016 NICA 51Gillen LJ Word Download - GIL10108Final - Approved.doc 111 KBPDF Download - GIL10108Final - Approved.pdf 135 KB
07 Dec 2016R v D 2016 NICA 52Gillen LJ Word Download - GIL10088Final - Approved.doc 97 KBPDF Download - GIL10088Final - Approved.pdf 131 KB
05 Dec 2016Walsh (Philomena) v Lester (Hector) and Lester (Claire) 2016 NICA 50McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB10063Final.htm 64 KB
05 Dec 2016In the matter of an inquest into the death of Patrick Pearse Jordan [2016] NICoroner 3Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR10122Final.htm 26 KB
05 Dec 2016RS’s Application 2016 NIQB 93Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10118Final.htm 115 KB
05 Dec 2016S's Application 2016 NIQB 96Maguire J Word Download - MAG10125Final - Approved.doc 84 KBPDF Download - MAG10125Final - Approved.pdf 117 KB
30 Nov 2016R v Power (Christopher) 2016 NICC 16Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE10064Final.htm 28 KB
29 Nov 2016McCorry (Frank) & Ors as the Committee of the Ardoyne Association V McKeith (Maria)2016 NICA 47Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA10101Final.htm 50 KB
29 Nov 2016Crawford's (Stephen) Application2016 NIQB 97 HTML Download - j_j_KEE10092Final.htm 108 KB
25 Nov 2016R v H 2016 NICA 49Colton J HTML Download - R_v_H.htm 27 KB
25 Nov 2016Friends of the Earth Limited's Application2016 NIQB 91Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10046Final.htm 159 KB
23 Nov 2016McAteer (Daniel) v Devine (Sean) & Devine (Mary), Fox (Brendan) Partner, Cleaver Fulton Rankin, Love (John) Partner, Moore Stephens Bradly McDaid and McAteer (Daniel) V Devine (Sean), McCarron (Stephen), Fox (Brendan), Partner, Cleaver Fulton Rankin, Love (John), Partner, Moore Stephens Bradley McDaid 2016 NICA 46Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL10084Final.htm 51 KB
23 Nov 2016Moffat (Dorothy) v Moffat (Laurence) (Personal representative of John Johnston Moffat (Deceased) and Florence Moffat (Deceased)2016 NICh 17Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR10107Final.htm 42 KB
23 Nov 2016MacMahon (Peter and Yvonne) V Bank of New Zealand 2016 NICh 18McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB10117Final.htm 45 KB
23 Nov 2016AB v Sunday Newspapers Limited 2016 NIQB 94Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10174Final.htm 16 KB
22 Nov 2016R v T2016 NICA 44Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI10096Final.htm 43 KB
22 Nov 2016SK’s (A Minor) Application 2016 NIQB 92Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG1011Final.htm 39 KB
21 Nov 2016Capital Home Loans Limited v Hewitt and Gilpin Solicitors Limited (Sued as a Firm) 2016 NICA 45Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA10079Final.htm 68 KB
21 Nov 2016In the matter of an inquest into the death of Patrick Pearse Jordan[2016] NICoroner 2Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9938FULLFINAL.htm 35 KB
21 Nov 2016AS’s Application 2016 NIQB 89Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10091Final.htm 187 KB
18 Nov 2016TT v HM 2016 NIFam 10McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB10048Final.htm 85 KB
17 Nov 2016David Agnew as Trustee in Bankruptcy of the Estate of Paul Dougan v Moyola Estates Ltd2016 NICh 19McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB10123Final.htm 41 KB
15 Nov 2016R v Ghadghadi (Montassar)2016 NICA 43Weatherup LJ Word Download - WEA10080Final.doc 89 KB
15 Nov 2016Gibson’s (Christine) Application [2016] NIQB 82 (Judicial Review) In the Matter of a Decision of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council and In the Matter of a Decision of DAERA (Marine and Fisheries Division) 2016 NIQB 82Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10094Final.htm 135 KB
15 Nov 2016AS's Application2016 NIQB 88Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10085Final.htm 66 KB
09 Nov 2016School X’s Application2016 NIQB 87Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10093 Final.htm 124 KB
08 Nov 2016In the Matter of 34 Lomond Avenue, Belfast, County Antrim, BT4 3AJ Smith (Julian) and Hughes (Andrew) v Black (David) and Persons Unknown2016 NICh 16Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR10090Final.htm 46 KB
