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29 May 2013H and W2012 NIFam 8Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8494Final.htm 71 KB
31 Dec 2012Bates (Felim) and William P Keegan2012 NIQB 103McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8697Final.htm 28 KB
31 Dec 2012Lowry Brothers Ltd and Albert George Wilson, trading as A G Wilson and Northern Ireland Water Ltd2012 NIQB 105McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8694Final-PUBLISH.htm 57 KB
21 Dec 2012Corey’s (Martin) Application 2012 NICA 57Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8693Final-PUBLISH.htm 58 KB
21 Dec 2012Swift Advances PLC and Francis and Florence Marron2012 NIMaster 9Master Ellison HTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster9Final.htm 52 KB
21 Dec 2012Clarke (Colin) and Lyndsay McCullough2012 NIQB 104McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8680FINAL.htm 134 KB
21 Dec 2012A’s Application2012 NIQB 106Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8692Final.htm 90 KB
21 Dec 2012Corbo Properties’ Application 2012 NIQB 107Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8688Final-PUBLISH 17th April final.htm 104 KB
21 Dec 2012JR 55’s Application 2012 NIQB 108Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8710Final.htm 92 KB
21 Dec 2012Musgrave Retail Partners (NI) Ltd’s Application (Leave stage) 2012 NIQB 109Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG8684Final.htm 63 KB
20 Dec 2012Norbrook Laboratories and Peter Maguire and Gerard Trainor2012 NICh 32Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8641Final.htm 96 KB
20 Dec 2012O v P2012 NICty 5Meehan, District Judge (MC) HTML Download - j_j_2012NICty5Final.htm 222 KB
20 Dec 2012McVeigh’s (David) Application 2012 NIQB 101Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8674Final.htm 62 KB
20 Dec 2012Wilson’s (Jason) Application2012 NIQB 102Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8695Final-PUBLISH.htm 30 KB
19 Dec 2012Queen v Udaykamaur Joshi2012 NICA 56Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8686Final.htm 51 KB
19 Dec 2012The Queen v Jeff Colin Lewis, Christopher Francis Kerr and Aaron Cavana Wallace2012 NICA 61Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8687Final.htm 24 KB
12 Dec 2012Queen v Wong (William)2012 NICA 54Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8571Final-PUBLISH.htm 57 KB
12 Dec 2012NM and The Secretary of State for the Home Department2012 NICA 55Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8677Final.htm 27 KB
09 Dec 2012Crawford, Stephen and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development2012 NICA 53Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8673Final-PUBLISH.htm 28 KB
07 Dec 2012Campbell’s (Glen) Application2012 NIQB 100Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8672Final.htm 33 KB
07 Dec 2012DM's Application 2012 NIQB 98Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8667Final.htm 58 KB
05 Dec 2012Shah Din & sons Ltd (Company Voluntary Arrangement) and Dargan Properties Management Ltd2012 NICh 34Burgess JHTML Download - j_j_BUR8658Final.htm 52 KB
05 Dec 2012Donald McElhatton v Ian McFarland and Lorraine McFarland2012 NIQB 114Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8660Final.htm 39 KB
03 Dec 2012Fitzpatrick (Bernard J), Naomi Fitzpatrick, John McIlwaine, Claire McIlwaine and Sarcon (No 177) Ltd2012 NICA 58Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8669Final-PUBLISH.htm 65 KB
03 Dec 2012The Alternative A5 Alliance’s Application 2012 NIQB 97Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8665Final.htm 18 KB
30 Nov 2012XY and Facebook Ireland Ltd 2012 NIQB 96McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8666Final.htm 38 KB
29 Nov 2012Queen v Nigel James Brown and Gary Ryan Taylor2012 NICA 52Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8664Final.htm 62 KB
23 Nov 2012Tullynaskeagh Farms Ltd’s Application 2012 NIQB 92Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8656Final.htm 165 KB
23 Nov 2012MacMahon’s (Aine) Application 2012 NIQB 93Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8654Final-PUBLISH.htm 33 KB
23 Nov 2012Fitzpatrick (Joseph) and Shiels' (Terence) Application2012 NIQB 95Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE8655Final.htm 125 KB
20 Nov 2012Director of Public Prosecutions and Joseph Mahon2012 NICA 50Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8650Final-PUBLISH.htm 38 KB
19 Nov 2012Shaw (Robert and Deirdre) and James J MacAulay Solicitors2012 NICA 49Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8647Final.htm 24 KB
