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Useful Information Leaflets

This section has been developed to provide you with a list of leaflets that contain useful information about going to Court.

Please click on the relevant title to view the documents. You may also click on the heading of each column to sort by Date, Title, Summary or Status.

If you wish to search for a particular publication please type keywords into the Search box on the top right-hand side of the screen. This will search the entire website. Please click here for further help on searching.

Documents published on this site before 12 April 2010 are designated as "pre-devolution". Some are of an historical nature and will remain unchanged as they are provided solely for reference.

Information leaflets about how to use Courts and Tribunals services which still carry our old title and logo are in the process of being renamed and re-branded. We would wish to make clear that the material they contain is still valid. We thank you for your co-operation during this updating process.

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25 May 2017Single Jurisdiction Online ACD GuideSingle Jurisdiction Online ACD GuideLivePDF Download - Single Jurisdiction Internet Info Agreed_updated.pdf 1103 KBExcel Download - online ACD Guide - Version 2 - 020517.xlsx 96 KB
08 Feb 2017Do I have to pay fees? - A Guide for Court and Tribunal Users on Exemption and Remission of FeesThis booklet provides information regarding the payment of court fees and situations were help may be available with paying fees. LivePDF Download - Court _ Tribunal Fees - Do I have to pay them.pdf 156 KB
06 Mar 2014High Court (Northern Ireland) Minor’s Payment Out applicationsIf the High Court (Northern Ireland) awards compensation to a minor, it is not paid directly to him or her. The money is held instead by the Court Funds Office (a department in the court) until the minor is 18. In certain circumstances the court will pay out some of the compensation for the benefit of the minor before he or she reaches 18. This leaflet explains when and how an application for such a payment may be made.February 2014HTML Download - High Court (Northern Ireland) minor’s payment out applications.htm 82 KBPDF Download - p_uil_Apply-for-pay-from-minors-fund.pdf 291 KB
24 Feb 2014The Youth Court - a guide for children and young peopleThis booklet is designed to give children and young people who have been summonsed (called) to appear at the youth court some information about what to expect at the youth court.February 2014HTML Download - Youth-Court-Guide-Child-Young-People.html 18 KBPDF Download - Youth-Court-Guide-Child-Young-People.pdf 938 KB
24 Feb 2014The Youth Court - A guide for parents and guardiansThis booklet provides guidance to help explain what happens in the youth court and what to expect if a child in your care has been summonsed to the youth court.February 2014HTML Download - the-Youth-Court-parents-guide.html 20 KBPDF Download - the-Youth-Court-parents-guide.pdf 450 KB
19 Jul 2013A guide to Bail applications (Simplified Chinese)关于保释申请的指南 这个指南说明了在北爱尔兰当一位成年人于被控告犯有刑事罪行之下向法庭申请保释的法律和程序。 April 2013HTML Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Chinese.html 23 KBPDF Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Chinese.pdf 307 KB
19 Jul 2013A guide to Bail applications (Lithuanian)Prašymo paleisti už užstatą teikimo vadovas Šiame vadove paaiškinami Šiaurės Airijoje galiojantys įstatymai ir procedūros kai suaugęs asmuo, kaltinamas įvykdęs kriminalinį nusikaltimą, prašo teismo paleisti už užstatą.April 2013HTML Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Lithuanian.html 16 KBPDF Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Lithuanian.pdf 229 KB
19 Jul 2013A guide to Bail applications (Polish)Przewodnik po wnioskach o uchylenie aresztu Niniejszy przewodnik zawiera wyjaśnienia prawne oraz opis procedury obowiązującej w Irlandii Północnej w przypadkach, gdzie osoba dorosła, oskarżona o popełnienie przestępstwa, zwraca się do sądu o uchylenie aresztu.April 2013HTML Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Polish.html 15 KBPDF Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications-Polish.pdf 232 KB
01 May 2013The Youth Court - Guidelines for Operation and Layout in Northern Ireland This document is the revised guidelines for the operation of Youth Courts in Northern Ireland and it brings up to date those issued in 2006. It takes into account the outcome of a comprehensive review of the Youth Justice system in particular having regard to the on-going need to ensure that the rights of children are maintained as paramount and that our youth courts are fully compliant with ECHR fair trial provisions.April 2013HTML Download - the-Youth-Court.html 26 KBPDF Download - The-Youth-Court.pdf 463 KB
