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Guidance for completing Matrimonial forms in Microsoft Word

Matrimonial Forms are provided in Microsoft Word format for customers to be able to download, complete and print out. For ease of use, it is recommended that you download a copy of the template you wish to complete to your local computer and then open it. The forms have been specially prepared to include hints and comments to assist customers whilst completing the blanks. If you can not see the comments and hints make sure that you have both “markup” (under the view menu) and “Show/Hide¶” (which is the ¶ symbol on the toolbar) turned on. The comments provide hyperlinks to relevant guidance note in the Guidance for practitioners section of the matrimonial site.

To complete the form click on each of the grey boxes in turn to input the appropriate text for that part of the form. When you click on the box, it will be highlighted, then just overtype it by pressing any letter on the keyboard.

At paragraphs where a ground needs to be inserted, all the relevant grounds have been inserted and you should highlight and delete those which are not relevant to your application.