19 Nov 2012Rodgers Contracts (Ballynahinch) Ltd v Merex Construction Ltd 2012 NIQB 94Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8652Final-PUBLISH.htm 37 KB
16 Nov 2012RA v DA2012 NIFam 9Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8635Final.htm 40 KB
16 Nov 2012British Medical Association’s Application 2012 NIQB 90Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE8648Final.htm 61 KB
16 Nov 2012O’Hara’s Application 2012 NIQB 91Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8649Final.htm 70 KB
13 Nov 2012Clinton (William) t/a Oriel Training Services and Department for Employment and Learning and Department of Finance and Personnel 2012 NICA 48Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8551Final-PUBLISH.htm 138 KB
13 Nov 2012Gaughran’s (Fergus) Application 2012 NIQB 88Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8627Final-PUBLISH.htm 80 KB
09 Nov 2012SM and PH in the matter of K2012 NICty 4Her Hnour Judge P Smyth HTML Download - j_j_2012NICty4Final.htm 53 KB
09 Nov 2012Brewster’s (Denise) Application2012 NIQB 85Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8643Final.htm 95 KB
09 Nov 2012A and ORS Application and In the matter of a decision of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber (Upper Tribunal)2012 NIQB 86Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8644FINAL.htm 66 KB
08 Nov 2012McCarroll (Mary) and Northern Ireland Housing Executive2012 NIQB 83Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8597Final.htm 96 KB
08 Nov 2012Derry City Council and Brickkiln Ltd and Professor Stephen Willetts2012 NIQB 84Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8631Final.htm 37 KB
05 Nov 2012Banks (John and Lynne) v Martin and Gill Geddis - Costs2012 NIQB 87Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8612Final-PUBLISH.htm 44 KB
05 Nov 2012Proctor, Richard and City Facilties Management Ltd2012 NIQB 99Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8634Final-PUBLISH.htm 62 KB
01 Nov 2012Coney’s (Gavin) Application2012 NIQB 110Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG8632Final.htm 64 KB
31 Oct 2012Graham’s (Jason) Application2012 NIQB 80Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8589Final-PUBLISH.htm 53 KB
30 Oct 2012Walsh’s (John Christopher) Application – Writ of Coram Nobis2012 NIQB 82Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8630Final.htm 18 KB
26 Oct 2012Queen v Cruikshank (Sean) and McEleney (Edward)2012 NICA 46Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8639FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 64 KB
26 Oct 2012R v Gallaher (JTI) Ltd2012 NICC 32Burgess JHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC32FinalIncFinalFacts.htm 43 KB
26 Oct 2012McGlinchey (Sinead) and Lee McCaughan 2012 NIQB 111Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG8625Final.htm 56 KB
26 Oct 2012Ellis (Richard) and Translink2012 NIQB 112Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG8600Final.htm 61 KB
26 Oct 2012Duggan’s (John Anthony) Application2012 NIQB 78Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8638Final.htm 89 KB
26 Oct 2012McTaggart’s (Brian) Application 2012 NIQB 79Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8606FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 27 KB
26 Oct 2012Martin’s (James) Application2012 NIQB 89Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8646Final-PUBLISH.htm 132 KB
25 Oct 2012Lincoln Centre Belfast Ltd and Northern Ireland Housing Executive 2012 NIch 31Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8552Final.htm 68 KB
19 Oct 2012Swift 1st Ltd v James and Maureen McCourt2012 NICh 33Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR8604Final.htm 57 KB
19 Oct 2012A Limited Company's Application and In the matter of a decision of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive2012 NIQB 113Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE8642Final.htm 28 KB
18 Oct 2012Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application 2012 NIQB 77Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8624Final2.htm 143 KB
18 Oct 2012Gribben’s (Sally) Application2012 NIQB 81Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8633Final.htm 93 KB
17 Oct 2012Director of Public Prosecutions and Jonathan Smylie2012 NICA 45Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8623Finaltopublish.htm 27 KB
