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23 Dec 2014GMJ’s Application2014 NIQB 135Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9484Final.htm 95 KB
22 Dec 2014J v G (In the matter of Q (a child))2014 NIFam 15O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9489Final.htm 40 KB
22 Dec 2014W v C (In the matter of L (a child))2014 NIFam 16O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9488Final.htm 34 KB
22 Dec 2014Belford (Deane) as personal representative of the estate of John Dale Raymond Sandford (deceased) v Glass (Ivan) as personal representative of the estate of William Robert Jacob Sandford (deceased)2014 NIQB 134Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9487Final.htm 29 KB
22 Dec 2014Purcell Bros Limited v The owners/demise charterers and all persons claiming to be interested in the Motor Vessell Star Viking2014 NIQB 137Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9502Final.htm 42 KB
19 Dec 2014Keenan (Brian) v Damian Curran 2014 NICty 7Her Honour Judge McReynolds Word Download - 2014NICty7Final.doc 89 KB
19 Dec 2014McCaughey (Stacey) v Brian Mullan2014 NIQB 132O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9409Final.htm 29 KB
19 Dec 2014Magee’s (Michael Gerard) Application2014 NIQB 142Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9479Final.htm 66 KB
18 Dec 2014Queen v Michael Simpson2014 NICA 83Coghlin LJ HTML Download - j_j_COG9472Final.htm 34 KB
16 Dec 2014R v Fred McClenaghan2014 NICC 22Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9483Final.htm 41 KB
16 Dec 2014Belkovic (Marek) v DSG International PLC and First Choice Selection Services2014 NIQB 139Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9411Final.htm 142 KB
15 Dec 2014Mooreland and Owenvarragh Residents’ Association’s Application2014 NIQB 130Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9421Final.htm 231 KB
15 Dec 2014Gracey (Damien Patrick Matthew) and Sean Paul Fitzsimmons' Applications (Leave Stage)2014 NIQB 131Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9459Final.htm 49 KB
11 Dec 2014Queen v Paul James Manolito Toland2014 NICC 21Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9475Final.htm 26 KB
11 Dec 2014HEM v The State Attorney’s Office, Dusseldorf, Germany2014 NIQB 144Girvan LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIR9468Final.htm 48 KB
10 Dec 2014O’Kane’s (Nadine) Application2014 NICA 80Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9465Final.htm 50 KB
08 Dec 2014Queen v Patrick Mackle, Benedict Mackle, Plunkett Jude Mackle, Henry McLaughlin 2014 NICC 24Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9474Final.htm 48 KB
05 Dec 2014Belfast Health & Social Care Trust v R and C2014 NICty 6Her Honour Judge Philpott QCHTML Download - j_j_2014NICty6Final.htm 86 KB
04 Dec 2014Queen v Mark McGuigan2014 NICA 78Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9467Final.htm 61 KB
04 Dec 2014O’Neill (Geraldine Patricia) v Ulster Bank Limited2014 NICh 29Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9473Final.htm 52 KB
04 Dec 2014Brown (Anthony) v The Department for Regional Development2014 NIQB 126Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9462Final.htm 42 KB
04 Dec 2014McKay’s (Philomena) Application2014 NIQB 128Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9470Final.htm 25 KB
04 Dec 2014Reid's (Eileen) Application2014 NIQB 129Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9455Final.htm 72 KB
03 Dec 2014R and T v The Health and Social Care Trust2014 NIFam 14O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9466Final.htm 34 KB
01 Dec 2014Hamilton and Dixon Group SIPP v Hastings and Company (Solicitors) (sued as a firm)2014 NICh 27Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9454Final.htm 23 KB
01 Dec 2014Jordan (Roberta Joanne) v Northern Health and Social Services Trust2014 NIQB 127Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9471Final.htm 20 KB
28 Nov 2014Eddie Ritchie v Dr Henry McKee, Dr S. J. Kyle, Dr Deirdre Savage and David W. McComb2014 NIMaster 17Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster17Final.htm 64 KB
26 Nov 2014Makhlouf’s (Zouhair Ben Belacum) Application2014 NICA 86Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9457Final.htm 108 KB
