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23 Dec 2010JR 27's Application2010 NIQB 143McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8037Final.htm 235 KB
21 Dec 2010The Queen v Eamonn Coyle2010 NICA 48Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8050Final.htm 27 KB
21 Dec 2010Fernhill Properties (Northern Ireland) Limited and Paul Mulgrew2010 NICh 20Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8020FINAL.htm 39 KB
20 Dec 2010JJ Properties (Antrim) Ltd v Durnien (Paul)2010 NIQB 141Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8045final.htm 40 KB
17 Dec 2010Steven Turner and Carol Turner and Patrick Kearney2010 NI Master 10Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMaster10FINAL.htm 53 KB
17 Dec 2010The Queen v Aneta Sadowska2010 NICC 51Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7990Final.htm 39 KB
17 Dec 2010Darren Benson and Morrow Retail Limited T/A Morrows Supervalu2010 NIQB 140Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8046FINAL.htm 31 KB
16 Dec 2010Queen v Alan Greene2010 NICA 47Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8042Final.htm 31 KB
16 Dec 2010McDonagh's (Patrick) Application 2010 NIQB 139McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8049FINAL.htm 54 KB
15 Dec 2010Colin Adamson and DRD2010 NIQB 136Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8047FINAL.htm 16 KB
14 Dec 2010In the matter of TM and RM (freeing order)2010 NIFam 23Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8043Final.htm 29 KB
14 Dec 2010Lisburn City Centre Management Limited and Richard Keag2010 NIQB 134Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8018Final.htm 51 KB
12 Dec 2010Croskery's (Andrew) Application2010 NIQB 129Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8033FINAL.htm 35 KB
10 Dec 2010The Queen v Darren Ivan Kernohan and Laurence Desmond Kincaid2010 NICC 49Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8035Final.htm 44 KB
10 Dec 2010Queen v Mitchell (Angeline)2010 NICC 52McLaughlin JHTML Download - j_j_McL8034FINAL.htm 36 KB
09 Dec 2010David McMaster and Antrim Borough Council2010 NICA 45Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COG8007FINAL.htm 35 KB
09 Dec 2010Bridget Hamilton and Department for Social Development2010 NICA 46Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8027Final.htm 37 KB
09 Dec 2010Gemma Stokes and Robert James McAuley 2010 NIQB 131McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8024FINAL.htm 59 KB
07 Dec 2010Magennis's (Feargal) Application2010 NICA 43Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8025FINAL.htm 43 KB
07 Dec 2010The Queen v P2010 NICA 44Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8029FINAL.htm 50 KB
06 Dec 2010Wilcox's (Yvonne) Application2010 NICA 42Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8032FINAL.htm 25 KB
06 Dec 2010Quigley (Arthur), McCusker (John Joseph) and Quigley's (Seamus) Application2010 NIQB 132McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8021Final.htm 93 KB
03 Dec 2010The Queen v E B2010 NICA 40Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8028Final.htm 34 KB
03 Dec 2010Dahal's (Mukunda Prasad) Application2010 NICA 41Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8026FINAL.htm 29 KB
03 Dec 2010The Queen v Colin David Howel2010 NICC 48Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8019Final.htm 37 KB
02 Dec 2010Caitrin, Dona and Elliot (Pseudonyms) (No 6) (Financial provision for the children)2010 NIFam 22Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7945Final.htm 48 KB
02 Dec 2010Simms Construction Limited v G.R. Homes Limited2010 NIQB 128Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8008FINAL.htm 54 KB
01 Dec 2010Jason Veitch and Red Sky Group LTD2010 NICA 39Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8015FINAL.htm 49 KB
30 Nov 2010Lloyd's (Mark) Application 2010 NIQB 125McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8003Final.htm 128 KB
29 Nov 2010In the matter of ZG (care order; rehabilitation; freeing)2010 NIFam 20Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8023Final.htm 44 KB
25 Nov 2010McGuillan Envirocare Limited and Antrim Borough Council2010 NIQB 130Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7985Final.htm 65 KB
24 Nov 2010McLuckie's (Duncan) Application2010 NIQB 126Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8017Final.htm 26 KB