07 Nov 2016In the matter of an inquest into the death of Patrick Pearse Jordan2016 NICoroner 1Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9938FULLFINAL.htm 504 KB
07 Nov 2016HK v Department of Justice 2016 NIQB 86Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10098Final.htm 20 KB
28 Oct 2016The Nursing and Midwifery Council v ND2016 NIQB 100Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE10170Final.htm 14 KB
28 Oct 2016McCord’s (Raymond) Application - In the Matter of an Application by McCord (Raymond) for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review and in the Matter of Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union And In the Matter of Application to Leave to Apply for Judicial Review by (1) Steven Agnew, (2) Colum Eastwood, (3) David Ford (4) John O'Dowd (5) Dessie Donnelly (6) Dawn Purvis (7) Monica Wilson (8) The Committee on the Administration of Justice, (9) The Human Rights Consortium v (1) Her Majesty's Government, (2) The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, (3) The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union 2016 NIQB 85Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10076Final.htm 182 KB
25 Oct 2016Queen v Skinner (Barry David), Mark Kincaid, Brenda Dolores Meehan, Nigel James Brown, Peter Greet, Stephen Charles McCaughey 2016 NICA 40Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL10068Final.htm 93 KB
25 Oct 2016In the matter of Coughvalley Stores (NI) Limited (In Liquidation) and The Insolvency (NI) Order 19892016 NICh 15Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR10078Final.htm 34 KB
24 Oct 2016Gareth Lee v Colin McArthur, Karen McArthur and Ashers Baking Company Limited 2016 NICA 39Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10086Final.htm 156 KB
24 Oct 2016Winemark (The Wine Merchants Limited) v Hagan (James Aidan), Hagan (Mary Bridget) and The Tunnel Bar Limited 2016 NIQB 90Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10047Final.htm 106 KB
21 Oct 2016R v H 2016 NICA 41Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA10073Final - Approved.htm 44 KB
20 Oct 2016Watton (William) and Watton (Maureen) v Crawford (Hugh) 2016 NICh 14Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR10083Final.htm 29 KB
19 Oct 2016Irish Cement Limited v Murphy (Donal) 2016 NICA 38Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA10066Final.htm 30 KB
14 Oct 2016In the matter of NS2016 NIFam 9Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10075Final.htm 96 KB
14 Oct 2016Thompson (David) v R P Crawford T/AS R P Crawford Solicitors 2016 NIQB 83Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10072Final.htm 28 KB
12 Oct 2016Charity Commission for Northern Ireland v Attorney General for Northern Ireland2016 NICA 37Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA10054Final-PUBLISH.htm 44 KB
12 Oct 2016Gallagher’s (Lorraine) Application 2016 NICA 42Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL10065Final.htm 150 KB
07 Oct 2016VS v GA In the matter of BA (a Minor) 2016 NIFam 8Keegan JHTML Download - j_j_KEE10067Final.htm 87 KB
06 Oct 2016EM’s Application 2016 NIQB 80Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10062Final.htm 69 KB
05 Oct 2016Lavery (Mark Owen Patrick) v McDermott (Kristan) 2016 NIQB 84Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10087Final.htm 20 KB
04 Oct 2016Carragher (Patrick) v Dawson (Frank), Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) and Very Reverend T Rafferty as Nominee of The Board of Governors of St Ronan's Primary School 2016 NIQB 102Keegan J Word Download - KEE10018Final - Approved.doc 226 KBPDF Download - KEE10018Final - Approved.pdf 270 KB
03 Oct 2016R v Maguire (Louis) & Power (Christopher) - RULING (Evidence against co-accused) 2016 NICC 18Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE10120Final.htm 37 KB
29 Sep 2016R v Louis Maguire and Christopher Power 2016 NICC 14Deeny J Word Download - DEE10109Final - Approved.doc 98 KBPDF Download - DEE10109Final - Approved.pdf 125 KB
27 Sep 2016Fennell’s (Damien) Application 2016 NIQB 78Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10058Final.htm 19 KB
