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23 Dec 2011In the Matter of an Application by CPNI for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 132Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8399Final.htm 110 KB
21 Dec 2011In the Matter of an Application by Aidan Grew for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review and In the Matter of a Decision of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2011 NIQB 130Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8392Final.htm 29 KB
21 Dec 2011Barry Matchett v Heather Hamilton2011 NIQB 131McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8391Final.htm 37 KB
20 Dec 2011In a Matter of an Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review by Dimitris Olchov and in the Matter of Decisions taken by the Parole Commissioners on 4 February 2011 and 2 March 20112011 NICA 73Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8390Final.htm 23 KB
16 Dec 2011The Queen v James John Stewart Caswell2011 NICA 71Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8388Final.htm 25 KB
16 Dec 2011Louis McGettigan v Short Brothers PLC 2011 NICty 4Her Honour Judge McReynoldsHTML Download - j_j_2011NICty4Final.htm 78 KB
13 Dec 2011In the Matter of an Application by Kevin Barry Nolan for Judicial Review of a Decision of a District Judge (Magistrates' Courts) made on 23 August 20112011 NIQB 128Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8375Final.htm 62 KB
13 Dec 2011Stephen Larkin v De La Salle Provincialate2011 NIQB 129Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8379Final.htm 59 KB
09 Dec 2011G and D (Forced marriage protection order) (No. 4)2011 NIFam 21Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STEH6108TFinal.htm 21 KB
08 Dec 2011The Queen v Robert Black2011 NICC 40Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8384Final.htm 40 KB
07 Dec 2011Alistair Nigel Hayes v Marlyn McGuigan, Thomas John McGuigan, Gabriel McGuigan, Wendy Clarke, Noeleen McGinley and Thomas James McGuigan 2011 NICh 25Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8303Final.htm 52 KB
07 Dec 2011Re A (A Child) (Abduction)2011 NIFam 20Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL8374Final.htm 54 KB
06 Dec 2011In the Matter of an Application by Robert Howard for Judicial Review and In the Matter of Decisions of the Senior Coroner2011 NIQB 125Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8382Final.htm 65 KB
02 Dec 2011Sean Devine v Daniel McAteer [No. 3]2011 NICh 27Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEEB6109TFinal.htm 47 KB
02 Dec 2011Drew King v Sunday Newspapers Limited2011 NIQB 126Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8378Final.htm 38 KB
01 Dec 2011The Queen v Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers2011 NICC 37Hart JWord Download - HAR8380Final - Approved.doc 105 KBPDF Download - HAR8380Final - Approved.pdf 170 KB
01 Dec 2011In the Matter of an Application by DGD for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision of the Minister of Justice taken on or about 3 March 20112011 NIQB 123Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8377Final.htm 52 KB
25 Nov 2011The Queen v Gerard Connors2011 NICC 35Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8357Final.htm 49 KB
25 Nov 2011The Queen v Paul Stockman2011 NICC 36Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8362Final.htm 40 KB
25 Nov 2011Domestic Sheepskins (UK) Limited v John McDermott and Sean McDermott, Trading as J S Hides Company2011 NIQB 120McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8373Final.htm 88 KB
25 Nov 2011Barry McGurgan v Christopher Cairns and Connor Devine2011 NIQB 127Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8376Final.htm 44 KB
24 Nov 2011The Queen v Stephen Leslie Brown (also known as Stephen Leslie Revels) 2011 NICA 70Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8349Final.htm 32 KB
22 Nov 2011Phillips’ (Ralph) and McKinstry’s (James Junior) Applications2011 NICA 68Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8350Final.htm 160 KB
