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Unclaimed Funds List

Please note, that there is still a considerable amount of money which has not yet been classified as unclaimed as investigations are still ongoing. If your name does not appear on the Unclaimed Funds List, you can still contact the Court Funds Office to check if there are funds held for you. For privacy reasons, the Unclaimed Funds List does not show the amount owed. Once you contact the Court Funds Office, you will be given more information.

How do I claim the money I am owed?

If you think there may be money held on your behalf, you should contact the Court Funds Office for advice. This link will take you back to main Court Funds Office page.

Unclaimed Balances as at 31 October 2016

Case Reference Number Case Title
1972/8647 A & B Colour Reproductions Ltd v Styletype
1970/7413 AEI Ltd v Blackbourne Elec Co
1972/642 Allen Agnes
1955/1450 Allen Andrew
1992/67 Anderson Thomas
Spec A/C Andrews v McGivern
1949/2260 Andrews Robert
1941/110 Armstrong William
1992/64 Arnott Margaret
1981/403 Bateman Margaret
1970/5386 Belfast Telegraph v McFerran
1964/71 Bell & another v Belfast Co-Op Society Limited
1960/346 Bell Bros v Carplant Ltd
1962/394 Bell Gordon v Du Pont (UK) Ltd
1962/394A Bell Thomas F A v Dupont (UK) Ltd
1980/5385S Bell v Aiken
2000/542 Bingham Kathleen
Chancery Bingham Wihelmina I
CC(D) Blaney John
1996/281 Boyd Samuel
1962/405 Boyle Annie
1984/195 Boyle Mary
CC(B) Bradley Stephen No. 3 Acc
999/03 Brennan Frank
Chancery Briggs Margaret J
1941/2/167 Brown Ethel
1976/354 Brown John Ltd v Brooke Haven
1949/2277 Brown Thomas R
Chancery Burns Edwin M V
1962/815 Burns v Stirling & another
1998/130 Burns Mary
CC(B) Cairns J H J - Trustees of
1971/76 Campbell Joseph
1961/2367 Campbell Mary
1970/1989 Campbell v Belfast Corporation
1974/132 Campbell Samuel
1969/716 Campbell Vincent
999/05 Cannon Stephen Dominic
196/3047 Capecastle Limeworking v Davidson & another
1993/125 Carville Patrick
CC(B) Cassidy Francis
1970/1986 Cawood Containers Ltd v Currie
1973/6801 Chambers v Crawford
1996/302 Clarke Bronagh
1970/1741 Cleland Mark T A v McKenna
1944/2/261 Cleland Robert Jnr
1954/1749 Cloughmills Co-Op v Stewart
1948/3/115 Cochrane John O
1958/256 Cole v Capital Loan Co
1952/1990 Collins Teresa
1974/6184 Continental Shutters Ltd v Union Building Co Ltd
1968/2938 Cooke (a Minor) v Harron
1964/60 Cox v Corr & others
1997/256A Crawford Margaret (Martha) - The Estate of Mark Thomas
1972/2888 Crosby v Kerriush & another
1970/5992 Cunningham v Cunningham
1957/1717 Curtis Kathleen
Chancery Cussans Jamie
1969/6975 Darragh v Baird
1951/929 Devlin t/a Devlin v McCann
Chancery Dickson William v Loopland
1978/563 Doherty Andrew
1950/561 Doherty Jane L
Chancery Dolan Catherine
1958/2818 Donaldson Maureen v Hill & others
1992/88 Donnelly Kathleen
CC(D) Dorsey Elizabeth
1937/18 Douglas Lily
1998/433 Dovey William
1971/1850 Down, Connor & Dromore Diocesan Board v Antrim County Council
1952/2032 Drew v Stanford Ltd