24 Nov 2010John Killen and Clarke Killen and R J J Killen Limited2010 NIQB 127McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8014FINAL.htm 116 KB
23 Nov 2010Maynard Hamilton v Kevin Francis Judge, Gary Judge, Damien Judge and Seamus Judge2010 NICA 49Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8011Final.htm 71 KB
23 Nov 2010Queen v Marius Demski2010 NICC 46Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7963Final.htm 30 KB
23 Nov 2010Queen v Garry James John Meenan and Nadine Kelly2010 NICC 47Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7974Final.htm 26 KB
22 Nov 2010Official Receiver for Northern Ireland v McAnulty (Patrick Joseph)2010 NICA 38Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7998Final.htm 40 KB
22 Nov 2010In the Matter of JR (Care Order: Rehabilitation)2010 NIFam 18Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MORF8012FInal.htm 26 KB
22 Nov 2010Maria (A pseudonym) (Abduction: Grave risk of harm)2010 NIFam 19Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8016Final.htm 47 KB
18 Nov 2010P McC (Contact: Change of Name)2010 NIFam 21Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8013Final.htm 78 KB
18 Nov 2010Western Borough Council v Western Brand Chickens Limited, Western Brand Poultry Products Western Brand Group Limited and Bertie Robinson and Eurofreeze (Ireland) Limited2010 NIQB 133Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7994final.htm 33 KB
18 Nov 2010Ferran (Patrick) and Chief Constable of Northern Ireland2010 NIQB 137Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8004FINAL.htm 36 KB
12 Nov 2010Queen v Jones (Gary)2010 NICC 45McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7999Final.htm 152 KB
11 Nov 2010Queen v Jones (Gary) Ruling No 3: Abuse of Process2010 NICC 44McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7986Final.htm 179 KB
10 Nov 2010Director of Public Prosecution Reference (No 2 and 3 of 2010) Anthony Joseph McAuley and Paul Ronan Seaward.2010 NICA 36Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7995Final.htm 33 KB
10 Nov 2010In the matter of an application by Michael Loughran for Judicial Review and in the matter of a decision of the Prison Service of Northern Ireland2010 NIQB 121Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7971Final.htm 43 KB
09 Nov 2010Janette Murdock v Souh Eastern Education and Library Board2010 NICh 18Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7976Final.htm 63 KB
08 Nov 2010Re A (Discharge of care order; Residence order; Rehabilitation)2010 NIFam 16Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7991Final.htm 28 KB
05 Nov 2010Sloan's (Thomas) Application 2010 NIQB 122Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7993Final.htm 31 KB
04 Nov 2010The Queen v Marvin Canning2010 NICC 41McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7903Final.htm 364 KB
03 Nov 2010Thiruvengaham (Narendran) v General Medical Council2010 NIQB 123Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7983FInal.htm 40 KB
01 Nov 2010The Queen v Eamonn Coyle2010 NICC 40McLaughlin JHTML Download - j_j_McLA7988Final.htm 30 KB
29 Oct 2010Thompson's (Ciara)Application2010 NIQB 120Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE7984Final.htm 71 KB
22 Oct 2010R v Stephen Paul McStravick2010 NICA 34Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7973Final.htm 42 KB
22 Oct 2010In the matter of an application by Fyneface Emmanson for Judicial Review.2010 NICA 35Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7965Final.htm 67 KB
22 Oct 2010Esther Pauline Carson v Wilbert Wesley Carson2010 NIFam 17Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7977Final.htm 23 KB
22 Oct 2010In the matter of the Representation of the People Act 1983 and In the matter of the parliamentary election for Fermanagh and South Tyrone held on 6 May 20102010 NIQB 113Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7979Final.htm 68 KB
22 Oct 2010Love (Stephen Charles) v Department of Regional Development and McKeever (Kevin Anthony) v Department for Regional Development2010 NIQB 114Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7975Final.htm 26 KB
22 Oct 2010John Caldwell Practising as Caldwell Warner Solicitors and Ivan Warner practising as Caldwell Warner Solicitors and Morgan Walker Solicitors LLP2010 NIQB 115Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7951final.htm 44 KB