17 Oct 2012Officers C, D, H and R’s Application - Officer A’s application - Jordan’s (Hugh) Application2012 NICA 47Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8620Final-PUBLISH.htm 134 KB
16 Oct 2012Fontan (Sofia) and Teletech UK Ltd2012 NICA 44Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8621Final.htm 24 KB
16 Oct 2012Drinan’s (Padraigin) Application and in the matter of a decision of the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission2012 NIQB 76Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8618Final.htm 138 KB
12 Oct 2012The Queen v RL 2012 NICA 43Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8616Final.htm 43 KB
12 Oct 2012Simms Construction Ltd and G R Homes Ltd 2012 NIQB 73Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8609Final.htm 30 KB
12 Oct 2012McCauley (James) Application and in the matter of a decision of the Parole commissioners for Northern Ireland2012 NIQB 74Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8614Final-PUBLISH.htm 81 KB
12 Oct 2012O'Hara (John Ailbhe) and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust2012 NIQB 75Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8607FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 58 KB
11 Oct 2012Queen v Anthony McMullan and James Owen Brophy2012 NICC 34His Honour Judge McFarland HTML Download - j_j_2012NICC34Final.htm 35 KB
11 Oct 2012Crockagarran Wind Farm Ltd v Arthur McCrory and Mary McCrory 2012 NIch 30Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8619Final.htm 39 KB
11 Oct 2012SB’s Application (a minor by VB her father and next friend) and in the matter of a decision of the Western Health and Social Care Trust 2012 NIQB 71Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8613Final-PUBLISH.htm 54 KB
11 Oct 2012CY (a Minor and a person under a disability) by his Father and Next Friend FY 2012 NIQB 72Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8586FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 104 KB
09 Oct 2012Queen v Bowe (Jonathan)2012 NICA 42Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8593Final.htm 53 KB
08 Oct 2012Queen v Vaiciulus (Vilius) and Morris (Michael)2012 NICA 41Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8608Final.htm 30 KB
08 Oct 2012Official Receiver v McWilliams (Sean) and (Mary)2012 NIch 28Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8491Final-Publish.htm 72 KB
05 Oct 2012Hutchinson (Andrew), Ross (Leslie), Finch (Jonathan) and Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC 2012 NIMaster 8Master KellyHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster8Final.htm 55 KB
05 Oct 2012Breslin (Martin Christopher) and others and Murphy (Michael Colm) and Daly (Seamus)2012 NIQB 69Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8590Final.htm 56 KB
04 Oct 2012Ulster Bank v Gerard Dynes and The Crown Estates Commissioners and Clonmore Wholesale Ltd 2012 NICH 29Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8615Final.htm 32 KB
04 Oct 2012JR59's Application2012 NIQB 66Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8602Final-PUBLISH.htm 66 KB
04 Oct 2012Pollock's Application2012 NIQB 67Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8603Final.htm 83 KB
03 Oct 2012Kelly (Brendan)QC, Harvey (Arthur) QC, McCrudden (Lawrence) QC, McCreanor (Tom), Green (Richard), McStay (Liam), Moore (Neil), Fox (Neil) - In teh matter of an appeal from a decision of deputy Taxing Master Wells2012 NIQB 70Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8585-PUBLISH.htm 74 KB
02 Oct 2012McIntyre’s Application2012 NIQB 65Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8601FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 45 KB
27 Sep 2012Wallace (Stephen) and Sandycove Holiday Homes2012 NICh 27McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8598FINAL.htm 64 KB
26 Sep 2012Queen v FN2012 NICA 38Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8594FINAL.htm 29 KB
26 Sep 2012In the matter of an application by Hugh Jordan for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 64Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8591Final.htm 58 KB
25 Sep 2012Trevor Robinson v Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland2012 NICA 37Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8579FINAL-Publish.htm 56 KB
24 Sep 2012R v DM - Director of Public Prosecution's Reference No 1 of 20122012 NICA 36Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8592FINAL-Publish.htm 25 KB
21 Sep 2012Patricia Young v Public Prosecution Service2012 NICA 35Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8588Final-PUBLISH.htm 24 KB
