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Small Claims Guide and Forms

Making a Small Claim

Provided below are links to our Small Claims guide and associated forms and fee details. You should read the Small Claims guide before completing any forms. If you are happy to proceed with your claim, you should then complete the appropriate form(s) as detailed in the guide document.

 You can also complete your Small Claim online using our Small Claim Online Service (use this link to navigate to our online service page).

Making a cross border claim in the European Union

What is a cross border claim?

Cross border claims are cases, in which at least one of the parties is domiciled or habitually resident in a Member State other than the Member State of the court where the action is brought.

What is the European Order for Payment Procedure?

The European Order for Payment (EOP) is a new procedure that makes it easier and quicker for creditors to recover uncontested monetary debts in cross border cases. The procedure operates on the basis of standard forms and a uniform process across all EU Member States. It can be used in both civil and commercial matters and does not require the use of lawyers. The procedure is optional and can be used instead of existing procedures under national law.

What is the European Small Claims Procedure?

The European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP) for the first time provides consumers and businesses all over Europe with a uniform, speedy and affordable debt recovery process for low value claims in cross border cases. The procedure will apply in civil and commercial matters where the value of a claim does not exceed €2000. The procedure applies to non monetary claims i.e. road traffic accidents and personal injury claim, as well as to monetary claims.
Customers will note that these are formal Court forms and are provided only in PDF format in order to preserve the layout of the original document.

Click here to download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required for opening and viewing pdf files.

This link provides a Guide to Making a cross border claim in the European Union (PDF).

You can download a PDF version of The European Order for Payment (EOP) form using this link.

You can download a PDF version of The European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP) form using this link

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