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Sample Directions

Typical Directions

Reports on Facts & Expert Reports
Timetable And Directions

The Directions of the Tribunal are as follows:

1. Two copies of Reports (clearly labelled REPORT ON FACTS) shall be lodged by:

2. Two copies of Reports (clearly labelled EXPERT REPORT) shall be lodged by:


4. Liberty to apply.

Any application should be made promptly.


  • Reports on Facts shall include all documentary and factual information on which an expert intends to rely.
  • Expert Reports shall include all expert opinion evidence on which a party intends to rely:
    these should address the helpfulness of all the evidence in the Reports on Facts provided by the experts.
  • For convenience, parties may exchange Reports on Facts and Expert Reports directly with each other, provided they send a copy to the Tribunal and confirm that the exchange has taken place.
  • If the opinions and supporting evidence, of an expert have not been set out in the Reports received from a party, the Tribunal may and, unless it is satisfied that no prejudice to any other party will arise, shall adjourn the hearing and may give such directions and impose such terms as to costs or otherwise as it thinks fit.
  • Clients should be reminded that the primary duty of an expert witness is to assist the Tribunal in an independent and uninfluenced manner.
  • Professional persons acting as expert witnesses should comply with any applicable requirements of their professional bodies.