22 Oct 2010Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited and Rodney Williamson and Winston Lyness.2010 NIQB 117McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7980final.htm 52 KB
22 Oct 2010An application for Judicial Review by David Mulholland2010 NIQB 118Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7978final.htm 130 KB
22 Oct 2010R v Jonathan Bowe, Liam Duffy and Elizabeth Margaret McClure2010 NICC 53Miller JHTML Download - j_j_2010NICC53Final.htm 65 KB
18 Oct 2010Queen v Meenan (Garry James John) and Kelly (Nadine)2010 NICC 37Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7966Final.htm 16 KB
15 Oct 2010In the matter of an application by JR44 for leave to apple for Judicial Review.2010 NIQB 119Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7972Final.htm 23 KB
14 Oct 2010David Malone and Kelly Ann Flynn Malone2010 NICh 19Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7982Final.htm 37 KB
13 Oct 2010A (a minor) and B (a minor) by C their mother and next friend and A Health and Social Services Trust.2010 NIQB 108Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7922Final.htm 61 KB
07 Oct 2010Grace (a pseudonym) (Relocation application)2010 NIFam 15Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7950Final.htm 65 KB
05 Oct 2010The Planning Service and William Young and Roberts Young2010 NIMag 5District Judge (MC) WhiteHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMag5final.htm 71 KB
05 Oct 2010In the matter of an application by House of Fraser Ltd ORS for leave to apply for Judicial Review2010 NIQB 105Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7962Final.htm 35 KB
04 Oct 2010John Short and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust2010 NIQB 116McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7981Final.htm 23 KB
01 Oct 2010The Queen v Paul Anthony John McCaugherty and Dermot Declan Gregory2010 NICC 35Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7900Final.htm 23 KB
01 Oct 2010An application for Judicial Review by Central Craigavon Limited2010 NIQB 102Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7957Final.htm 55 KB
01 Oct 2010An application by Paul Morgan for Judicial Review.2010 NIQB 103Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7956Final.htm 22 KB
01 Oct 2010An application for Judicial Review by JR412010 NIQB 104Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7958Final.htm 48 KB
01 Oct 2010Lee, Morrison, X and News Group Newspapers Ltd, Sunday world, Maguire and persons unknown2010 NIQB 106Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7954Final.htm 75 KB
30 Sep 2010Magill (Mary Bernadette) v Ulster Independent Clinic and others2010 NICA 33Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7947Final.htm 35 KB
30 Sep 2010The Queen v Gary Jones (Ruling No 2: No case to answer)2010 NICC 43McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7960FINAL.htm 95 KB
30 Sep 2010McAteer (Daniel) v Devine (Sean), McCarron (Stephen), Fox (Brendan) p/a Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors, Love (John) p/a Moore Stephens Bradley McDaid Accountants2010 NIQB 111Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7959Final.htm 46 KB
29 Sep 2010The Queen v Marvin Canning2010 NICC 42McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7992Final.htm 65 KB
24 Sep 2010The Queen v Samuel Francis Morrison2011 NICC 36Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7944Final.htm 35 KB
24 Sep 2010Flaneurs (Siegnerella Elaine and Siegnette Elaine) Application2010 NIQB 101Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7949FINAL.htm 59 KB
23 Sep 2010The Queen v Pauline Shaw and Colin Francis Shaw2010 NICC 34McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7939Final.htm 160 KB
22 Sep 2010Drew Robert King v Sunday Newspapers Limited2010 NIQB 107Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7948Final.htm 64 KB
21 Sep 2010An application by John Quinn for leave to apply for Judicial Review2010 NIQB 100Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7946final.htm 19 KB
21 Sep 2010R A's Application 2010 NIQB 99Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7934Final.htm 53 KB
17 Sep 2010The Queen v SG2010 NICA 32Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7941Final.htm 30 KB
17 Sep 2010In the matter of an application for Judicial Review JR 422010 NIQB 95Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7943Final.htm 54 KB
