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Explanation of Hearing Notices

Hearings Listed Before the Taxing Master

Why would I require a hearing before the Taxing Master?

If you have received an assessment from the office and wish to appeal the amounts allowed by the Master you can contact the Taxing Office and arrange to have your case listed before the Master.

If you have a Court Order that includes a party and party element.  For example, if the Court Order has been made in the Queens Bench Division and states that the Defendant pay the Plaintiff, this case will automatically be listed before the Master.  You will be contacted by the Taxing Office to attend a hearing which will take place in Bedford House, Bedford Street, Belfast.

What can I do if I cannot attend the court hearing?

You must contact the legal representation for the opposing side and request an adjournment. If the solicitors do consent they must contact the office to confirm that they are willing to adjourn the case to enable ourselves to inform the Master.

How do I prepare for the hearing before the Taxing Master?

The Taxing Office no longer accepts any papers relating to a case when the bill is lodged in the office as per practice direction by the Master on 10th May 2006. On the day of the hearing the papers relating to the case can be brought along but must be taken away again after the hearing unless requested by the Taxing Master.

Attending the hearing before the Taxing Master.

In order to appeal your case you will have to be present at the hearing to put your points across to the Master for his consideration.  Also if the case is party and party it is important the both sides attend the hearing.  The Master will tax the bill however the office is only concerned the amounts allowed on the bill in order to calculate the assessment. 

What happens after the hearing?

After the case has been taxed by the Taxing Master the office will issue the amended assessment to the Solicitor (or cost drawer) and request for stamp duty (which is the court fee). When the stamp duty and vouching has been received a certificate of taxation will issue. We do not collect the monies on foot of the taxed bill of costs when the certificate of taxation is issued. That is the responsibility of the Legal Services Commission if the case has been legally aided or the party to which the costs have been awarded.