22 Nov 2011Mark Christopher Breslin (by himself and on behalf of the estate of Geraldine Breslin), Catherina Anne Gallagher, Michael James Gallagher (by himself and on behalf of the estate of Adrian Gallagher), Edmund William Gibson, Stanley James McComb (by himself and on behalf of the estate of Anne McComb), Marian Elaine Radford (by herself and on behalf of the estate of Alan Radford), Paul William Radford, Colin David James Wilson, Denise Francesca Wilson, Garry Godfrey Charles Wilson, Geraldine Ann Wilson (by herself and on behalf of the estate of Lorraine Wilson), Godfrey David Wilson (by himself and on behalf of the estate of Lorraine Wilson) v John Michael McKevitt (sued on his own behalf and/or as representing the Real Irish Republican Army ("RIRA") and/or the Army Council and/or leaders and/or members of RIRA), Liam Campbell (sued on his own behalf and/or as representing RIRA and/or Army Council and/or leaders and/or members of RIRA), Michael Colum Murphy, Seamus Daly2011 NICA 69Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8351Final.htm 31 KB
21 Nov 2011Emen Bassey v Secretary of State for the Home Department2011 NICA 67Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8361Final.htm 107 KB
21 Nov 2011R v Mark John Boyd2011 NICC 34His Honour Judge BurgessHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC34Final.htm 31 KB
21 Nov 2011Regina v Robert McCullough2011 NICC 42His Honour Judge SmythHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC42Final.htm 30 KB
18 Nov 2011Liam Kinney v Sarah McKittrick2011 NICh 24Deeny JOther Download - j_j_DEEH6104.TFinal.htm 52 KB
18 Nov 2011Swift Advances PLC v Eamon McConnaghie2011 NIMaster 12Master Ellison HTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster12Final.htm 34 KB
18 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application by JR63 for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision of the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland2011 NIQB 109Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8372Final.htm 59 KB
18 Nov 2011Resource (NI) v Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service2011 NIQB 121McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8360Final.htm 204 KB
16 Nov 2011Lesley McCaughan v Belwood Homes Limited2011 NIMaster 11Master EllisonHTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster11Final.htm 34 KB
15 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application by Michael Irwin for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 107Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8370Final.htm 52 KB
11 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application by LS Banbridge Phase 2 LTD for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision by the Department of Environment of Northern Ireland (Planning Service) dated 1 December 2009 to refuse planning permission for the development of a superstore at Bridgewater Retail Park, Banbridge 2011 NIQB 106Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8369Final.htm 171 KB
11 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application by Bryan Grindy for a Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Subjiciendum and for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review and In the Matter of an Application by Andrew McCallum for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 108Morgan LCJ and McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MORH6098TFinal.htm 83 KB
10 Nov 2011Kevin Donnelly v Police Service of Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Court Service2011 NICA 66Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8363Final.htm 34 KB
10 Nov 2011Peter Gerard Curistan v Thomas Martin Keenan and Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited 2011 NICh 23McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8354Final.htm 169 KB
10 Nov 2011Re A (adoption; unreasonable withholding of consent)2011 NIFam 19Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8368Final.htm 23 KB
08 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application by McNamee and McDonnell Solicitors for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 104Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8367Final.htm 131 KB
08 Nov 2011In the Matter of an Application for Judicial Review by JM and In the Matter of an Application for Judicial Review by WM (a minor) by his father and next friend JM 2011 NIQB 105Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8366FINAL.htm 108 KB
28 Oct 2011The Law Society of Northern Ireland (as Attorney of A) v B2011 NICh 21McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL7893Final.htm 127 KB