17 Sep 2010Bassey's (Eman) Application2010 NIQB 96Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7924final.htm 39 KB
16 Sep 2010Caitrin, Dona and Elliot (Pseudonyms) (No 5) (Care proceedings: Remitted hearing)2010 NIFam 24Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7923final.htm 77 KB
15 Sep 2010Jane Holloway and Paul Holloway v Sarcon (No 177) Limited[2010] NICh 15Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7938Final.htm 48 KB
15 Sep 2010Clear Homes (an unlimited company) v Sarcon (No 177) Limited2010 NICh 16Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7928Final.htm 64 KB
10 Sep 2010Claire martin and Southern Health and Social Care Trust2010 NICA 31Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7911Final.htm 52 KB
10 Sep 2010The Queen v Gary Jones (Ruling No 1: Recusal)2010 NICC 39McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7936Final.htm 65 KB
10 Sep 2010D's application (leave stage)2010 NIQB 93Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7935finali.htm 42 KB
06 Sep 20101. Foot (Scott) v Quinn (Denise) 2. Malachy Cunningham, trading as AV Taxis v Homecare (NI) Limited 3. McMenamin (Andrew) v Chillingworth (Lindsay) 4. Latimer (Michael) v Canning (Moira) and Canning (Archibald) 2010 NIQB 89McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7926Final.htm 90 KB
06 Sep 2010CUSP Limited and Toni and Guy (Ireland) Limited2010 NIQB 90Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7920Final.htm 39 KB
06 Sep 2010Stephen Hyndman and William Brown and Colin Bradley Limited2010 NIQB 94Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7908FInal.htm 83 KB
03 Sep 2010The Queen v Christopher Patrick Stokes, Martin Stokes and Edward Gabriel Stokes2010 NICC 31Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7931Final.htm 22 KB
03 Sep 2010JR30's (HN, a minor)Application2010 NIQB 86Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7929FINAL.htm 44 KB
03 Sep 2010Engalv (Ireland) Ltd's Application2010 NIQB 87Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7930Final.htm 22 KB
02 Sep 2010R v Eugene Lewis2010 NICC 30His Honour Judge BabingtonHTML Download - j_j_2010NICC30Final.htm 40 KB
02 Sep 2010Preorius's (Amanda Menzies) Application2010 NIQB 97Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7925final.htm 28 KB
02 Sep 2010Keru's (Kasumu Tunde) Application2010 NIQB 98Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7927FInal.htm 26 KB
31 Aug 2010Helen Doloughan and Terence Mulvanna and Northern Health and Care Social Trust2010 NIQB 88McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7919Finali.htm 46 KB
26 Aug 2010Titanic Quarter Limited v Neil Rowe2010 NICh 14Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_dee7887final.htm 33 KB
25 Aug 2010William McFarland and Norma Gordan2010 NIQB 84Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7918Final.htm 32 KB
04 Aug 2010Western Health and Social Services Trust v L and M2010 NIMag 3Meehan DJ (MC)HTML Download - j_j_2010NIMag3Final.htm 150 KB
30 Jul 2010Zaib Khan and Western Health and Social Services Trust2010 NIQB 92Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7891finali.htm 63 KB
29 Jul 2010Southern Health and Social Services Trust v F (Permanency Planning)2010 NIMag 2Meehan DJ (MC)HTML Download - j_j_2010NIMag2Final.htm 94 KB
21 Jul 2010Southern Health and Social Care Trust and RT and BF2010 NIFam 13Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7909Final.htm 56 KB
09 Jul 2010In the matter of an application by John Davey2010 NIQB 80Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7907Final.htm 27 KB
06 Jul 2010McAree's (Stephen)and Watson's (Patrick) Application2010 NIQB 79Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7904Final.htm 107 KB
05 Jul 2010Reilly's (James Clyde) Application2010 NIQB 78Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7902Final.htm 32 KB
30 Jun 2010Keith Holywood and The Law Society of Northern Ireland2010 NICA 30Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7883Final.htm 84 KB
30 Jun 2010The Queen v Paul Anthony McCaugherty Dermot Declan Gregory (aka Michael Dermot)2010 NICC 28Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7901Final.htm 155 KB
30 Jun 2010Arthurs (Brian and Paula) Application2010 NIQB 75Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7890Final.htm 75 KB