22 Sep 2016McCarthy (Cain) v The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland 2016 NICA 36Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA10025Final.htm 72 KB
22 Sep 2016R v Maguire (Louis) & Power (Christopher) - Ruling (Prison confession)2016 NICC 17Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE10116Final.htm 60 KB
22 Sep 2016Duffy’s (Colin) Application 2016 NIQB 77Weatherup LJ Word Download - WEA10027Final-PUBLISH.doc 105 KBPDF Download - WEA10027Final-PUBLISH.pdf 132 KB
20 Sep 2016Deery (Mark) v Deery (James) and Graham (Laura) 2016 NICh 11Horner J Word Download - HOR10036Final - PUBLISH.doc 84 KBPDF Download - HOR10036Final - PUBLISH.pdf 109 KB
19 Sep 2016R v D 2016 NICC 12His Honour Judge Marrinan HTML Download - j_j_2016NICC12Final.htm 119 KB
19 Sep 2016Ardbana Services Limited v O'Kane & Devine Construction Limited 2016 NICh 13Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR10035Final.htm 40 KB
16 Sep 2016R v Donnelly (Mark) 2016 NICC 11Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10051Final.htm 35 KB
16 Sep 2016R v Hughes (Connor) 2016 NICC 13Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10057Final.htm 22 KB
15 Sep 2016R v Noor (Ahmed) 2016 NICC 10McBride JHTML Download - j_j_MCB10050Final.htm 52 KB
14 Sep 2016T v The Superior General of the Sisters of Nazareth & Others 2016 NIMaster 10Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster10final.htm 32 KB
12 Sep 2016Swift Advances PLC v Cully (David) 2016 NIMaster 11Master HardstaffHTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster11Final.htm 65 KB
09 Sep 2016Leonard (Martha Elizabeth Philomena) v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Ministry of Defence 2016 NIMaster 9Master McCorry HTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster9final.htm 88 KB
09 Sep 2016Morrison’s (Elizabeth) Application 2016 NIQB 72Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10043Final.htm 51 KB
09 Sep 2016Canning’s (Marvin) Application 2016 NIQB 73Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10044Final.htm 52 KB
09 Sep 2016Maloney’s (Peter) Application 2016 NIQB 74Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10013Final.htm 56 KB
09 Sep 2016AY v Facebook (Ireland) Limited & Others 2016 NIQB 76Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10055Final.htm 34 KB
05 Sep 2016GK (a minor) by her father and next friend GK2016 NICty 3District Judge GilpinHTML Download - j_j_2016NICty3Final.htm 86 KB
05 Sep 2016ZH v Mr and Mrs H and A Health and Social Care Trust 2016 NIFam 6Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10042Final.htm 61 KB
03 Sep 2016The Queen v Dolores Savage and Samuel Noel Savage2016 NICC 21Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9974Final.htm 75 KB
22 Aug 2016EDEN (NI) Limited and Mallaghan Engineering Limited v Mills Selig, A Firm 2016 NIQB 71Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9993Final.htm 87 KB
11 Aug 2016D McA v A Health and Social Care Trust and BT v A Health and Social Care Trust 2016 NIFam 7Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10033Final.htm 99 KB
09 Aug 2016Coulter (Robert James Gordon) v Sunday Newspapers Limited 2016 NIQB 70Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10039Final.htm 125 KB
08 Aug 2016Austin (Mark) v The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland 2016 NIQB 68Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10003Final-PUBLISH.htm 63 KB
08 Aug 2016Loney (Amy-Lee) (A Minor) By McAlinden (Brenda) Her Mother and Next Friend v McDonald (Rory) and Motor Insurers Bureau2016 NIQB 69Stephens J Word Download - STE9991Final - Approved.doc 90 KBPDF Download - STE9991Final - Approved.pdf 124 KB
01 Aug 2016The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland v McFeely (Conal Derek) and McFeely (Gerard Noel) 2016 NICA 34Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR10038Final.htm 44 KB
22 Jul 2016R v Magill (Jason) 2016 NICA 35Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI10031Final.htm 49 KB
21 Jul 2016TG and A Health and Social Care Trust, Mr G v In the Matter of T, K, KE, H and S 2016 NIFam 5Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10030Final.htm 75 KB