26 Nov 2014Queen v John Edward Hugh Holmes, Alan Victor Wilton and Chanel Wilton 2014 NICC 23Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9461Final.htm 28 KB
25 Nov 2014R v James Alexander Smith and Peter Greer2014 NICA 84Girvan LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIR9445Final.htm 80 KB
24 Nov 2014Baranowski (Tomasz) By His Mother And Next Friend Anna Baranowski v Michael Rice2014 NIQB 122Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9424Final.htm 74 KB
21 Nov 2014Ritchie (Eddie) v David W McComb2014 NIQB 125Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9452Final.htm 32 KB
19 Nov 2014Queen v Mark William McPhillips2014 NICA 77Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG9440Final.htm 47 KB
18 Nov 2014Queen v James Hutchinson2014 NICA 75Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9438Final.htm 63 KB
18 Nov 2014R v Fred McClenaghan2014 NICC 20Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9450Final.htm 37 KB
17 Nov 2014Queen v John Thompson and James McAfee2014 NICA 74Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9432Final.htm 57 KB
17 Nov 2014Jordan’s (Hugh) Applications 13/002996/1; 13/002223/1; 13/037869/12014 NICA 76Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9446Final.htm 211 KB
17 Nov 2014Rouse (Dawn) v Bernard Rouse2014 NICh 26Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9444Final.htm 24 KB
17 Nov 2014McCausland (Conolly) v Drenagh Farms Limited (In Administration) 2014 NICh 31 Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9817Final.htm 59 KB
13 Nov 2014Attorney General for Northern Ireland & Belfast City Council v Ashley James Campbell, Infernal Publishing Limited, a person known as Aiden Kerr, Ian Brown, Susan Bradshaw, Soho Bookshop and the owner/occupier of, or any person involved in a business or enterprise at 31-33 Gresham Street, Belfast2014 NICh 28Mr Justice Deeny HTML Download - j_j_DEE9457Final.htm 28 KB
12 Nov 2014Doherty (Joanne) Sentencing2014 NIMag 3District Judge (Magistrates' Courts) McNally Word Download - 2014NIMag3Final.doc 68 KB
10 Nov 2014Stewart’s (Albert) Application2014 NIQB 120O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9425Final.htm 40 KB
05 Nov 2014LC and RC v B McK2014 NIFam 12Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9406Final.htm 72 KB
05 Nov 2014Official Receiver for Northern Ireland v Julie Anne Urey2014 NIMaster 16Master Kelly HTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster16Final.htm 31 KB
05 Nov 2014Conway (John) v John Cavanagh acting as liquidator of Meteor Control International Ltd (in liquidation); The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland v John Cavanagh acting as liquidator of Meteor Control International Ltd (in liquidation)2014 NIQB 141Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9436Final.htm 39 KB
03 Nov 2014Preferred Mortgages Limited v Stephen McCombe2014 NICh 25Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9431Final.htm 34 KB
03 Nov 2014Gavyn Cairns BL and The Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission and The Department of Justice - Appeal under Rule 14 of the Legal Aid for Crown Court Proceedings (Costs) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2005 as amended by the Legal Aid for Crown Court Proceedings (Costs) (Amendment) Rules (Northern Ireland) 20052014 NIMaster 15Master WellsHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster15Final.htm 63 KB
31 Oct 2014Kane’s (Joseph) Application (Leave stage)2014 NIQB 118Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9433Final.htm 24 KB
24 Oct 2014Coutts and company (as trustee of the estate of Fitzhenry Augustus Smith (deceased)) and SSE Renewables Developments UK Limited v John Collins, Martin Collins, Brendan Douglas and Barry Douglas2014 NICh 24Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9418Final.htm 51 KB
23 Oct 2014McGovern (James) v James A Sharkey and Belfast Health & Social Care Trust2014 NIQB 117Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9404Final.htm 104 KB
23 Oct 2014Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC v Brian Patterson and others practising as Patterson Miller2014 NIQB 140Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9422Final.htm 58 KB