30 Jun 2010Hamido Megahead and Queen's University Belfast2010 NIQB 77McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7897Final.htm 175 KB
30 Jun 2010Brendan Cassidy v Department of Agriculture and Rural Development2010 NIQB 81Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7899Final.htm 25 KB
30 Jun 2010Terence Noel Liggett Denise Liggett trading as Period Homes v Melanie Brownlee also known ad Melanie Harrison2010 NIQB 83Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7913Final.htm 66 KB
29 Jun 2010Queen v Meehan (Paul Edward)2010 NICC 25Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7870final.htm 105 KB
29 Jun 2010In the matter of an application under the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries Amusements (Northern Ireland)Order 1985 between S P Graham Limited and North West Bookmakers Limited (Ladbrokes)2010 NICty 2His Honour Judge Piers GrantHTML Download - j_j_2010NICty2Final.htm 50 KB
29 Jun 2010Bridget O'Rawe and William Trimble Limited2010 NIQB 124Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7896Finalii.htm 33 KB
29 Jun 2010Margaret McGauley, Mark Campbell and Mark Shannon trading as Bernard Campbell Co, Solicitors v Multi Development UK Limited2010 NIQB 82Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7914Final.htm 45 KB
29 Jun 2010Folder2010 NIQB 124_22010 NIQB 124Gillen J 
28 Jun 2010In the matter of KW, EW and MW between Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and SM an EW.2010 NIFam 10Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7877Final.htm 59 KB
23 Jun 2010Sean Devine v Daniel McAteer2010 NICA 28Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7888Final.htm 23 KB
18 Jun 2010The Queen v Robert Dean Porter and Niall Regan2010 NICC 23Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7878FInal.htm 35 KB
18 Jun 2010Queen v Wallace (Mark)2010 NICC 24Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7849Final.htm 22 KB
18 Jun 2010R v John Michael McDermott, James Francis McDermott and Owen Roe McDermott2010 NICC 29Judge McFarlandHTML Download - j_j_2010NICC29Final.htm 60 KB
18 Jun 2010MG and TG2010 NIFam 11Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7863Final.htm 24 KB
18 Jun 2010H and W2010 NIFam 12Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7886Final.htm 28 KB
17 Jun 2010The Queen v Desmond Paul Kearnes, Paul Anthony John McCaugherty and Dermot Declan Gregory2010 NICC 32Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7906Final.htm 97 KB
17 Jun 2010In the matter of an application by Richard Alexander Donaldson for Judicial Review.2010 NIQB 144Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8080FINAL.htm 26 KB
17 Jun 2010Smyth (Thomas James) v Diamond (Lawerence); Phillips (Neville) v Ritchie (Elsie); Torrens (Henry James) v Tally (Majella); McCabe (Kathleen Teresa) v Moffett (Richard)2010 NIQB 74McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7889Final.htm 146 KB
14 Jun 2010In the matter of an application by Central Craigavon Limited for Judicial Review2010 NIQB 73Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7884Final.htm 51 KB
14 Jun 2010G and D (Forced marriage protection order) (No. 2)2010 NIFam 9Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7834Final.htm 45 KB
11 Jun 2010The Queen v Justin John Martin2010 NICA 26Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7885final.htm 19 KB
11 Jun 2010William James Young and Roberta Ann Young and Others 2010 NICh 11Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7882FInal.htm 51 KB
11 Jun 20101) Shanghai Tycoon Co Limited and 2) Orient International Holdings (HK) Marketing Co Limited v Gerard Dynes trading as Clonmore Plant Sales.2010 NIQB 76Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7894Final.htm 17 KB
10 Jun 2010Regina v Adian Quinn2010 NICC 27His Honour Judge GrantHTML Download - j_j_2010NICC27Final.htm 56 KB
09 Jun 2010Chakwana's (Tonderai) Application (Leave stage)2010 NIQB 72Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7873Final.htm 31 KB
07 Jun 2010An application by Chris Carter for leave to apply for Judicial Review2010 NIQB 69Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7879Final.htm 23 KB
04 Jun 2010The Queen v Michael Patrick Clarke and Stephen Paul McStravick - Sentencing Judgmnet2010 NICC 21McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7876Final.htm 41 KB
04 Jun 2010S v S2010 NIMaster 7Master RedpathHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMaster7final.htm 62 KB