20 Sep 2012The Queen v W M2012 NICA 33Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8587FINAL.htm 58 KB
20 Sep 2012Queen v Shannon (Robert Patrick) and Nolan (Michael Andrew) - Director of public Prosecution's References Nos. 3 nd 4 of 20122012 NICA 34Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8589FINAL-Publish.htm 29 KB
17 Sep 2012Officers C,D,H and R’s Application - Officer A’s application - Jordan’s (Hugh) Application 2012 NIQB 62Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8576Final.htm 210 KB
14 Sep 2012Queen v Moane (Gary Philip) 2012 NICC 30McFarland JHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC30Final.htm 63 KB
14 Sep 2012Queen v McCrea (Stephen)2012 NICC 31His Honour Judge McFarland HTML Download - j_j_2012NICC31Final.htm 34 KB
13 Sep 2012R v Kieran Joseph Kavanagh - Director of Public Prosecutions Reference (Number 2 of 2011) 2012 NICA 32Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8581FINAL - Publish.htm 28 KB
13 Sep 2012Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd and others and Lyndhurst Developments Trading SA and others NO.12012 NICh 25McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8583Final.htm 75 KB
13 Sep 2012Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd and others and Lyndhurst Developments Trading SA and others NO.22012 NICh 26McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8584Final.htm 80 KB
10 Sep 2012Mooney (Winifred) and Keys (Derek), Faller (Dermot) and Maiden City Develpment Ltd - In the matter of Maiden City Developments Ltd and the Companies Act 20062012 NICh 23Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8565Final.htm 75 KB
10 Sep 2012James Oliver McDonald v Nicholas McKenna, William John Irwin and Patrick James McGrath2012 NICh 24Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8481FINAL-PUBLISH.htm 95 KB
09 Sep 2012The Queen v Sean Tate2012 NICC 29Judge LoughranHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC29FINAL.htm 107 KB
07 Sep 2012Colin James Keys v The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2012 NI Master 7Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster7 FINAL.htm 138 KB
07 Sep 2012Sean Devine v Daniel McAteer2012 NICA 30Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8555Final.htm 97 KB
07 Sep 2012The Queen v John Landon Parker2012 NICA 31Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8580FINAL.htm 21 KB
03 Sep 2012Brookfield Properties Ireland Ltd and Department of Justice2012 NICty 3Her Honour Judge McReynoldsHTML Download - j_j_2012NICty3Final.htm 43 KB
17 Aug 2012In the matter of an application by Ballymaconnolly Sons of Conquerors Flute Band for leave to apply for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 63Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8574FINAL.htm 33 KB
10 Aug 2012Ciaran Hughes (A Minor) Acting by his Mother and next friend Marie Huges v Newry and Mourne District Council2012 NIQB 54Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8508Final.htm 35 KB
03 Aug 2012Bank of Scotland PLC v Brogan (Terence) and Brogan (Mary)2012 NICh 21Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8491Final.htm 71 KB
03 Aug 2012Application by Strojowas (Piotr) (An Applicant for Bail)2012 NIQB 53McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8569Final-PUBLISH.htm 44 KB
01 Aug 2012Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service and The Official Solicitor to the Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland2012 NIQB 61McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8441-2Final.htm 270 KB
11 Jul 2012MR (An Applicant for Bail)2012 NIQB 52McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8559Final.htm 17 KB
09 Jul 2012Canning’s (Marvin) Application and Fox (Bernard) and McNulty’s (Christine) Application2012 NIQB 49Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8556Final.htm 276 KB
09 Jul 2012In matter of an application by Martin Corey for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 56Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8557Final.htm 129 KB
09 Jul 2012MacMahon’s (Aine) Application2012 NIQB 60Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8558Final-PUBLISH.htm 133 KB
06 Jul 2012Queen v Rong Chen, Simon Dempsey and Jason Owen Hinton2012 NICC 26Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8525Final.htm 122 KB
06 Jul 2012Billy Morrow v Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council2012 NIQB 50Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8554Final.htm 45 KB