28 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision by the Secretary of State for the Home Department2011 NIQB 100Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8359Final.htm 38 KB
28 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application by Ahmet Sevinc for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 99Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8358Final.htm 51 KB
27 Oct 2011In the Matter of Applications by Siegnerella Elaine Flaneur and Siegnette Elaine Flaneur for Judicial Review2011 NICA 72Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8356Final2.htm 122 KB
27 Oct 2011Ciaran Donnelly v Bernadine Mary Hegarty as Personal Representative of James Donnelly, deceased2011 NICh 22Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEEH6097TFinal.htm 18 KB
25 Oct 2011Margaret Anne McVeigh (formerly McAleer) v Patrick James McAleer2011 NIFam 18Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8347Final.htm 26 KB
25 Oct 2011Colma McKee as Vice Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Colaiste Feirste v The Department of Education Northern Ireland2011 NIQB 98Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8352Final.htm 69 KB
19 Oct 2011Dr Leo Joseph Casey v The General Medical Council2011 NIQB 133Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8364TFinal.htm 14 KB
19 Oct 2011Dr Leo Joseph Casey v The General Medical Council[2011] NIQB 95Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8326Final.htm 44 KB
19 Oct 2011Sean Devlin v Wilson Wright2011 NIQB 97Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8330Final.htm 14 KB
18 Oct 2011Noel F. Moore and Martin F. Grimley (Practising as Moore Grimley Chartered Accountants) v Rodney Williamson, Trading as Commercial Vehicle Sales, Williamson Properties, RW Farm and Normandy Inn[2011] NICh 20McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8343Final.htm 58 KB
14 Oct 2011~P~ (Foreign adoption: Original documents from country of origin)2011 NIFam 17Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8315Final.htm 43 KB
13 Oct 2011In the Matter of Scott McHugh an Applicant for Bail[2011] NIQB 90Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8337Final.htm 37 KB
13 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application by JR 61 for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 92Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8339Final.htm 57 KB
13 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application by Bernard Eric Koungou for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a decision by an Immigration Officer dated 26 November 20102011 NIQB 93Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8340Final.htm 30 KB
12 Oct 2011James Robert Peifer v Limavady High School and Western Education and Library Board[2011] NICA 65Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8322Final.htm 28 KB
12 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application by Michael Murphy for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision of the Northern Ireland Prison Service[2011] NIQB 91Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8328Final.htm 17 KB
11 Oct 2011An Application by JR 56 for Judicial Review (No.2)[2011] NIQB 89Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8336Final.htm 39 KB
07 Oct 2011R v PH2011 NICA 64Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8335Final.htm 27 KB
07 Oct 2011The Queen v Karen Walsh[2011] NICC 32 Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8321Final.html 23 KB
07 Oct 2011Roberta Ann Young v Andrew Sydney Hamilton, James Samuel Hamilton, Margaret Joan Hamilton, David Russell, Thomasina Phyllis Alexandra Russell, David Boyd, Lorraine Thompson (formerly practising as Thompsons Solicitors)[2011] NICh 19Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8331Final.htm 78 KB
07 Oct 2011Aidan McKeever v Ministry of Defence2011 NIQB 87Treacy JWord Download - j_j_TRE8332Final.doc 76 KB
07 Oct 2011In the Matter of an Application by Niall Malachy Ward for Leave to apply for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a decision of the District Judge of Armagh and South Down on 22 June 2010[2011] NIQB 88Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8318Final.htm 36 KB
06 Oct 2011An Application by John Finucane for Judicial Review 2011 NIQB 86Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8327Final.htm 77 KB
05 Oct 2011Pace Telecom Ltd v Angela McAuley2011 NICA 63Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8257Final.htm 45 KB