15 Jul 2016R v Armstrong (Albert) 2016 NICC 15Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10112Final.htm 29 KB
08 Jul 2016MB’s Application 2016 NIQB 75Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG10028Final.htm 65 KB
08 Jul 2016Graham (Robert) v Domzala (Peter) Trading as LPG Systems Installations and Vehicle Diagnostics 2016 NIQB 79Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10016Final.htm 47 KB
05 Jul 2016A Health and Social Care Trust and JK, AD and In the Matter of AR 2016 NIFam 4Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE10029Final.htm 58 KB
04 Jul 2016R v Vance (Wesley) and Todd (Stephanie) 2016 NICC 8Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL10017Final.htm 92 KB
01 Jul 2016R v William Turner, James Turner and Christian Walker2016 NICC 24Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE10040Final.htm 44 KB
01 Jul 2016Northstone (NI) Limited v Department for Regional Development (Transport NI)2016 NIQB 65Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10024Final.htm 33 KB
30 Jun 2016R v Torley (Larry) 2016 NICA 29Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10019Final.htm 27 KB
30 Jun 2016Northern Ireland Renewables Limited v Carey (Harry) 2016 NICA 30Weatherup LJ Word Download - WEA10002Final-PUBLISH.doc 101 KBPDF Download - WEA10002Final-PUBLISH.pdf 133 KB
30 Jun 2016R v Valliday (Julie Ann), Valliday (Charles Stephen) and Valliday (James John) 2016 NICC 6Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE10020Final.htm 32 KB
30 Jun 2016Stevenson’s (Ryan) Application 2016 NIQB 67Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9950Final.htm 29 KB
29 Jun 2016Bank of Scotland PLC v v Charles Christopher Mallon By Liam J Mallon his Apppointed Attorney and Liam J Mallon 2016 NICA 28Weir LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEI10011Final.htm 30 KB
28 Jun 2016Northern Bank Limited v Colm McAuley and Ann McAuley2016 NICh 20Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR10153Final.htm 30 KB
28 Jun 2016WHSCT v N and M 2016 NIFam 11McBride J Word Download - MCB10009Final - Approved.doc 138 KBPDF Download - MCB10009Final - Approved.pdf 170 KB
28 Jun 2016Julie Ann Cooper v Jacqueline Byford and Abbey National PLC (No. 2) 2016 NIQB 63Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE10015Final.htm 39 KB
28 Jun 2016Higgins (Simone Kathleen) and Lee (Anthony) V The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland 2016 NIQB 81Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE10053Final.htm 131 KB
24 Jun 2016Doherty’s (Edmund) Application 2016 NIQB 62Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9998Final.htm 80 KB
21 Jun 2016F P McCANN Limited v The Department for Regional Development 2016 NICh 12Colton JHTML Download - j_j_COL9961Final.htm 130 KB
20 Jun 2016Glen Water Limited v Northern Ireland Water Limited 2016 NIQB 55Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE10004Final.htm 32 KB
20 Jun 2016EC v Sunday Newspapers Limited 2016 NIQB 61Stephens J Word Download - STE10014Final.doc 68 KB
17 Jun 2016R v Mahoney (Paul) 2016 NICA 27Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR10007Final.htm 42 KB
17 Jun 2016R v Evans (Alun Kinney) 2016 NICC 22Treacy J Word Download - TRE10163Final - Approved.doc 85 KBPDF Download - TRE10163Final - Approved.pdf 117 KB
17 Jun 2016Olalekan’s (Kwolawole Sharafadeen) Application 2016 NIQB 57Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9995Final.htm 72 KB
17 Jun 2016Mulhern’s (Francis) Application (Leave stage) 2016 NIQB 59Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9964Final.htm 37 KB
15 Jun 2016MM v BC, RS and Facebook Ireland Limited 2016 NIQB 60Stephen's J HTML Download - j_j_STE10008Final.htm 21 KB
14 Jun 2016Environgreen Polymers Limited’s Application 2016 NICA 32Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9963Final.htm 67 KB
14 Jun 2016Neeson’s (Martin) Application 2016 NIQB 58Maguire J Word Download - MAG9955Final.doc 100 KB
09 Jun 2016Hurl (Colm) v Lupari (Emmanuel) and Kennedy (James B) Trustee in Bankruptcy of Emmanuel Lupari 2016 NIQB 53Deeny J Word Download - DEE9999Final.doc 72 KB