06 Jul 2012AIB Group (UK) PLC v The Personal Representative of James Aiken (Deceased), Andrew Jonathan Aiken & Mary Aiken2012 NIQB 51Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8549Final.htm 42 KB
05 Jul 2012Queen v AB2012 NICC 27His Honour Judge Miller QCHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC27Final.htm 67 KB
03 Jul 2012McGeough (Terence) v Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 2012 NICA 28Sir Anthony HartHTML Download - j_j_HAR8546Final-publish.htm 50 KB
29 Jun 2012King (Drew Robert) v Sunday Newspapers Ltd2012 NICA 24Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8547Final.htm 35 KB
29 Jun 2012Queen v Leslie (Ryan)2012 NICA 25Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8539Final.htm 114 KB
29 Jun 2012Queen v William Holden2012 NICA 26Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8543Final.htm 61 KB
29 Jun 2012Queen v Mawhinney (William)2012 NICA 27Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8497Final.htm 97 KB
29 Jun 2012Queen v Allingham (David Edwin) and Allingham (Freda Elizabeth)2012 NICA 29Higgins LJ HTML Download - j_j_HIG8500Final.htm 185 KB
29 Jun 2012Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and Colin Lammey v Eugene McNally2012 NICA 59Higgins LJHTML Download - j_j_HIG8545Final.htm 116 KB
29 Jun 2012McGowan (Ruairi) v The Republic of Ireland and in the matter of the Extradition Act 20032012 NIQB 117Higgins LJ HTML Download - j_j_HIG8544Final.htm 102 KB
29 Jun 2012Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd v Curistan (Peter Gerard)2012 NIQB 47McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8550Final.htm 62 KB
28 Jun 2012Queen v David Anthony Kenneway and Lynsey Cahoon2012 NICC 24Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8541Final.htm 61 KB
28 Jun 2012Banks (John) and (Lynne) v Geddis (Martin)2012 NIQB 57Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8561Final-PUBLISH.htm 43 KB
28 Jun 2012AIB Group (UK) PLC v 1. Simon Ross; 2.Stephanie Anne Ross; 3.John Holland; 4.Jan Holland; 5.Rodney James Hayley; 6.Jean Adair Hayley2012 NIQB 59Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8562Final.htm 54 KB
27 Jun 2012James Robert Peifer v Castlederg High School, Limavady High School, St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s College, Claudy and Western Education and Library Board2012 NICA 21Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8548Final.htm 50 KB
27 Jun 2012AB v Down District Council2012 NICA 60Higgins LJWord Download - HIG8381Final.doc 128 KB
27 Jun 2012R v MA2012 NICC 33His Honour Judge SmythHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC33Final.htm 45 KB
26 Jun 2012Green’s (Brigid) Application2012 NIQB 48Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8553Final - Publish.htm 26 KB
25 Jun 2012Sentencing Remarks - R v Heagney (12/26642), R v Blair (12/28518), R v Barnes (12/22388), R v Baker (12/25775) and R v Charnley (12/39602)2012 NICC 35His Honour Judge Burgess – The Recorder of BelfastHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC35Final.htm 59 KB
25 Jun 2012Western Health and Social Care Trust v L and K2012 NIFam 6Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8534Final.htm 69 KB
22 Jun 2012Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd and Ulster Bank Ltd as security for the finance parties v Taggart (Michael Adrian) and Taggart (John Desmond)2012 NIQB 46McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8540Final.htm 130 KB
22 Jun 2012Craven (James Anthony) and (Caroline) & Others v Alessandra Bellanca, Anna Cinzia D’Aspra, Gabriele Giambrone p/a Giambrone & Law, Solicitors and European Lawyers2012 NIQB 58Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8542Final.htm 44 KB
21 Jun 2012Sainsbury's Supermarket Ltd v Winemark The Wine Merchants Ltd and others2012 NIQB 45Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL8499Final.htm 65 KB
20 Jun 2012NT v AT2012 NICty 2Her Honour Judge P SmythHTML Download - j_j_2012NICty2Final.htm 51 KB
19 Jun 2012Bank of Scotland PLC v Laurence Seamus McGuigan2012 NIch 19McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8533Final.htm 30 KB
19 Jun 2012Logue (Anson) and William Moffett v Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC2012 NIMaster 10Master KellyHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster10Final.htm 85 KB
19 Jun 2012William Stewart v Department of Finance and Personnel2012 NIQB 43Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8389Final.htm 47 KB
