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Have you received a 21 day notice?

What does a 21 day notice mean to me?

An order of the court has been made that both the applicant and respondent have to be taxed in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2 of the Legal Aid, Advice and Assistance (Northern Ireland) Order 1981.

When lodging the bill onto the system the Taxing Office will check to see if there is an existing case for the other interested party and if not a 21 day notice will issue to the solicitor representing that party.

The 21 day notice is to make you aware that the first party has submitted their bill for taxation of costs and subsequent payment from the Legal Services Commission.

What is the next step I have to take?

You need to establish if your bill will be sent to the office to be taxed by the Taxing Master and whether it will be lodged by yourself or a cost drawer.

Have you sent your bill of costs to be drawn by a cost drawer for the Taxing Master?

If your answer is yes, the cost drawer will forward the bill to the Taxing Office and the existing bill that we hold will be matched to your bill as a cross reference

If your answer is no, you must contact your cost drawer to advise that you have received this notice and for them to forward the bill at their earliest convenience.  If you are lodging your bill directly, you can contact the office to make them aware of when your bill will be received.

Once your bill is received it will be sent along with the first bill as a cross reference to The Master for assessment of costs.  When this is completed you will receive the assessment directly or through your cost drawer depending on who initially lodged the bill.