08 Jun 2016The Board of Governors of the Campbell College v Independent News and Media (Northern Ireland) Limited 2016 NIQB 51Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9994Final.htm 21 KB
08 Jun 2016Murray (Megan) v McCullough (Mark) as Nominee on Behalf of the Trustees and on Behalf of the Board of Governors of Rainey Endowed School 2016 NIQB 52Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9907Final.htm 46 KB
03 Jun 2016McKenzie (Desmond) v McKenzie (Eileen) and others 2016 NICh 10Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9960Final-PUBLISH.htm 23 KB
03 Jun 2016The Official Receiver for Northern Ireland v Patrick Doyle 2016 NIMaster 7Master Kelly HTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster7Final.htm 28 KB
02 Jun 2016Galo (Patrick) v Bombardier Aerospace UK 2016 NICA 25Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9979Final-PUBLISH.htm 74 KB
02 Jun 2016Capital Home Loans Limited v Liam Joseph Vallely practising as Liam Vallely & Co, solicitors 2016 NIMaster 3Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster3Final.htm 42 KB
01 Jun 2016Flanagan (Philip) v AIG (Europe) Limited 2016 NIQB 49Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9893Final.htm 61 KB
31 May 2016R v Mitchell (Angeline) 2016 NICC 4Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9984Final.htm 26 KB
27 May 2016Hoy's (Gary) Application 2016 NICA 23Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9990Final.htm 80 KB
27 May 2016Linton Scott's (Robert) Application 2016 NIQB 54Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9997Final.htm 34 KB
26 May 2016R v McKeown (Patricia) 2016 NICA 24Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9977Final.htm 42 KB
26 May 2016Republic of Poland V Zbigniew Malachowski 2016 NICty 2Her Honour Judge SmythHTML Download - j_j_2016NICty2final.htm 67 KB
26 May 2016McCafferty (Terence Damien Patrick) v Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 2016 NIQB 47Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9987Final-PUBLISH.htm 71 KB
26 May 2016Beattie (Ellen) (A Minor) by Beattie (Anne) Her Mother and Next Friend v Holland (Eric)2016 NIQB 50McBride JHTML Download - j_j_MCB9989Final.htm 14 KB
23 May 2016Northern Ireland Water Limited v Chivers (Liam) and Chivers (Brenda) 2016 NICA 22Weir LJHTML Download - j_j_WEI9972Final.htm 74 KB
20 May 2016Belkovic (Marek) v Dr Toal and BHST 2016 NIQB 48Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9985Final.htm 28 KB
18 May 2016Sands (Rosemary (Rosie) v Hamilton (Stephen) 2016 NIQB 44Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9945Final.htm 149 KB
17 May 2016Moreland's (Marc) Application 2016 NIQB 45Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9975Final.htm 30 KB
17 May 2016McTasney's (Thomas) Application 2016 NIQB 46Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9973Final.htm 43 KB
13 May 2016In the matter of Maurice Muldoon - Petitioning Debtor 2016 NIMaster 5Master Kelly Word Download - 2016NIMaster5final.doc 109 KB
11 May 2016Gallagher's (Lorraine) Application 2016 NIQB 43Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9951Final.htm 137 KB
10 May 2016R v Ace Bates Skip Hire Limited, Bates (Thomas) & Bates (Gary)2016 NICC 3Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9957Final.htm 57 KB
10 May 2016Mullan’s (Seamus James Francis) Application 2016 NIQB 42Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9969Final.htm 95 KB
05 May 2016Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC v McLaughlin (Dermot) 2016 NICA 33Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9937Final.htm 22 KB
03 May 2016The Attorney General For Northern Ireland and Robert Crawford and The Charity Commissioner For Northern Ireland 2016 NICh 8Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9958Final.htm 38 KB
27 Apr 2016C and D, Children, In the Matter of the Adoption (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 2016 NIFam 3O'Hara J Word Download - OHA9933Final.doc 104 KB
25 Apr 2016R v McCaughern (Desmond Paul) 2016 NICC 5Judge Marrinan HTML Download - j_j_2016NICC5Final.htm 86 KB
22 Apr 2016Ulster Bank Limited v Finnegan and Finnegan2016 NIQB 40Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9891final.htm 117 KB
