Practice Direction 4/2009





Applications for Grants: Lodgment of Copy Wills


  1. With effect from 1 July 2009 a copy of the sworn will and any codicil must accompany the application for a grant of probate or letters of administration (will annexed).


  1. The copy must be made, in A4 size, from the original will. The copy should not be stapled.


3        The copy must be of good quality and complete but it is not necessary to copy any additional covers or instructions as to how to sign a will etc.


4        The copy must be clear and legible. Care must be taken to ensure that any faint typing or blue ink on the original will is clear on the copy. Photocopiers may have to be adjusted accordingly.


5        The left hand margins of the copy should be clear so that the grant can be attached.


6        If it is necessary to take the will apart to copy it a covering letter should inform the Office: (i) that this was done; (ii) that the will has been restored to the same plight and condition that it was in before it was copied; and (iii) that nothing of a testamentary nature was further attached or detached.


Dated this 8th day of May 2009


By the Direction of the Honourable Mr Justice Deeny





Master Ellison