02 Jun 2010Caoimhin Mac Giolla Cathain and The Northern Ireland Court Service2010 NICA 24Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7778Final.htm 24 KB
02 Jun 2010Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos and Kingdom of Spain2010 NIQB 68McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7861Final.htm 166 KB
02 Jun 2010Odyssey Cinema Limited and Village Theatres Three Limited and Sheridan Millennium Limited. 2010 NICA 25Girvan LJHTML Download - j_J_GIR7865Final.htm 50 KB
28 May 2010The Queen v Tonderai Chakwana2010 NICA 19Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7858Final.htm 25 KB
28 May 2010The Queen v DPMC and DJW2010 NICA 22Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7495Final.htm 35 KB
28 May 2010The Queen v Thmas Corrigan2010 NICA 23Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7872Final.htm 25 KB
28 May 2010The Queen v Dennis Patrick McCalmont and Dermot James Wade2010 NICA 27Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG7868Final.htm 75 KB
28 May 2010Trevyn Jay Nelson, a minor, Suing by his father and next friend Brian Nelson and Nutts Corner Circuit Limited (First named defendant) Ulster Karting Club Limited (Second named defendant; and) Super One - Series Limited.2010 NICh 12Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7880Final.htm 25 KB
27 May 2010Norbrook Laboatories Limited and The Veterinary Medicines Directorate2010 NICA 21Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7869Final.htm 46 KB
27 May 2010Terence Patrick Ewing and Times Newspapers Limited2010 NIQB 65McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7860Final.htm 69 KB
27 May 2010Chief Constable of the PSNI's Application 2010 NIQB 66Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7855Finali.htm 72 KB
27 May 2010Chief Constable of PSNI's Application (Leave Stage)2010 NIQB 91Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7917FInal.htm 24 KB
27 May 2010Karl Armstrong and Margaret Elaine Armstrong and Phelim Bernard Shiellds and Rosaleen Shields2010 NICh 10Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7874Final.htm 33 KB
26 May 2010Mary Baxter and Wildrose Properties Limited and Department for Regional Development.2010 NIQB 110Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TREH4992TFinal.htm 21 KB
26 May 2010Caitrin, Dona and Elliot (Pseudonyms) (No. 4)(Care proceedings: Final hearing) 2010 NIFam 8Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE7847Final.htm 149 KB
25 May 2010Andrew Allen v Burke Construction Limited2010 NICh 9Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7821Final.htm 29 KB
25 May 2010RM and TM (Care and Freeing Order)2010 NIFam 14Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR7915Final.htm 36 KB
20 May 2010The Queen v DS2010 NICA 18Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7857FINAL.htm 33 KB
20 May 2010The Official Receiver for Northern Ireland and Samuel David Stranaghan2010 NICh 8Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7853Final.htm 24 KB
20 May 2010Lavery Limited and Morton Newspapers Limited2010 NIQB 61Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7850Final.htm 28 KB
20 May 2010Charles Brand Limited v Donegall Quay Limited2010 NIQB 67Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7856Final.htm 39 KB
19 May 2010LW's (acting by her mother JB) Application2010 NIQB 62McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7866Final.htm 178 KB
18 May 2010Laurence Rush and The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (formerly known as the Royal Ulster Constabulary) and The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland2010 NIMaster 6Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMaster6Final.htm 121 KB
17 May 2010Wilcox's (Yvonne) Application2010 NIQB 70Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7851Final.htm 30 KB
17 May 2010Blackburns Application (Leave Stage)2010 NIQB 71Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7852FInal.htm 29 KB
14 May 2010The Queen v Amir Esmaily2010 NICC 20Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7838Final.htm 27 KB
14 May 2010Christopher McGaughey and Sunday Newspapers Limited2010 NICh 7McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7841Final.htm 58 KB
13 May 2010Queen v AG2010 NICA 20Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR7859Final.htm 22 KB