18 Jun 2012Doyle (Dermot) and Doyle (Elizabeth) v Doyle (Desmond), O'Toole (Mary) and McRandal (Anne) Practising as O'Toole and McRandal Solicitors2012 NICh 18McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8535Final.htm 35 KB
18 Jun 2012Walsh's (John Christopher) Application2012 NIQB 55Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8536Final-PUBLISH.htm 113 KB
15 Jun 2012Queen v Harbinson (Mark)2012 NICA 20Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8506Final.htm 83 KB
14 Jun 2012McRandal’s (Daryl) Application (Leave Stage)2012 NICA 22Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8513Final.htm 56 KB
14 Jun 2012PPS v Ramsey (Heather) and Ramsey (Samuel)2012 NICA 23Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8524Final -Publish.htm 43 KB
14 Jun 2012An Application by Matthew Kelly for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 42Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8531Final.htm 70 KB
13 Jun 2012Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland v James Francis McDermott and Owen Roe McDermott2012 NICC 23His Honour Judge McFarlandHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC23FINAL.htm 31 KB
13 Jun 2012UCB Homeloans Corporation Ltd v Bennett (John Patrick)2012 NICh 22Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8532Final.htm 38 KB
12 Jun 2012Traffic Signs and Equipment Ltd and David Connolly’s Application (Leave Stage)2012 NICA 18Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8518Final-PUBLISH.htm 69 KB
12 Jun 2012Caroline Barnes and Belfast City Council 2012 NICA 19Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8515Final.htm 39 KB
12 Jun 2012McOscar (Patrick) v Loughran (Brendan)2012 NIQB 40McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8527Final.htm 71 KB
08 Jun 2012The Queen v Lee Sloss2012 NICA 16Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8526Final.htm 18 KB
06 Jun 2012Law Society of Northern Ireland v John R Monteith2012 NICA 15Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8492Final.htm 40 KB
06 Jun 2012Santander UK PLC v Anthony Parker (No 2)2012 NICh 20Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8530Final.htm 46 KB
06 Jun 2012Maguire’s (Louis) Application2012 NIQB 39Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8522Final-PUBLISH.htm 57 KB
01 Jun 2012Queen v John Paul Brannigan Sentencing Remarks2012 NICC 21His Honour Judge Geoffrey Miller QCHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC21Final.htm 58 KB
01 Jun 2012Petticrew (Daniel) v The Chief Constable of The Police Service for Northern Ireland2012 NIQB 118Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL8505Final.htm 32 KB
31 May 2012In the matter of an application by W for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 37Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8517Final.htm 57 KB
30 May 2012Public Prosecution Service v Brian Gallagher2012 NIMag 2District Judge (Magistrates' Court) MeehanHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMag2Final.htm 200 KB
30 May 2012An application by Mark Harbinson for Judicial Review.2012 NIQB 38Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8516Final-Publish.htm 59 KB
29 May 2012Queen v Ming Chen2012 NICA 17Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8519Final.htm 15 KB
28 May 2012Abbas (Sam) and Hayes (Anthony) trading as AH Design v Rotary (International) Ltd2012 NIQB 41Weathertup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8521Final.htm 47 KB
24 May 2012Santander and S1 and S22012 NICh 16Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8511Final.htm 34 KB
23 May 2012The Queen v James Henry Brown, Eric Wright, Peter Joseph McDonald and Stephen Paul McCaul2012 NICA 14Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8502Final.htm 95 KB
21 May 2012Queen v Wootton (John Paul), McConville (Brendan) and Wootton (Sharon): Sentencing Remarks2012 NICC 19Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8512Final.htm 50 KB
18 May 2012Queen and H2012 NICA 40Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8495Final.htm 68 KB
18 May 2012The Queen v James Greer2012 NICC 20Her Honour Judge PhilpottHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC20Final.htm 46 KB
15 May 2012Finucane’s (John) Application2012 NICA 12Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8490Final.htm 65 KB
15 May 2012The Queen v Gerard Connors2012 NICA 13Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8493Final.htm 37 KB
10 May 2012Callender Street Trustees Ltd as Trustees of the MKB Property Unit Trust v LIDL Northern Ireland GmbH2012 NICh 14Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8475Final.htm 68 KB
