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This page provides details of Judgments and Practice Directions published on the website between January and June 2009. Judgments will be published on the website unless the judge has directed otherwise.

Some documents may be in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Click here to download and install a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required for opening and viewing pdf files.

Please click on the relevant title to view the documents. You may also click on the heading of each column to sort by Date, Title, Reference or Judge.

If you require a Northern Ireland judgment that is not listed here, please email the Library with the relevant details and we will make every effort to fulfill your request.

Documents published on this site before 12 April 2010 are designated as “pre-devolution”. Some are of an historical nature and will remain unchanged as they are provided solely for reference.

Information leaflets about how to use Courts and Tribunals services which still carry our old title and logo are in the process of being renamed and re-branded. We would wish to make clear that the material they contain is still valid. We thank you for your co-operation during this updating process.

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29 Jul 2013The Queen v Michael Stone2013 NILST 1Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8953Final.htm 40 KB
03 Feb 2010The Queen v David Craig Brown2010 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2010NILST1Final.htm 55 KB
23 Dec 2009The Queen v John Anthony Conlon2009 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2009NILST1Final.htm 34 KB
24 Oct 2008The Queen v John Smith2008 NILST 9Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST9.htm 39 KB
17 Jul 2008The Queen v Christopher McMillan2008 NILST 8Kerr LCJWord Download - 2008 NILST 8.doc 105 KB
03 Jul 2008THE STATE v MICHAEL McALEAVEY2008 NILST 15KERR LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008 NILST 15 FINAL.htm 92 KB
22 Jun 2008The Queen v James Junior McKinstry Craig2008 NILST 13Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST13final.htm 35 KB
26 May 2008The Queen v Nicholas Evans (Decision on Tariff2008 NILST 12Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_KER7184Final.htm 36 KB
19 May 2008The Queen v William Campbell2008 NILST 6Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST6.htm 51 KB
19 May 2008The Queen v William Murphy2008 NILST 7Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST7.htm 49 KB
01 Apr 2008The Queen v Andrew Neville Browne2008 NILST 11Kerr LCJWord Download - 2008NILST11 final.doc 108 KB
01 Apr 2008The Queen v Victor Graham 2008 NILST 14Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST14Final.htm 38 KB
06 Mar 2008The Queen v Stephen Geoffrey Irwin 2008 NILST 5Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST5.htm 100 KB
04 Mar 2008The Queen v William Sloan2008 NILST 10Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST10 final.htm 57 KB
27 Feb 2008The Queen v Trevor James Leslie McKeown2008 NILST 3Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST3.htm 37 KB
31 Jan 2008The Queen v Robert William Molyneaux2008 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST1.htm 32 KB
24 Jan 2008The Queen v John Kerr2008 NILST 2Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2008NILST2.htm 55 KB
16 Aug 2007The Queen v George Robert Armstrong2007 NILST 9Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST9.htm 37 KB
25 May 2007The Queen v David John Thompson2007 NILST 8Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST8.htm 40 KB
14 Mar 2007The Queen v Adrian Michael Gerard Wilson2007 NILST 7Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST7.htm 40 KB
12 Mar 2007The Queen v Bernard Anthony Noel Wiggins2007 NILST 6Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST6.htm 58 KB
23 Jan 2007The Queen v Liam John McBride2007 NILST 4Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST4.htm 51 KB
23 Jan 2007The Queen v Martin Murphy2007 NILST 5Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST5.htm 69 KB
19 Jan 2007The Queen v John Hugh Brady2007 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST1.htm 43 KB
19 Jan 2007The Queen v Dean Micheal Woods2007 NILST 3Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST3.htm 43 KB
19 Jan 2007The Queen v Alastair Clifford Leighton2007 NILST 10Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2007NILST10Final.htm 74 KB
03 Jul 2006The Queen v Colin Paul King2006 NILST 2Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2006NILST2.htm 39 KB
27 Mar 2006The Queen v Ronald Terence Graham2006 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2006NILST1.htm 51 KB
10 Feb 2005The Queen v Gerard Patrick Stewart2005 NILST 4Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2005NILST4.htm 51 KB
31 Jan 2005The Queen v Kenneth Henry Callaghan2005 NILST 2Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2005NILST2.htm 46 KB
31 Jan 2005The Queen v Ian Alexander Quinn2005 NILST 3Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2005NILST3.htm 36 KB
04 Jan 2005The Queen v Samuel David Joseph Cummins2005 NILST 1Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2005NILST1.htm 35 KB
31 Dec 2004The Queen v John McAleese2004 NILST 22Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST22.htm 31 KB
31 Dec 2004The Queen v David Conway2004 NILST 23Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST23.htm 38 KB
21 Dec 2004Queen v Hugh Alexander Lindsay Decision On Tariff2004 NILST 11Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST11.htm 36 KB
08 Dec 2004Queen v Oliver Junior Joseph Shortt Decision on Tariff2004 NILST 10Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST10.htm 33 KB
02 Dec 2004The Queen v William Skehens2004 NILST 21Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST21.htm 28 KB
15 Nov 2004The Queen v Henry Baird2004 NILST 19Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST19.htm 29 KB
29 Oct 2004The Queen v Clive Moore2004 NILST 18Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST18.htm 45 KB
14 Sep 2004The Queen v Kenneth Douglas2004 NILST 17Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST17.htm 42 KB
25 Aug 2004The Queen v Andrew George Mawhinney2004 NILST 15Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST15.htm 33 KB
25 Aug 2004The Queen v Michael McFadden2004 NILST 16Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST16.htm 23 KB
28 Jun 2004The Queen v James O'Malley2004 NILST 14Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST14.htm 28 KB
25 Jun 2004R v Stephen John Boyle (Decision on Tariff)2004 NILST 7Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST7.htm 38 KB
25 Jun 2004R v David Andrew Nicholson (Decision on Tariff)2004 NILST 8Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST8.htm 35 KB
01 Jun 2004R v William George Long2004 NILST 6Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST6.htm 33 KB
24 May 2004R v Darren Larmour2004 NILST 2Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_KERF4168.htm 34 KB
24 May 2004R v Karen Elizabeth Carson2004 NILST 3Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_KERF4164.htm 40 KB
24 May 2004R v Stephen Henry McParland2004 NILST 4Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST4.htm 35 KB
24 May 2004R v Ignatius Patrick Gribben (Tariff Decision)2004 NILST 5Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST5.htm 50 KB
19 May 2004The Queen v Victor Kerr2004 NILST 13Kerr LCJHTML Download - j_j_2004NILST13.htm 29 KB