05 Oct 2011Warner Chilcott UK Ltd and Caridian BCT NI Ltd’s Application 2011 NIQB 137Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8329Final.htm 43 KB
30 Sep 2011Carolyn Barnes v Belfast City Council[2011] NICty 3Rodgers JHTML Download - j_j_2011NICty3Final.htm 57 KB
29 Sep 2011Surefac Limited v Michael Heaney[2011] NICh 17Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8316Final.htm 28 KB
29 Sep 2011Ulster Bank Ireland Limited and Ulster Bank Limited (As Security Trustee for the Finance Parties v Michael Adrian Taggart and John Desmond Taggart2011 NIQB 85McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8320Final.htm 29 KB
28 Sep 2011PPS v William Elliott and Robert McKee2011 NICA 61Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8300Final.htm 66 KB
28 Sep 2011Dorothy Moffatt v John Laurence Moffatt[2011] NICh 18Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8312Final.htm 37 KB
28 Sep 2011Anne Bones v Stephen Robinson2011 NICh 26Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEEH6110TFinal.htm 48 KB
28 Sep 2011Seamus Treacy QC, Fiona Doherty BL, Trevor Smyth and Company Solicitors v The Lord Chancellor Seamus Treacy QC, Ronan Daly BL, John J Rice and Company Solicitors v The Lord Chancellor[2011] NIQB 80Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8314Final.htm 38 KB
27 Sep 2011K v The Public Prosecution Service2011 NICA 57Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8297Final.htm 59 KB
27 Sep 2011The Queen v J Crolly2011 NICA 58Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8299Final.htm 55 KB
27 Sep 2011Regina v Keelan Lee O'Neil2011 NICC 33His Honour Judge Grant HTML Download - j_j_2011NICC33final.htm 40 KB
26 Sep 2011Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Limited, FB McKee and Company Limited and Desmond Scott and Philip Ewing Trading as Woodvale Construction Company Limited v Department of Education Northern Ireland[2011] NICA 59Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8309Final.htm 83 KB
26 Sep 2011Mclaughlin and Harvey Limited and Department Of Finance And Personnel[2011] NICA 60Morgan LCJHTML Download - MOR8310.html 44 KB
26 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application by Michael Taggart for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review and in the Matter of a Decision of the Planning Appeals Commission for Northern Ireland2011 NIQB 82Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8313Final2.htm 66 KB
23 Sep 2011Queen v Cyril Hamilton2011 NICA 56Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8287Final.htm 45 KB
23 Sep 2011PBNI v Michael Jones2011 NICA 62Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8325Final.htm 30 KB
22 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application by JR 54 for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 77Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8307Final.htm 41 KB
21 Sep 2011Liam Holden (Personal Representative of Pauline Bowden (deceased)) v The Whiterock Health Centre, Dr C Wasson, Dr P Hagan, and Dr D Beirne 2011 NIMaster 8Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster8Final.htm 38 KB
21 Sep 2011Zoltan Szabo and Zoltanne Szabo (as personal representatives of Zoltan Szabo, deceased) v Damien Caldwell trading as DC Tyres and Monica Rozalia Hadoba's (Non-party)2011 NIMaster 9Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2011 NIMaster 9 Final.htm 41 KB
20 Sep 2011In the Matter of TM and WD2011 NICC 31His Honour Judge BurgessHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC31FINAL.htm 23 KB
20 Sep 2011The Queen v Mariano Periera and Marito Soares2011 NICC 39His Honour Judge McFarland HTML Download - j_j_2011NICC39Final.htm 77 KB
20 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application by Daryl McRandal for Leave to apply for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 83Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8298FINAL.htm 49 KB
19 Sep 2011Queen v Francisco Notorantonio2011 NICA 54Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8277Final.htm 24 KB
16 Sep 2011Christopher McGaughey v Sunday Papers Ltd2011 NICA 51Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8291Final.htm 28 KB
16 Sep 2011R v Stephen Gordon Warnock2011 NICA 52Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8292Final.htm 27 KB
