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Persons Ineligible for Jury Service

Below is a list of persons ineligible for Jury Service.

Persons concerned with the Administration of Justice

  • Persons holding or who have at any time held any paid, judicial or other office belonging to any court of justice in Northern Ireland.
  • Justices of the Peace.
  • Members of the juvenile court panels.
  • The Chairman or President, the Vice-Chairman or Vice-President and the registrar and assistant.
  • Registrar of any Tribunal.
  • Barristers at law and solicitors whether or not in actual practice as such.
  • Solicitors’ clerks.
  • Students of the Inn of Court of Northern Ireland or of the Law Society of Northern Ireland.
  • The Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland and members of his staff.
  • Officers of the Northern Ireland Office or of the Lord Chancellor’s Department.
  • Members of the Northern Ireland Court Service.
  • Court security officers.
  • Governors, chaplains and other officers of, and members of boards of visitors of visiting committees for, the following establishments -
    • a prison within the meaning of the Prison Act (Northern Ireland) 1953;
    • a juvenile justice centre or attendance centre within the meaning of the Criminal Justice (Children) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998; or
    • a remand centre or young offenders centre within the meaning of the Treatment of Offenders Act (Northern Ireland) 1968
  • The warden or a member of the staff of a bail hostel as defined in Article 2(2) of the Probation Board (Northern Ireland) Order 1982.
  • Members of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland.
  • Probation officers and persons appointed to assist them.
  • A person appointed for the purposes of Article 7(6) of the Treatment of Offenders (Northern Ireland) Order 1976.
  • Police officers and any other person employed in any capacity by virtue of which he has the powers and privileges of a constable.
  • Members and staff of the Policing Board.
  • Members of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, members of the Service Authority for the National Criminal Intelligence Service and persons employed by the Authority.
  • The Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland and persons employed by him.
  • Persons in charge of, or employed in, a forensic science laboratory.
  • Prisoner custody officers within the meaning of section 122(1) of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.
  • Members and employees of the Criminal Cases Review Commission.
  • Persons who at any time within the past ten years have been persons falling within any of the foregoing descriptions (except the first) of persons concerned with the administration of justice.

The Forces

  • Persons serving on full pay as members of any of the naval, military or air forces of the Crown raised in the United Kingdom.
  • Members of the Royal Irish Regiment.

Other Persons

  • Persons suffering from mental disorder within the meaning of the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986.
  • Persons unable to understand the English language.