10 May 2012Markey(Vincent Gerard), Markey (Glennise), Happys Limited v McMahon (Patrick), Carr (Ross), O’Hare (Robert)2012 NIQB 35Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8412Final.htm 142 KB
08 May 2012In the Matter of an Application by Brendan Conway for Judical Review2012 NICA 11Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8462Final.htm 68 KB
08 May 2012Queen v J M W Farm Ltd2012 NICC 17His Honour Judge BurgessHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC17Final.htm 50 KB
04 May 2012Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland v Trevor Lawrence Uprichard2012 NICA 10Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR8488final.htm 35 KB
04 May 2012Queen v Crooks, Baxter, McCord, Green, McKenzie and Campbell2012 NICC 25His Honour Judge Lynch HTML Download - j_j_2012NICC25Final.htm 63 KB
04 May 2012Northern Bank Limited v Nigel Stuart Patrick Allen2012 NIMaster 5Master EllisonHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster5final.htm 47 KB
03 May 2012Queen v John Devitt2012 NICC 16His Honour Judge MillerHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC16Final.htm 159 KB
03 May 2012Quinn Finance and Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited and Quinn Hotels Praha AS v Lyndhurst Development Trading SA v Dmytro Zaitsev v Oleksandr Serpokrylov2012 NICh 13McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8489Final.htm 139 KB
03 May 2012Quinn Finance v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd and others2012 NICh 15McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8486Final.htm 96 KB
03 May 2012Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC v Crawford (John), Wilson (Geoffry) and Donaldson (Joseph)2012 NI Master 6Master McCorryHTML Download - j_j_2012NIMaster6final.htm 98 KB
03 May 2012Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos v Kingdom of Spain2012 NIQB 32McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_MCCL8453Final.htm 183 KB
02 May 2012Sands (Nigel) v Gardiner (Ronald)2012 NIQB 29McCloskey JWord Download - McCL8474Final - publish.doc 106 KB
30 Apr 2012Praxis Care Group v Geraldine Hope2012 NICA 8Sir Anthony HartHTML Download - j_j_HAR8477Final.htm 31 KB
30 Apr 2012Stella Ofordu v Secretary of State for the Home Department2012 NICA 9Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR8472Final.htm 43 KB
27 Apr 2012An application by Christopher McCarthy for Judicial Review2012 NIQB 30Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE8483Final.htm 26 KB
25 Apr 2012R v Matyas PIS2012 NICC 14His Honour Judge BurgessHTML Download - j_j_2012NICC14Final.htm 83 KB
25 Apr 2012Queen v O'Kane (Gerard)2012 NICC 15Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI8478Final.htm 34 KB
25 Apr 2012Walsh (Christopher David) and others v Bank of Scotland plc2012 NIQB 36Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA8498Final.htm 54 KB
24 Apr 2012John J Rice and Company v The Lord Chancellor2012 NIQB 28McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8473Final.htm 71 KB
20 Apr 2012Queen v Ramunas Balseris2012 NICA 6Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG8455Final.htm 72 KB
20 Apr 2012R v Alison Michelle Martin2012 NICA 7Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8471Final.htm 58 KB
20 Apr 2012Regina v John Stephen Glenn[2012] NICC 12His Honour Judge Smyth QCHTML Download - 2012NICC12Final.htm 13 KB
20 Apr 2012Regina v Kathryne Adair[2012] NICC 13His Honour Judge Smyth QCHTML Download - 2012NICC13Final.htm 17 KB
20 Apr 2012Paul Fitzsimons and Martin Mallon P/As Fitzsimons, Kinney, Mallon Solicitors v AIB Group Uk Plc, First Trust Independent Financial Advisors Ltd2012 NICh 17Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8509Final.htm 53 KB
19 Apr 2012Folder[2012] NICh 122012 NICh 12Deeny J 
19 Apr 2012Ulster Bank Ireland Limited and Ulster Bank Limited (As Security Trustee For The Finance Parties) v Michael Adrian Taggart and John Desmond Taggart2012 NIQB 24McCloskey JHTML Download - j_j_McCL8467Final.htm 86 KB
17 Apr 2012Bernard J Fitzpatrick, Naomi Fitzpatrick, John G McIlwaine and Claire A McIlwaine v Sarcon (No 177) Limited2012 NICh 10Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE8447Final.htm 93 KB
17 Apr 2012United Dairy Farmers Ltd v The Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee2012 NICh 11Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR8341Final.htm 39 KB
17 Apr 2012Marcail’s (a pseudonym) Application2012 NIQB 68Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE8507Final.htm 60 KB