16 Sep 2011Queen v Christopher Stokes and others2011 NICA 53Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8294Final.htm 50 KB
16 Sep 2011Drew Robert King v Sunday Newspapers Limited2011 NIQB 101Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8302Final.htm 29 KB
16 Sep 2011Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Limited v Brunswick (8 Lanyon Place) Limited2011 NIQB 102Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8305Final.htm 40 KB
16 Sep 2011James McKee v Prudential Assurance Company Limited2011 NIQB 103Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8306Final.htm 29 KB
16 Sep 2011In the Matter of Neil Montgomery for Judicial Review 2011 NIQB 134Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8301Final.htm 35 KB
16 Sep 2011An Application by JR56 for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 78Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_Tre8296Final.htm 31 KB
15 Sep 2011An Application by Sarah McKiernan for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 135Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8295Final.htm 34 KB
14 Sep 2011R v Leon Owens[2011] NICA 48Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8267Final.htm 26 KB
14 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application for Judicial Review by NJ2011 NIQB 122Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8289Final.htm 79 KB
14 Sep 2011Traffic Signs and Equipment Ltd and David Connolly's Application (Leave Stage)2011 NIQB 81Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8290Final.htm 36 KB
13 Sep 2011R v S R2011 NICA 49Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8286Final.htm 25 KB
08 Sep 2011Queen v Paul Anthony McCaugherty and Dermot Declan Gregory2011 NICA 45Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8270Final.htm 41 KB
08 Sep 2011Queen v Kenneth Hamilton2011 NICA 46Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8269Final.htm 32 KB
08 Sep 2011Queen v Richard Brown2011 NICA 47Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8276Final.htm 24 KB
08 Sep 2011The Queen v JSK2011 NICA 44Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8268Final.htm 32 KB
07 Sep 2011McNamee and McDonnell's Application (Leave Stage)2011 NICA 40Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8266Final.htm 24 KB
07 Sep 2011CM v A Health and Social Services Trust2011 NICA 41Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8264Final.htm 47 KB
07 Sep 2011Queen v Mark Francis Kennedy and Stephen Kennedy2011 NICA 42Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8265Final.htm 17 KB
07 Sep 2011Queen v Desmond Andrew Heaney2011 NICA 43Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8278Final.htm 24 KB
07 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application by W for Judicial Review In the Matter of an Application by X for leave to apply for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 76Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8283Final.htm 92 KB
06 Sep 2011Norbrook Laboratoires Ltd v DOE2011 NICA 38Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8271Final.htm 35 KB
06 Sep 2011In the Matter of an Application by James Davidson for Judicial Review2011 NICA 39Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8262Final.htm 30 KB
06 Sep 2011Hugh Steed and Fionnuala Stockton v Michael Petty and Rosemary Steed2011 NIMaster 7Master BellWord Download - j_j_2011NIMaster7FINAL.doc 108 KB
06 Sep 2011Swift Advances PLC v Conor Maguire and Martina McManus2011 NICh 16Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8282Final.htm 58 KB
26 Aug 2011The Queen v Karen Walsh (No 2) 2011 NICC 30Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8280Final.htm 52 KB
24 Aug 2011Leanne Smith as Personal Representative and Administratrix of the estate of David Joseph McLoughlin (Deceased) v Rodney Wilgar t/a Wilgar Contracts2011 NIQB 67Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8254FInal.htm 61 KB
24 Aug 2011An Application by Brendan Conway & Eamon Hutchinson for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 68Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8281Final.htm 40 KB
19 Aug 2011In the Matter of an Application by Hubert Waton (on behalf of Dollingstown Football Club) And in the Matter of the Decision of an Independent Arbitration Panel handed down on 13 July 20112011 NIQB 66Coghlin JHTML Download - j_j_COG8275Final.htm 88 KB
