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Jury Service

The idea of a jury goes back many centuries and is a long-established part of our legal system. Trial by jury is when a cross-section of society judge a fellow member of society. In criminal trials a jury consists of twelve people who are chosen at random and combine their experience, common sense and wisdom to decide the facts and reach a verdict in the jury room. Juries also sit in Coroner's Courts and Civil Courts. In civil cases a jury consists of seven people. For more background information on Jury Service please click here.

Are you attending Crown Court as a Juror?

When attending for Jury Service, all Jurors must present their Jury Summons and acceptable form of identification. Please see the Juror Information Booklet for further information.

Information on dates and times for when jurors are required to attend Court can be found here.


More information on Jury Service can be found on the nidirect website by clicking here.

Contact Details

For information on how to contact the Juryline please click here.


Please refer to the following leaflet for additional information on the different types of jury service.

The leaflet is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Click here to download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required for opening and viewing pdf files.


Jurors may be entitled to various allowances in respect of jury service. These are:

  • daily travelling allowance for the return journey from your home or work to court;
  • subsistence allowance if a meal is not provided at public expense; and
  • financial loss allowance (within certain limits) for loss of earnings or benefit or for expenses.

An information leaflet "Allowances for Jury Service" is provided to all jurors attending court. You should forward your claim to the Customer Service Centre within 14 days of completing Jury Service.

Anyone writing to the Customer Service Centre should always include their name, address and Panel Number which is located at the top right hand corner of your summons.

When submitting your juror claim form for payment of expenses, please send completed claim forms to Customer Service Centre, Juries Management, PO Box 256, Londonderry.

Jury Video

When you first arrive at court you will be shown a video which explains your role within the Jury process.