Complaints Procedure




The Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal (NIVT) was established on 1st April 2007 to hear and determine appeals against new capital values for property in Northern

Ireland in respect of domestic rates.

The NIVT Office was set up to provide administration and support to the tribunal. Please note this procedure does not deal with complaints about the behaviour of

tribunal members, including the chairman. Such complaints should be sent to the

NIVT President, care of the NIVT office as outlined below.


Our Commitment


We are committed to providing all our customers with a high standard of service. Complaints about any aspect of our service are welcomed and are dealt with in a positive way. By making a complaint we believe you can help us to improve our services.


We will fully and fairly investigate every complaint and give an explanation of the circumstances.


If a mistake has been made we will apologise and try to put things right as soon as we can. We have procedures in place that are designed to ensure that information is obtained in the shortest possible time and that replies are issued within set time scales.


What is a complaint?


For us a complaint is an oral or written expression of dissatisfaction with the standard of service provided. Typical examples are allegations of rudeness or unsatisfactory service.


Complaints can be made by appellants (or their representatives) and any other party that interacts with the NIVT office.


How to complain


If you are dissatisfied with the administrative service you can either complain immediately to the tribunal clerk or at a later date in person, by telephone, letter or email. In some cases the complaint may be dealt with verbally.


It would be helpful if you complained as soon as possible after the alleged incident. In all cases you should complain within six months of you first knowing about the problem. But, if there is a good reason, the NIVT may extend this time limit.

Full contact details are outlined below.


How the procedures work


It is possible that the clerk or the person you are dealing with can sometimes resolve your complaint informally and quickly. However, if you prefer or are still not satisfied, you can contact the Complaints Officer, using the contact details outlined below.


The Complaints Officer will arrange for your complaint to be investigated and a reply issued. If you are dissatisfied with the reply you can contact the Complaints Officer again who can refer your case to the Head of Tribunals in the Northern Ireland Courts

& Tribunals Service (NICTS), who will arrange for your complaint to be reviewed and a further reply issued.


In all cases your complaint will be:


acknowledged within 3 working days;

investigated thoroughly;

treated confidentially; and

replied to within 10 working days. (If an unavoidable delay occurs we will let you know the reason why and advise when a final reply might be expected).


Customer dissatisfaction with reply


If you are not satisfied with the way the NIVT and/or the NICTS has handled your complaint or with any of the replies from us you can ask your MP/MLA to refer your complaint to the Assembly Ombudsman.


The Ombudsman is independent and can investigate complaints against government departments. The Ombudsman will normally expect you to have used our complaints procedure before considering your complaint.


Contact Information


Mark Radcliffe

Complaints Officer

Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal

2nd Floor, Royal Courts of Justice

Chichester Street




Tel: 0300 200 7812

Fax: 028 9031 3510





By examining your complaints we will be able to identify any weakness in our procedures. This will enable us to take remedial action and improve the services we provide for you.


NI Courts & Tribunals Service

Information Centre

Laganside House

23-25 Oxford Street

Belfast BT2 7LT


Telephone: 028 9032 8594

Fax: 028 9041 2390

Textphone: 028 9041 2920




The Northern Ireland Courts & Tribunals Service is committed to improving its quality of service to all court users. By making comments about our services, you enable us to improve them. By making a complaint, you enable us to put things right.