19 Apr 2013A guide to Bail applicationsThis guide explains the law and procedure in Northern Ireland where an adult charged with a criminal offence applies to a court to be released on bail. Note - Different laws apply where the person charged is a child under 18 or where the application is for temporary release on ‘compassionate bail’ - this guide does not deal with either of those situationsApril 2013HTML Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications.html 13 KBPDF Download - A-guide-to-Bail-applications.pdf 364 KB
31 Jan 2013Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal - How to AppealThis booklet explains the circumstances in which you can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal and how your appeal will be dealt with.January 2013HTML Download - p_uil_SENDIST-How-to-Appeal.html 59 KBPDF Download - p_uil_SENDIST-How-to-Appeal.pdf 505 KB
16 Nov 2012Removal of Bodies on Behalf of the CoronerInformation for PSNI & Funeral Directors on the Removal of Bodies on behalf of the Coroner HTML Download - p_uil_Removal-of-Bodies-behalf-Coroner.html 9 KBPDF Download - p_uil_Removal-of-Bodies-behalf-Coroner.pdf 167 KB
31 Oct 2012Children and the Family CourtsThis booklet is for anyone who thinks that a court should make a decision about a child. In this booklet ‘child' usually means someone who is under 18. The courts make most decisions about children using a law known as the Children (NI) Order 1995.October 2012HTML Download - p_uil_Children_and_family_courts.html 28 KBPDF Download - Children and family courts - FINAL web.pdf 282 KB
28 Oct 2012The Coroners Service CharterThis Coroners Service Charter sets out the standards of service that bereaved family members, witnesses and other properly interested persons can expect to receive from the Coroners Service in Northern Ireland.LiveHTML Download - p_uil_Coroners_Charter.htm 12 KBPDF Download - Coroners-Service-Charter.pdf 569 KB
01 Oct 2012 Handbook for Controllers appointed under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986A Controller is a person appointed by the Court to deal with the day-to-day management of the Patient’s financial affairs. He or she can be a relative, a friend, or perhaps a professional adviser. The booklet provides guidance for persons appointed as a Controller under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986. Updated September 2014.HTML Download - p_uil_handbook4controllers.html 57 KBPDF Download - Handbook for Controllers.pdf 304 KB
05 Sep 2012A guide to proceedings in the High Court for people without a legal representativeThis guide, including a glossary of regularly used legal terms, provides some very basic information about court rules and procedure to assist those who find themselves in the position of starting or continuing litigation without legal representation. PDF Download - Personal Litigants Guide_2017.pdf 807 KB
31 May 2012Attending as a Defendant in a Criminal CourtThis leaflet gives you an insight into what to expect when attending as a defendant in a criminal court.May 2012HTML Download - p_uil_attending_as_a_defendant_in_a_criminal_court.htm 17 KBPDF Download - Attending-as-a-Defendant.pdf 305 KB
09 Jan 2012Making a Complaint - A Guide for Children and Young PeopleThe Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service is committed to providing a quality service to all customers. This young persons guide gives advice on how to make a complaint about the service you receive.LiveHTML Download - Making a complaint - A guide for children and young people.htm 11 KBPDF Download - Making a complaint - A guide for children and young people.pdf 3118 KB
30 Nov 2011Customers with DisabilitiesAll our customers are entitled to fair participation and equality of opportunity in relation to all our services HTML Download - Customers-with-Disabilities.html 10 KBPDF Download - Customers-with-Disabilities.pdf 357 KB
30 Nov 2011NI Health & Safety TribunalNIHAST is an independent tribunal set up within the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service to consider and determine appeals against decisions made by the licensing authority for petroleum or asbestos control.November 2011Word Download - Health and Safety Tribunal-Web.docx 147 KBPDF Download - Health and Safety Tribunal-Web.pdf 200 KB
15 Sep 2011Alternatives to Court in Northern IrelandThis booklet gives you an outline of alternative methods of resolving disputes other than using the courts. Please view the document in a PDF format by clicking this link. LiveHTML Download - link-to-Alternatives-to-Court-in-NI.htm 3 KB
29 Jul 2011Small Claims Guide A guide to the small claims procedure and amended formsLivePDF Download - Small Claims Guide.pdf 843 KB