18 Aug 2011Margaret Anne McVeigh v Patrick James McAleer2011 NIMaster 6Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster6Final.htm 40 KB
12 Aug 2011The Queen v Liam Holden2011 NICA 35Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8263Final - 2011 NICA 35.htm 19 KB
05 Aug 2011Connelly's (James) Application2011 NIQB 62Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8261Final - [2011] NIQB 62.htm 41 KB
29 Jul 2011Sunday Newspapers Ltd’s Application 2011 NIQB 136Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8262Final.htm 27 KB
27 Jul 2011Stothers (M&E) Limited v Leeway Stothers Limited2011 NIQB 73Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8260Final.htm 19 KB
27 Jul 2011The Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners v W S Atkins Consultants Limited and Charles Brand Limited2011 NIQB 74Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8259Final.htm 31 KB
22 Jul 2011In the Matter of an Application By Aaron Moffat for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 65Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8258Final.htm 148 KB
14 Jul 2011M v M (In relation to C, M and T Wrongful Retention: return order)2011 NICA 36Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8279Final.htm 46 KB
14 Jul 2011H and P (Residence Application2011 NIFam 16Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8247FINAL - [2011] NIFam 16.htm 74 KB
14 Jul 2011John Smith (pseudonyms) (Application for bail)2011 NIQB 69Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8168Final.htm 42 KB
08 Jul 2011An Application for Judicial Review by JR 522011 NIQB 64Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8255Final.htm 22 KB
08 Jul 2011An Application for Judicial Review by Dimitris Olchov2011 NIQB 70Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8256Final.htm 80 KB
07 Jul 2011Breslin (Mark Christopher) and others v McKevitt (John Michael) and others 2011 NICA 33Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8088FInal.htm 274 KBHTML Download - j_j_hig8088summary.htm 55 KB
05 Jul 2011Rutledge Recruitment and Training Ltd v Department for Employment and Learning and Department of Finance and Personnel2011 NIQB 61McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8246FINAL.htm 148 KB
04 Jul 2011A v A Health and Social Services Trust and E2011 NICA 32Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8243FINAL.htm 50 KB
01 Jul 2011Queen v Wong (William)2011 NICC 43His Honour Judge BurgessHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC43Final.htm 30 KB
30 Jun 2011The Queen v Adam Smyth2011 NICA 30Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8238FINAL.htm 36 KB
30 Jun 2011Queen v Grew (Aidan) and McLaughlin (Hilary Patrick) AND Queen v Mackle (Patrick) and Mackle (Plunkett) and Mackle (Benedict)2011 NICA 31Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8189FINAL.htm 83 KB
30 Jun 2011JAKUB AND DAWID (pseudonyms) (No.2) (Application for directions to facilitate the enforcement of a Polish court order)2011 NIFam 12Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE7723Final.htm 56 KB
30 Jun 2011South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust v B H2011 NIFam 13Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8237Final.htm 63 KB
30 Jun 2011In the matter of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 between Northern Health and Social Care Trust and CM CL2011 NIFam 14Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8225Final.htm 46 KB
30 Jun 2011Bruce's (Laura) Application and Dogru's (Cuneyt) Application (Leave Stage)2011 NIQB 60McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8153Final.htm 68 KB
30 Jun 2011FIRST4SKILLS Limited -v- Department for Employment and Learning2011 NIQB 59McCLOSKEY JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8241Final.htm 117 KB
30 Jun 2011Mother of G and D v Belfast Health and Social Services Trust2011 NICA 55Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8214Final.htm 118 KB
30 Jun 2011Terence Patrick Ewing v Times Newspapers Limited2011 NIQB 63Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8231Final.htm 74 KB
30 Jun 2011The Personal Representative of the Estate of Samuel Stephenson, deceased and Louis McLaughlin v Department for Social Development2011 NIQB 72Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8215Final.htm 41 KB