1994/529 Dunne Anthony
1981/6984S Dunwoody v Duffy & others
1954/1436 Edwards v Gibson
1968/1740 EIMO Serv v Hyod Sound Ltd
1960/3774 Electrical Agnecies v W H Wharney & Co
1984/372 Elliott Bertha
1965/5319 Elliott v Clarke
1967/1287 Emerson v McGibbon
1974/287 Evans Agnes
1978/333 Farrell Annie (No.1)
1978/333 Farrell Annie (No.2)
Chancery Farren Bernard
1965/4349 Ferguson v Garith
1967/563 Finlay Robert
1976/5225 Fletcher v Graves
Chancery Flynn Elizabeth
1965/159 Foreman Mary
Spec A/C Forsythe v Bull
1955/164A Forsythe William
1991/471 Frieslander Elizabeth
1955/2426 Fyffe v Bryans
1960/764 Gabort Julius
1981/523 Galloway Wilhelmina
1951/427 Geoghegan v Wylie
1965/1974 Getty v Adams
CC(F) Goodfellow Helen
CC(D) Gordon Hugh
CC(D) Gorron John
CC(D) Graham Margaret E
CC(D) Graham William M
CC(F) Gurran & McQuillan
1967/659 Gwynne Elizabeth
1966/773 Hagan Jane
1953/1240 Harrison v Dickey
CC(B) Hassett Ronald
CC(L) Hegarty D J A
CC(B) Hegarty James - Trustees of
1964/2578 Hermon Suzanne G v Boyd
1962/4792 Heron & another v McDonald
CC(D) Heron & Deron
1976/3559 Hill v Donaldson
1952/1717 Hill v Wilson
1969/5647 Hill v Wilson
1969/467 Hodge Eleanor
1957/2957 Holland (Radio) Ltd v Fletcher
1964/3975 Hughes v Boyd & othes
1971/3516 Hughes v Cooper
1971/1394 Humphreys & Co N T v Sutherland
CC(D) Huniford Selina
1983/4112S Hurrell v Steele
1962/3706 Hurst Ltd v Quarry Developments
1966/1153 Hydraulic Plant (Belfast) Ltd v McCullough
1949/2718 Jamison William
1951/1885 Johnston Archibald
1994/594 Johnston John Noble
1970/110 Johnstone Susan P
1953/804 Jones Jane
1945/427 Kane Elizabeth
1992/660 Kee Annie Margaret
CC(L) Kelly James (Trusts of)
1970/7434 Kelly v Gupta
CC(D) Kennedy Mary
1970/6718 Kerr v Johnston
1962/2110 Kettyle Elizabeth
1984/4987S Khan Said Mohammed v MOD
CC(D) Kilpatrick Edith V
CC(D) Kilpatrick Mabel E
1950/2321 Kingham v Crawford & others
CC(F) Knox M A (Trusts of)
1962/5774 Lagan v Dougan
Chancery Lanoth Margaret
1969/6138 Lavery D Ltd v Kennedy
1972/1728 Lavery v Moore
1992/582 Lee Esther
1961/4888 Leitch v Belfast Corporation
1982/2907S Linton & Co Ltd v Valley Enterprises
CC1/S Magee v SOS(NI)
CC(A) Magill Eric
1997/256A Mark Thomas
CC(B) Marshall Joseph - Deceased
CC(F) Martin James
1965/1663 Martin v Beac
1968/366 McAllister John
1970/2285 McAteer v Nolan
1993/592 McBride Annie Elizabeth
1960/527 McBride Mary
1971/580 McCabe Minnie Osborne
1976/6970 McCann v McCann
1973/2220 McCartan v Ministry of Home Affairs
1959/2594 McCartney Edith
1956/2551 McClean Thomas
1949/1690 McClelland Amelia
1973/2134 McClelland v Sturgeon
CC(D) McClement Rupert
1961/5884 McClenaghan v Fleming
CC(D) McCloy Joan
1967/1152 McCluskey v McQuaid
1953/2071 McColter James
1987/2020 McCormick John v Toner
Special McCormick v McClurg
1981/230 McCosh Martha
1972/1922 McCoubrey v McCaul
1998/169 McCurdy Norman
1974/370 McDonald Jean
CC(A) McEldrew P
1971/4267 McEnuff v Magennis t/a Magennis & Co
1959/1355 McGarry Hannah
1973/7611 McGiverigan v Campbell