14 Jul 2011Pensions Appeal Commissioners The Pensions Appeal Commissioners are responsible for dealing with applications for permission to appeal and appeals from Pensions Appeal Tribunals under the Armed Forces Compensation and War Pensions legislation.LiveHTML Download - p_uil_PAC_leaflet.html 13 KBPDF Download - p_uil_PAC_leaflet.pdf 299 KB
14 Jul 2011Social Security and Child Support Commissioners The Social Security and Child Support Commissioners are responsible for dealing with applications for permission to appeal and appeals from social security appeal tribunals and child support appeal tribunals. The Commissioners also have jurisdiction to deal with questions arising under the Forfeiture (Northern Ireland) Order 1982.LiveHTML Download - p_uil_OSSC_leaflet.html 12 KBPDF Download - p_uil_OSSC_leaflet.pdf 251 KB
14 Jul 2011Attending as a Witness in a Criminal Court This booklet gives a brief outline of the criminal courts and the procedured involved when attending as a witness.September 2013HTML Download - p_uil_attend-witness-criminal-court.html 18 KBPDF Download - p_uil_attend-witness-criminal-court.pdf 274 KB
30 Jun 2011Lands Tribunal for Northern IrelandThe Lands Tribunal is an expert tribunal established by the Lands Tribunal & Compensation Act (NI) 1964.June 2011HTML Download - p_uil_lands_tribunal.htm 11 KBPDF Download - Lands-Tribunal-for-NI.pdf 215 KB
31 May 2011The Work of the Pension Appeals TribunalThese Tribunals deal with appeals against certain decisions the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency have made on War Disablement Pensions.May 2011HTML Download - p_uil_work_of_pensions_appeal_trib.htm 14 KBPDF Download - Pensions-Appeal-Tribunal.pdf 211 KB
04 May 2011Code of Courtesy on the use of Irish in official businessThis document gives details about the Code of Courtesy on the use of Irish in official business in the Courts and Tribunals Service LiveWord Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyIrish_englishversion.doc 105 KBHTML Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyIrish_englishversion.html 15 KBPDF Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyIrish_englishversion.pdf 64 KB
04 May 2011Code of Courtesy on the use of Ulster Scots in official business This document gives details about the Code of Courtesy on the use of Ulster Scots in official business in the Courts and Tribunals Service LiveWord Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyUlsterScots_englishversion.doc 106 KBHTML Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyUlsterScots_englishversion.html 14 KBPDF Download - p_ucs_codeofcourtesyUlsterScots_englishversion.pdf 63 KB
13 Apr 2011Information for Employers of JurorsThis booklet is designed to explain some of the issues which may concern jurors employers.LiveHTML Download - Information for Employers of Jurors.html 20 KBPDF Download - Information for employers of jurors.pdf 231 KB
18 Mar 2011Means Enquiry FormIf you are to be fined as a result of court proceedings against you, the court will consider your financial circumstances.Completing this form will help the Court to set your fine at a level you can pay.This will also help the Court to decide whether you should be allowed time to pay the fine or to pay by instalments.March 2011Word Download - p_uil_Means-Enquiry-Form_Word-interactive.doc 430 KBPDF Download - p_uil_Means-Enquiry-Form_interactive.pdf 328 KB
25 Feb 2011Compensation Awarded to a MinorCompensation awarded to a child by the High Court or the County Court is lodged with the Court Funds Office until they are 18. This leaflet explains how this compensation is invested, managed and paid out.February 2011HTML Download - p_uil_A-guide-to-Compensation-awarded-to-a-minorHTML.html 21 KBPDF Download - p_uil_A-guide-to-Compensation-awarded-to-a-minor.pdf 695 KB
25 Feb 2011Turning 18When a young person is awarded compensation, for example due to an accident or other injury, the money awarded is held by the court on their behalf until they legally become an adult at 18. The branch of the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service that looks after that money is the Court Funds Office (CFO). This leaflet explains what the young person will need to do when they turn 18 so that CFO can ensure that they receive their money as quickly as possible.February 2011HTML Download - p_uil_Turning-18HTML.html 14 KBPDF Download - p_uil_Turning18.pdf 563 KB
09 Feb 2011Coroners Inquest This booklet gives details about the Coroners Inquest.Updated June 2013HTML Download - Coroners-Inquest.html 13 KBPDF Download - Coroners-Inquest.pdf 183 KB