29 Jun 2011Lavinmore LLP v Penfield Properties Limited, McCartan Turkington and Breen and Derek Kane2011 NICh 15Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8245Final.htm 24 KB
29 Jun 2011Proceeds of Crime Agency v Sean Gerard Hughes and Others2011 NIQB 71Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8242Final.htm 23 KB
28 Jun 2011R-v- Robert John Anderson2011 NICC 28His Honour Judge BabingtonHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC28Final.htm 36 KB
27 Jun 2011Terry Rooney-Telford and New Look Retailers Limited2011 NICA 26Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8223final.htm 26 KB
27 Jun 2011John Edward Spence and Department of Agriculture and Regional Development2011 NICA 27Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8207Final.htm 39 KB
24 Jun 2011Queen v Chang Hai Zhang2011 NICA 25Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8201Final.htm 83 KB
24 Jun 2011A and B by C (Their Mother and Next Friend) v A Health and Social Services Trust2011 NICA 28Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8216FINAL.htm 23 KBHTML Download - j_sj_A-and-B-v-Health-Social-Services-Trust_240611.html 8 KB
24 Jun 2011R v William Wilkinson2011 NICA 29Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8203Final.htm 45 KB
24 Jun 2011The Queen v Stephen Alister, Dermot Paul Anderson and David Curran2011 NICC 29McLaughlin JHTML Download - j_j_McL8218Final.htm 75 KB
24 Jun 2011Christine Hamilton, a minor v Department of Regional Development2011 NIQB 56Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8236FINAL.htm 29 KB
23 Jun 2011Proceeds of Crime Agency v Seamus Mullan 2011 NIQB 55Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8226Final.htm 28 KBHTML Download - j_j_TRE8226Summary.htm 13 KB
23 Jun 2011The Queen v Paul James Morrin2011 NICA 24Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8217Final.htm 36 KB
23 Jun 2011The Law Society of Northern Ireland v John R Monteith2011 NICh 13Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8273Final.htm 26 KB
22 Jun 2011Odyssey Pavilion LLP (IN ADMINISTRATION) and Sheridan Millenium v Marcus Ward Limited and Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited2011 NICh 10Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8175FINAL - 2011 NICh 10.htm 78 KB
21 Jun 2011Tesco Stores Limited v Department of the Environment Planning Service2011 NICA 23Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8204final.htm 32 KB
21 Jun 2011Proceeds of Crime Agency v Sayers2011 NIQB 54Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8220FINAL.htm 28 KB
17 Jun 2011William McAteer v Stuart Kirkpatrick2011 NIQB 52McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8208Final.htm 84 KB
17 Jun 2011The Queen v Stephen O'Brien2011 NICA 74Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8418Final.htm 26 KB
17 Jun 2011The Queen v Denise Marie Boyd2011 NICA 22Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8196Final - 2011 NICA 22.htm 27 KB
17 Jun 2011The Queen v Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers2011 NICC 27McLaughlin JHTML Download - j_j_McL8185FINAL - 2011 NICC 27.htm 2 KB
17 Jun 2011Mark McNulty v Steven Hamilton2011 NIQB 53McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8213FINAL - 2011 NIQB 53.htm 19 KB
17 Jun 2011Adam Mahood v Mark McDonnell and O'Kane Poultry Limited2011 NIQB 57McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8212Final.htm 17 KB
14 Jun 2011Siemens A.G. V Seagate Technology (Ireland)2011 NICh 12DEENY JHTML Download - j_j_DEE7953 - Summary.htm 12 KBHTML Download - j_j_DEE7953Final.htm 182 KB
14 Jun 2011CD's Application (No 2) [2011] NICA 212011 NICA 21Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_Mor8209final.htm 44 KB
13 Jun 2011FSA and Forsythe De Dietrich2011 NICh 11Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8211FINAL.htm 20 KB
13 Jun 2011Northern Bank Limited and Rhona Margaret Guy2011 NI Master 5Master EllisonHTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster5Final - 2011 NI Master 5.htm 21 KB
10 Jun 2011Duncan McLuckie v The Coroner for Nothern Ireland2011 NICA 34Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8192Final.htm 69 KB
10 Jun 2011Regina v Roy Kerr2011 NICA 20Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8202Final - 2011 NICA 20.htm 68 KB
10 Jun 2011The Republic of Poland v Andrzej Jacek Szysler2011 NICty 2Grant JHTML Download - j_j_2011NICty2FINAL.htm 71 KB
