Useful Information

Newtownards Courthouse


The courthouse is located in Regent Street.


The bus station is approximately 200 yards from the courthouse. For information about
bus timetables contact Translink on 028 9066
6630 or

Car parking

There is no car parking at the courthouse, but there are car parks close by in Mill Street and East Street.

Opening hours

The building is open from 9.00am. The office
is open to the public from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The courts generally start at 10.30am, stopping for lunch around 1.00pm and resuming at 2.00pm, until the daily business
is finished.

Refreshment & other facilities

There are vending machines on the ground
floor, providing confectionary, cold and hot drinks. There is also a range of coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Mobile Phones and Photographic equipment

Care must be taken in the use of mobile
phones whilst in the precincts of the court. It is prohibited to use any photographic or
recording device within the court building and
the area immediately surrounding it. Some mobile phones are capable of performing this function and therefore you are advised not to use mobile phones for this purpose whilst attending court. Mobile phones must be switched off before entering a courtroom.

Witness Service

If you are a victim or witness for the
prosecution, Victim Support Northern Ireland offers a Witness Service at all the Crown and Magistrate' Courts.
Before the Trial: opportunity to talk to someone; pre-trial familiarisation visit to court; information on court procedures.
During the Trial: safe waiting area; liaison with court officers and legal representatives; arrangements for witnesses with special needs; accompanying witnesses into court.
After the Trial: preparing victims for case outcome; encouraging continued contact with Victim Support Community Service; referral on to other agencies.

Witness & Child waiting areas A room can be made available for vulnerable or intimidated witnesses or

for child witnesses while they are waiting to give evidence. If this facility is required please contact Customer Service Officer in advance.

Help and information

The staff in the main office on the first floor will help with any queries you may have. There is a notice board in the
waiting area between Courts 1 and 2, which displays lists of the daily business. If you require additional information or need to meet someone on arrival, you
can get help from the reception desk or court office. This will be available from
9.30am each court day. If you have not already done so, you may wish to contact a solicitor before coming to court.
Please note that you must attend court at the time you have been given, although you may not be called until after this. If you feel you have been waiting too long, please contact a court official.

Useful Information

Newtownards Courthouse

Do you have a disability or a special need?

If you have a disability or a special need,
please contact the Disability Liaison officer or the Customer Service Officer who will provide you with information on the facilities available. All courtrooms in Newtownards have induction loop systems, and our leaflets can also be made available in large print.

Giving Evidence

If you are aged 14 or over and have to give
evidence in court, you will be required either to take a religious oath or 'affirm' that you will tell the truth. The court clerk will ask you which method you want to use, and invite you to repeat after them the appropriate words. A religious oath is a sworn promise to tell the truth and is made on a holy book. An affirmation is a declaration to tell the truth but it is not sworn on a holy book.

Contact information

For further information please contact:

T he Customer Service Officer

The Courthouse, Regent Street, Newtownards BT23 4LP

Telephone: 028 9182 4609


T h e D isability Liaison Officer

The Courthouse, Regent Street, Newtownards BT23 4LP

Telephone: 028 9182 4611


This information sheet will be made available in a range of alternat i ve formats. Requests for alternative formats should be made to Central Management Team. For further information

on other courthouses please contact:

NI Courts and Tribunals Service Central Management Team Laganside House,

Oxford Street, Belfast BT1 3LA

Telephone: 030 0200 7812

Facsimile: 028 9072 8945


The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service is committed to improving its quality of service to all court users. By making comments about our services, you enable us to improve

them. By making a complaint, you enable us to put things right.