CC(L) McGowan Joseph
1956/556 McGuigan Elizabeth
1939/203 McGurk Elizabeth
CC(D) McHaig William J
1937/3 McHenry Rosina
Special McIlvar v Owens
1972/105 McKee Annie
1966/161 McLaughlin Bernard
CC(B) McMaster William - Trustees of
1960/1716 McMorran v Graham
1946/3/15 McMullan John
1973/2093 McNally Eugene v McDowell
1973/7699 McNally v O'Farrell
1994/387 McPherson Dermot
1974/4314 McQuack v Irish News
1974/4312 McQuade v Belfast Telegraph
CC(F) McQuaid Minors
F89/34 McSwiggan Patricia Maria
Chancery McVey Sheila Mrs
1956/1298 McWilliams David
CC(D) Mitchell Ellen
1960/2697 Monie v McDonald
Chancery Montagu Mary E W
1994/499 Moore Muriel
1950/261 Moran Patrick
1974/2062 Morton & Co Brian v Leahy Kelly & Leahy Hill
L74/09 Mulholland Liam (In the Estate of John Mulholland)
1968/5879S Mullan v H Duffy Ltd
CC(F) Mullen Anthony
1975/317 Myers v Myers
Chancery Nelson A
1970/688 Nevin Sarah
CC(F) Northern Bank Ltd
1954/2718 Northern Engineering Equipment v Grosvenor Finishing Co Ltd
1983/4837S O'Brien v McGivern
1955/1010 O'Hare & Co Ltd v The Island Pharmacy
1966/3617 O'Hare v Cameron
CC(D) O'Prey Margaret
CC(D) O'Prey Mary
CC(D) O'Rorke Susan
1975/126 Orton Ellen C
1988/272 Owen Stella
1984/695 Parry Mary
1978/2137S Patton v McCorkell
1971/616 Pearl v Thompson
1974/2643 Peartree v Century Newspapers
Special Phair v Courtney
1967/5731 Pinkerton v Gordon
1960/631 Porter Ruby
1949/2391 Potter Sarah
1991/481 Price Audrey
CC(F) Purdy Ed (Est of)
1991/392 Quinn Francis
1946/3 Quinn Mary & Margaret
1970/640 Quinn William
1970/307 Rafferty Mary
CC(B) Rathkerry Co-Op
1950/1729 Rea Sarah No.2 A/C
CC(B) Rea Thomas
1967/337 Reavey v Quigley & another
1963/392 Rice Patrick
1997/233 Riddell Patricia
1966/66 Robinson Elizabeth
1956/1419 Rush v Bell
CC(D) Rush Edward & an
1962/3291 Scotomatic Ltd v Sloan
CC(B) Scott Henry
1974/1481 Sheridan Hosch v McKinless
1973/3934 Sime v Parker
1963/4661 Sloan & another v McLaughlin
1975/4819 Sloan v Young
CC(B) Smyth A - Estate of
1969/614 Speer Margaret
1969/400 Steele Sadie
1991/8 Stephenson Kathleen
CC(F) Stephenson Minnie (APUM)
1961/1622 Stevenson Jane
1961/5304 Stevenson Robert v John McCaughey t/a McCaughey Bros
Chancery Stirling Ellen M
1961/2574 Stokes v Murphy
1996/32 Stokes Michael
Chancery Strain Annie E
CC(L) Taggart John
CC(B) Tate Elizabeth J
1996/537 Taylor Charlotte
1975/277 Taylor v Smith
CC(B) Temperana Bld
CC(L) Tervan J
1946/2392 Thompson Sarah Jane
CC(D) Todd v Woods
1971/2248 Tracey v Owens & others
CC(A) Ulster Bank Ltd v W. McKee & Co Ltd
1965/4314 Uprichard v Cromies
1965/416 Walker Harriett M
1975/7042 Ward v McAlurney & another
CC(B) Watson Mira E - Trustees of
1970/4365 Waveney Laundry v Traynors Ltd
Special West v West
1955/1394 Whelan Catherine
1961/66 White & another v Millar
1956/1602 Wightman Jane
CC(L) Wilson Peter
1973/725 Wilson v BCC
1979/564 Wilson v Sheridan
1956/5517 Wilson v Stewart
1963/602 Wilson Thomas
1949/2212 Wright Olive M L
1953/1985 Wynne Margaret B
CC(D) Young James
CC(F) Young Mary (Trusts of)