10 Jun 2011George Patterson, Trading as Patterson Oil and James Walker, Trading as Redon Fuels2011 NIQB 50McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8205Final - 2011 NIQB 50.htm 57 KB
09 Jun 2011In the matter of an Application by L B for leave to apply for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 51Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE6071-judgment unavailable.htm 5 KB
09 Jun 2011In the Matter of an Application by LB for leave to apply for Judicial Review[2011] NIQB 51Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE6071Final.htm 24 KB
09 Jun 2011The Queen v Stephen O'Brien2011 NICA 37McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8206FINAL.htm 4 KB
08 Jun 2011Queen v Aidan Quinn2011 NICA 19Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8195Final.htm 23 KBHTML Download - j_j_MOR8195-Summary.htm 15 KB
08 Jun 2011MM, a minor acting by CM, her mother and next friend v Western Health and Social Services Board2011 NIQB 48Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8193FINAL.htm 38 KB
07 Jun 2011In the matter of an application by Central Craigavon Limited for Judicial Review 2011 NICA 17Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8181FINAL.htm 79 KBPDF Download - j_sj_In-re-Central-Craigavon-Ltd_070611.pdf 64 KB
07 Jun 2011The Queen v M2011 NICA 18Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8191FINAL.htm 32 KB
07 Jun 2011Robert James Shaw and Deirdre Kathleen Shaw v James J Macaulay Solicitors2011 NIQB 45McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8200FINAL.htm 36 KB
07 Jun 2011Robert James Shaw and Deirdre Elizabeth Shaw v Lawrence Patterson2011 NIQB 46McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8199FINAL.htm 63 KB
06 Jun 2011In a matter of an application for Judicial Review by MT (Zimbabwe)2011 NICA 16Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8190FINAL.htm 41 KB
06 Jun 2011DONA (a pseudonym) (No. 7) (Application to discharge care order)2011 NIFam 8Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8167Final.htm 62 KB
03 Jun 2011In the Matter of an Application by Brendan Conway for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 49Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8198Final - 2011 NIQB 49.htm 18 KB
02 Jun 2011Queen v Martin Raymond Jude Murray, Liam Patrick Kevin Murray, Kevin Michael Charles Toye William McDonagh2011 NICC 26Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8194final.htm 76 KBPDF Download - j_sj_ R_v_Martin_Murray_and_others020611.pdf 76 KB
01 Jun 2011Queen v Aaron Wallace (No. 2)2011 NICA 15Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8188Final.htm 2 KB
31 May 2011Keith Anderson v The Information Commissioner2011 NIQB 44Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8149FINAL.htm 62 KB
26 May 2011In the Matter of an Application by Stephen Crawford for Judicial Review2011 NIQB 75Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8249Final.htm 46 KB
24 May 2011R v Stephen Leslie Brown (Also known as Stephen Leslie Revels)2011 NICA 11Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8184Final.htm 76 KBHTML Download - j_j_MOR8184Summary.htm 16 KB
24 May 2011Iris Robinson v Sunday Newspapers Limited2011 NICA 13Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8183FINAL-Redacted.htm 34 KB
24 May 2011The Queen v Michael Philip McGleenon2011 NICC 24Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8179Final.htm 32 KB
23 May 2011The Queen v James Oliver Meehan, Brenda Dolores Meehan and Sean Devenney2011 NICA 10Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_Mor8182Final.htm 62 KB
23 May 2011The Queen v Paul James Morrin2011 NICA 14Hart JHTML Download - j_j_Har8158Final.htm 95 KB
20 May 2011The Queen -v- Kenneth Mark McConnell[2011]NICC 23Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8163FINAL.htm 34 KBHTML Download - j_sj_R-v-Kenneth-McConnell_170511.html 10 KB
16 May 2011John Joseph Rice and Yvonne McEvoy2011 NICA 9Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8161Final.htm 60 KB
16 May 2011McC v McC2011 NIMaster 4Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2011NIMaster4final.htm 33 KB
13 May 2011The Queen v Conor McVeigh2011 NICC 21Hart JHTML Download - j_j_HAR8139FINAL.htm 25 KBHTML Download - j_sj_R_V_ConorMcVeigh_13May11.html 9 KB
12 May 2011Queen v Alan Archibald2011 NICC 22Her Honour Judge SmythHTML Download - j_j_2011NICC22Final.htm 41 KBHTML Download - j_sj_ R_v_AlanArchibald_12May11.html 8 KB