12 May 2010In the matter of an application by Ian Rea for Judicial Review and in the matter of a decision of the Prison Service of Northern Ireland.2010 NIQB 63Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7844Final.htm 37 KB
11 May 2010F B McKee Compnay Limited v North West Regional College (formerly Limavady College of Further Higher Education)2010 NIQB 59Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7848Final.htm 21 KB
10 May 2010Sean Fegan and Assistant Chief Constable E W Anderson and the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2010 NICA 17Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7837Final.htm 60 KB
10 May 2010Reilly's (James Clyde) Application 2010 NIQB 56Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7846Final.htm 36 KB
10 May 2010Kevin Kennedy and Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Francis Devlin and Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.2010 NIQB 57Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7839Finali.htm 38 KB
07 May 2010Queen v McNally (Martin Leo)[2010] NICC 15Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7801FInal.htm 25 KB
07 May 2010Queen v Quinn (Brendan)[2010] NICC 17Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7800Final.htm 23 KB
07 May 2010Queen v Dunauskas (Andrius) and Balseris (Ramunas)[2010] NICC 17Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7796Final.htm 23 KB
07 May 2010The Queen v Kevin Crilly2010 NICC 19Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7843Final.htm 53 KB
07 May 2010The Queen v Robert Black2010 NICC 18Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR7830Final.htm 32 KB
06 May 2010Patrick Ferran and Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2010 NI Master 4Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMaster4Final.htm 77 KB
05 May 2010In the matter of an application for Judicial Review by Richard Walsh2010 NIQB 55Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7842Final.htm 59 KB
29 Apr 2010In the matter of an application by Kenneth Dunn for Judicial Review.2010 NIQB 54McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL7836Final.htm 75 KB
27 Apr 2010The Queen v Thomas Reynolds2010 NICA 15Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_[2010]NICA15iscurrentlynotavailable.htm 3 KB
27 Apr 2010Daniel McAteer and Aine McAteer and Sanjeev Guram and Anoop Guram2010 NICA 16Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR7828Final.htm 2 KB
27 Apr 2010An application for Judicial Review by Feargal Magennis2010 NIQB 53Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7835Final.htm 38 KB
27 Apr 2010McCabe's (Jim) Application 2010 NIQB 58Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG7803Final.htm 77 KB
21 Apr 2010Mary Philomena Donnelly and Patrick Gerard Donnelly2010 NIMaster 5Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2010NIMaster5Final.htm 54 KB
20 Apr 2010Unlsterbus Limited and John Sufferin2010 NIQB 52Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7820Final.htm 22 KB
16 Apr 2010McCormick (Steven) v Short Brothers PLC2010 NICA 14Sir John SheilHTML Download - j_j_SHE7811Final.htm 30 KB
16 Apr 2010In the matter of an application by Debbie Morrison for Judicial Review2010 NIQB 51Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7827Final.htm 120 KB
14 Apr 2010James Hugh Allister and Ian Paisley Junior , Derek J Douglas and J C Print Limited.2010 NIQB 48Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL7825Final.htm 41 KB
13 Apr 2010In the matter of EG (a child) between MA and JG2010 NIFam 7Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI7810Final.htm 33 KB
13 Apr 2010An application for Judicial Review by James Clyde Reilly2010 NIQB 46Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7822Final.htm 110 KB
13 Apr 2010Donaldsons (Richard Alexander) Application (Leave Stage) 2010 NIQB 47Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE7823Final.htm 57 KB
09 Apr 2010An application for Judicial Review by James Junior McKinstry Craig2010 NIQB 45Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7784Final.htm 62 KB
31 Mar 2010An application for Judicial Review by Sandale Developments Limited.2010 NIQB 43Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7765Final.htm 92 KB
31 Mar 2010An application for Judicial Review by Norbrook Laboratories Limited.2010 NIQB 44Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA7789Final.htm 65 KB