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Whatever way you have chosen to have your appeal dealt with, either in writing (written representations) or through personal attendance at a hearing, the tribunal can only come to a decision based on the evidence presented to it. As is the case with most appeals the “burden of proof” is upon you as appellant. This means it is up to you to show why the disputed decision is wrong.


You will need to put evidence before the tribunal which will establish the facts, figures, dates, etc supporting your case. The type of evidence submitted will depend on the nature of the appeal, but should always be as relevant, accessible, authoritative, timely and reliable as possible. Suggested examples have been outlined below. It is

your responsibility to ensure that any documents, or more rarely witnesses, you intend to produce in support of your appeal are available to the NIVT.


As vital as it is that you provide the tribunal with all appropriate information at your disposal it is equally important that you forward this information to the NIVT office as early as possible. It should be noted especially that if attending in person documents and/or evidence not previously disclosed (to the other party or the NIVT) but presented at the hearing can result in the case being adjourned to allow the other party time to respond.


Suggested Examples:


The examples are meant as a guide only and should not be taken as being either exhaustive or definitive.


Example 1


For a ‘Form appeal to the NIVT, where a review of a decision that a person is not entitled to a rebate for a property with disabled facilities is disputed, suitable evidence to submit should include:


a) A report (or reports) from a health care professional eg a General Practitioner, Social Worker, etc setting out in some detail the specific extent of the disability in question


b) A similar report (or reports) setting out how the disability in question impacts on accommodation needs within the specific property


c) A detailed description of how the property has been adapted to meet the specific needs of the individual(s) with the disability in question


d) Copies of correspondence between the appellant and Land & Property Services

Example 2


For a ‘Form appeal to the NIVT, where a person is aggrieved by a decision or alteration made by the Commissioner of Valuations, suitable evidence to submit should include:


a) A reasoned argument set out in appropriate detail


b) Supporting documentation, images and/or information which are of a sufficient standard and reliability


c) Comparisons with appropriate properties to effectively support the appeal and as required challenge those comparables relied on by the Commissioner


d) Copies of correspondence between the appellant and Land & Property Services and

Commissioner’s office


It may also be useful to access the Land & Property Servicesearch facility for the domestic capital value list. This is a resource open to the public and allows for the comparison of valuations. The search facility is available on the Land & Property Servicewebsite (at www.lpsni.gov.uk) or through the link below:




Please contact the NIVT office for help and advice on this or any other aspect of your appeal using the contact details listed below.


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