22 Apr 2016Balogun’s (Saheed) Application 2016 NIQB 41Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9948Final.htm 31 KB
19 Apr 2016Cook’s (Jonathan) Application Judicial Review 2016 NIQB 38Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9946Final.htm 32 KB
18 Apr 2016Wu’s (Jun) Application 2016 NIQB 34Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9939Final.htm 46 KB
15 Apr 2016Bradley (Eileen) (as personal representative of Susan Brown deceased) v The Governor of the Bank of Ireland 2016 NIMaster 6Master Hardstaff HTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster6Final.htm 66 KB
13 Apr 2016R v John Graham  Her Honour Judge Smyth HTML Download - j_j_2016NICC7Final.htm 85 KB
12 Apr 2016R v McDonald 2016 NICA 21Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA9926Final.htm 64 KB
12 Apr 2016Cooper and Byford and Abbey National PLC 2016 NIQB 33Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9930Final.htm 62 KB
08 Apr 2016Hoy’s (Gary) Application 2016 NIQB 66Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9940Final.htm 130 KB
07 Apr 2016Magee’s (Gerard) Application 2016 NICA 19Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9931Final-PUBLISH.htm 81 KB
05 Apr 2016Pauline Argue and Northern Ireland Housing Executive2016 NICA 18Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9914Final-PUBLISH.htm 56 KB
05 Apr 2016S and S and ES 2016 NIFam 2Keegan JHTML Download - j_j_KEE9918Final.htm 49 KB
04 Apr 2016Gordon (Margaret Roseanna) v McKillens (Ballymena) Limited2016 NIQB 32Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9924Final.htm 55 KB
24 Mar 2016Mullan (John Joseph) and Others v Duffy (Colm) and Others 2016 NICh 7Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9908Final.htm 64 KB
24 Mar 2016Jahany’s (Anoshervan) Application 2016 NIQB 35Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9857Final.htm 59 KB
24 Mar 2016Glass (Margaret Jayne) and Donnelly (Paul) 2016 NIQB 36Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9853Final.htm 72 KB
21 Mar 2016Murphy’s (Gerard) Application2016 NIQB 30Keegan JHTML Download - j_j_KEE9920Final.htm 48 KB
16 Mar 2016Queen v Sean Ruddy 2016 NICA 17McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB9900Final.htm 35 KB
16 Mar 2016In the matter of an Application by JR 65 for Judicial Review2016 NICA 20Morgan LCJ HTML Download - 2016 NICA 20Final.htm 204 KB
16 Mar 2016McNally (Louis) v Malachy McGowan and Frank McGowan 2016 NIQB 31Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9929Final.htm 27 KB
15 Mar 2016Flannigan’s Application2016 NIQB 27Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9921Final.htm 82 KB
14 Mar 2016The Department of Education and Maighread Cunningham (A Minor) by her mother and next friend Breda Cunningham2016 NICA 12Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9815Final.htm 146 KB
14 Mar 2016Dillon, Sean and The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland 2016 NICA 15Weatherup LJ HTML Download - j_j_WEA9858Final-PUBLISH.htm 57 KB
14 Mar 2016O'Reilly, Sean and The Public Prosecution Service 2016 NICA 16Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9866Final-PUBLISH.htm 46 KB
14 Mar 2016McCluskey, Angela and ST Patrick's Archdiocesan Trust Limited2016 NIQB 28Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9909Final.htm 50 KB
11 Mar 2016Cunningham, Ciaran v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2016 NIQB 25Colton JHTML Download - j_j_COL9912Final.htm 36 KB
11 Mar 2016The Minister of Enterprise Trade and Investment’s Application2016 NIQB 26Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9919Final-PUBLISH.htm 83 KB
08 Mar 2016Boyes, Edward Thomas Stephen and Ulster Bank Limited 2016 NICh 6Keegan J HTML Download - j_j_KEE9903Final.htm 38 KB
07 Mar 2016The Queen v David Taylor2016 NICA 10Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9913Final-PUBLISH.htm 33 KB
07 Mar 2016PPS and Jamie Bryson 2016 NICA 11Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9910Final-PUBLISH.htm 45 KB
07 Mar 2016The Director of Public Prosecutions V Patrick Stephen Douglas2016 NICA 14Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA9807Final-PUBLISH.htm 65 KB