09 Feb 2011Coroners Liaison OfficerThis leaflet gives details about the work of the Coroners Liaison Officer.LiveHTML Download - Coroners Liaison Officer (HTML).htm 8 KBPDF Download - Coroners Liaison Officer (PDF).pdf 2291 KB
09 Feb 2011Coroners Postmortem Examination - Information for RelativesThis booklet gives details about the Coroners Postmortem Examination - Information for RelativesLiveHTML Download - Coroners Postmortem Examination - Information for Relatives (HTML).htm 18 KBPDF Download - Coroners Postmortem Examination - Information for Relatives - September 2011.pdf 407 KB
09 Feb 2011Coroners Service for Northern IrelandThis booklet gives an overview of the work of the Coroners Service for Northern Ireland.LiveHTML Download - Coroners Service for Northern Ireland (HTML).htm 25 KBPDF Download - Coroners Service for Northern Ireland - September 2011.pdf 1022 KB
09 Feb 2011Working with the Coroners Service for Northern IrelandThis booklet gives details to those that work with the Coroners Service.LiveHTML Download - Working with the Coroners Service for Northern Ireland (HTML).htm 87 KBPDF Download - Working with the Coroners Service for Northern Ireland (PDF).pdf 374 KB
15 Nov 2010Making a complaintThis leaflet explains what you can do if you are unhappy with the service you have received.LiveHTML Download - making a complaint.htm 12 KBPDF Download - Making a Complaint.pdf 341 KB
15 Nov 2010Making payments - what do I need?This document contains a guide to making payments at a Court Office (including bail and other cash transactions).LiveHTML Download - Making payments - What do I need.htm 9 KBPDF Download - Making payments to NICTS_FINAL for web.pdf 314 KB
08 Nov 2010Getting a Divorce / Dissolution of a Civil Partnership - What do I do? This booklet provides background information, and lists the relevant forms that you need to apply for a divorce.LivePDF Download - Getting a Divorce Booklet_2017_2.pdf 515 KB
28 Oct 2010Who we are and what we doThis document gives an overview of the role and responsibility of the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service.LiveHTML Download - p_uil_Who_ we_are.html 24 KBPDF Download - p_uil_Who_ we_are.pdf 579 KB
17 Aug 2010Court Funds Useful Information LeafletThis leaflet contains information on location, transport, facilities and services available at the Court Funds Office.LivePDF Download - court_funds_infosheet_NEW.pdf 182 KB
04 Feb 2010Mental Health Review Tribunal for Northern Ireland: A Guide for PatientsThe Tribunal is an independent judicial body, set up under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (the Order), which reviews the cases of patients who are compulsorily detained or are subject to guardianship under the Order. LiveHTML Download - MHRT Guidance leaflet for Patients.htm 52 KBPDF Download - MHRT Guidance leaflet for Patients.pdf 107 KB
29 Jan 2010Juror Notices Online - User GuideThis document provides a step by step guide for customers using our electronic Juror Notice return.LiveHTML Download - p_ui_Juror Notices_Online_User_Guide.htm 18 KBPDF Download - Juror Notices Online User Guide (PDF).pdf 1699 KB
21 Jan 2010Fine Payments Online User GuideThis document provides guidance for customers on how to use our Fine Payments Online service. HTML Download - Fine Payments Online User Guide.html 10 KBPDF Download - Fines Online User Guide.pdf 446 KB
12 Jan 2010Enduring Power of AttorneyThis leaflet provides information on the role and powers of the Attorney.LiveHTML Download - Enduring-Power-of-Attorney.html 6 KBPDF Download - Enduring-Power-of-Attorney.pdf 481 KB
12 Jan 2010Dealing with the Affairs of the Mentall IllThis Leaflet aims to make you aware of the services available from the Office of Care and Protection in relation to the affairs of Patients under the provisions of Part VllI of the Mental Health (NI) Order 1986.Updated March 2011HTML Download - p_uil_dealing_with_affaris_of_mentally_ill.htm 9 KBPDF Download - Dealing-with-Affairs-Mentally-Ill-FINAL web.pdf 239 KB
01 Jun 2009Dealing with a Deceased Person's EstateThis booklet provides some information to help you if you are dealing with the estate of a person who has died (the deceased).We recognise the difficulties that many people face when dealing with an estate after a death. We hope that this booklet and the help that is available in each of our offices will make your task a little less difficult. PDF Download - DealingWithADeceasedPersonsEstate_2017.pdf 400 KBPDF Download - p_appointmentrequestform_Jan2011.pdf 86 KB
01 Jun 2009Juror Information BookletThe purpose of this booklet is to help you understand the jury serviceprocess, including information on some of the most frequently askedquestions.LiveHTML Download - Juror BookletNEW.htm 56 KBPDF Download - Juror Information Booklet_WEB_FINAL.pdf 1760 KB