04 Mar 2016The Queen V John Paul Braniff2016 NICA 9Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9905Final-PUBLISH.htm 38 KB
04 Mar 2016Flynn, John and The Chief Constable of the Police Services of Northern Ireland2016 NIQB 24Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9898Final.htm 59 KB
03 Mar 2016D and D 2016 NIMaster 2Master Bell Word Download - 2016NIMaster2Final.doc 85 KB
03 Mar 2016In the matter of an Application by Conal Corbitt for Judicial Review2016 NIQB 23Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9904Final-PUBLISH.htm 28 KB
02 Mar 2016Eddie Ritchie and Dr Henry Mckee, Dr S J Kyle, Dr Deirdre Savage, Dr David W Mccomb, J Macmahon and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust2016 NICA 8Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9906Final.htm 33 KB
01 Mar 2016HK v Department of Justice (No. 2) 2016 NIQB 101Stephens J Other Download - STE9564(No.2)Final - Approved.doc 81 KBOther Download - STE9564(No.2)Final - Approved.pdf 107 KB
29 Feb 2016The Queen v Heather Ramsey2016 NICA 13Weatherup LJHTML Download - j_j_WEA9850Final.htm 48 KB
26 Feb 2016KC’s Application2016 NIQB 29Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG9796Final.htm 104 KB
23 Feb 2016RLC (a protected person) by KN her sister and next friend v Regional Health and Social Services Board2016 NIQB 21Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9901Final.htm 18 KB
19 Feb 2016HW’s Application 2016 NIQB 18Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9882Final.htm 90 KB
19 Feb 2016McCord’s Application2016 NIQB 19Colton J HTML Download - j_j_COL9885Final.htm 65 KB
17 Feb 2016Carlin (Thomas Anthony, In the matter of And Order 52 Rules of the Court of Judicature (NI) Order 1980 and an application by the Attorney General 2016 NIQB 17Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9896Final.htm 51 KB
16 Feb 2016CPNI's Application (No. 3) 2016 NIQB 14Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9895Final.htm 70 KB
16 Feb 2016Weir, Maurice and The Countryside Alliance Limited2016 NIQB 16McBride JHTML Download - j_j_MCB9881Final.htm 87 KB
15 Feb 2016Capital Home Loans Limited and Hewitt and Gilpin Solicitors Limited (sued as a firm) 2016 NIQB 13Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9872Final.htm 85 KB
12 Feb 2016O’Hare’s (Tony) Application2016 NIQB 20Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9855Final.htm 84 KB
11 Feb 2016H v H2016 NICA 6Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9862Final-PUBLISH.htm 33 KB
09 Feb 2016McLaughlin’s (Siobhan) Application2016 NIQB 11Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9883Final.htm 158 KB
08 Feb 2016McDaid’s (John) Application2016 NICA 5Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9860Final-PUBLISH.htm 50 KB
05 Feb 2016McDonald (Herbert) v Eastonville Traders Limited2016 NICh 4Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9889Final.htm 42 KB
05 Feb 2016Arthurs (Patrick) as personal representative of Declan Arthurs (deceased) v Ministry of Defence and Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2016 NIMaster 1Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2016NIMaster1Final.htm 103 KB
05 Feb 2016Tiernan’s (Francis) Application (Leave Stage)2016 NIQB 10Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9868Final.htm 35 KB
05 Feb 2016NIACRO’S Application - Leave stage2016 NIQB 22Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9864Final.htm 39 KB
04 Feb 2016Duffin (Elizabeth), James Crawford and Mary Agnes Dempsey as personal representatives of David Chesney, deceased v Elaine Mary McElhill, Heather Anne Chesney, Richard James Dempsey, Hilary Anne Campbell, Melissa Anne Hadfield, John Crawford and David Chesney and David Duffin and James L Russell, Jacqueline J S Russell and Helen M S Russell T/A James L Russell L& Son2016 NICh 5Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9854Final-PUBLISH.htm 50 KB
04 Feb 2016In the Matter of 28 Wellesley Avenue, Belfast, Farrell (Keith) and Farrell (Catherine) v Brien (Simon) and Mallon (Martin) and In the Matter of 5 Dunluce Avenue, Belfast, (Farrell (Keith) and Farrell (Brian) v Brien (Simon) and Mallon (Martin) 2016 NICh 9McBride J HTML Download - j_j_MCB9873Final.htm 38 KB