22 Oct 2014MY LHD UK v Peter Gay2014 NICty 3Judge Piers Grant HTML Download - j_j_2014NICty3Final.htm 69 KB
21 Oct 2014M v A Health and Social Care Trust; in the matter of S (a child) (arranging for a child in care to live outside Northern Ireland)2014 NICA 73Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9405Final.htm 100 KB
20 Oct 2014Browne (Paul) v David Mavroudis2014 NIMaster 18Master KellyHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster18Final.htm 126 KB
17 Oct 2014Queen v W2014 NICA 71Girvan LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIR9400Final.htm 61 KB
16 Oct 2014J&N Cowden LLP and John Cowden, Roberta Cowden and Noel Cowden v Ulster Bank Limited and Jon Anderson and Bill Kennedy2014 NIQB 138Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9420Final.htm 35 KB
14 Oct 2014Queen v John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville, Director of Public Prosecution’s Reference (Numbers 2 & 3 of 2012)2014 NICA 69Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9413Final-Publish.htm 61 KB
14 Oct 2014Shaw (Robert James) and Deidre Kathleen Shaw v Lawrence Patterson2014 NICA 70Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9412Final.htm 34 KB
13 Oct 2014HA’s (a minor) Application2014 NIQB 115Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9408Final-PUBLISH.htm 59 KB
13 Oct 2014Wood’s (David) Application2014 NIQB 119Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9393Final-PUBLISH.htm 88 KB
10 Oct 2014LP’s Application2014 NICA 67Gillen LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIL9398Final.htm 66 KB
10 Oct 2014Ryan (Veronica) and James Martin v Regina2014 NICA 72Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9383Final.htm 31 KB
10 Oct 2014Leisure Arcades Ltd’s Application2014 NIQB 116Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9397Final.htm 65 KB
10 Oct 2014Northern Bank Limited v John McHugh2014 NIQB 121Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9442Final.htm 18 KB
08 Oct 2014Sheil (Martin) v Stena Line Irish Sea Ferries Ltd2014 NICA 66Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9388Final.htm 82 KB
08 Oct 2014PPS v Joseph George McCloskey2014 NIMag 2District Judge McNally HTML Download - j_j_2014NIMag2Final.htm 32 KB
07 Oct 2014Queen v Jamie Downey and Andrew Richard Stewart2014 NICC 19His Honour Judge McFarlandHTML Download - j_j_2014NICC19Final.htm 38 KB
02 Oct 2014Hall (Marcus Savage) v 1. Mabel Diane Margaret Coulter and 2. Sir William Joseph Hall2014 NICh 23Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9394Final.htm 42 KB
02 Oct 2014Coey (John) v Amanda Robinson (Trading As Aladdin)2014 NIQB 111Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9403Final.htm 24 KB
29 Sep 2014McConville’s (Sean Gerard Patrick) Application 2014 NIQB 109Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9365Final.htm 57 KB
26 Sep 2014Queen v Paul McGarrigle2014 NICA 82Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9414Final.htm 30 KB
26 Sep 2014X (a father) v A Health and Social Care Trust and H (a mother) and K2014 NIFam 10O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9386Final.htm 26 KB
25 Sep 2014Moffat (Dorothy) v Laurence Moffat personal representative of Johnston Moffat (Deceased) and Florence Moffat (Deceased)2014 NICA 68Gillen LJHTML Download - j_j_GIL9381Final.htm 56 KB
24 Sep 2014McDaid’s (John) Application2014 NIQB 133Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9464Final.htm 17 KB
23 Sep 2014B v C (Consequential Directions to a Consent Order)2014 NIMaster 13Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster13Final.htm 37 KB
22 Sep 2014McClean’s (Dennis) Application2014 NIQB 124Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9390Final.htm 55 KB
12 Sep 2014R v Thomas McCaughey and Martin Smyth2014 NICA 61Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9384Final-PUBLISH.htm 43 KB
12 Sep 2014R v Paul Duncan Pollins2014 NICA 62Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9385Final.htm 46 KB
12 Sep 2014R v Sean Kelly & Others2014 NICC 26His Honour Judge McFarland HTML Download - j_j_2014NICC26Final.htm 51 KB
11 Sep 2014McCann (Thomas) v Extern Organisation Limited2014 NICA 65Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9362Final.htm 57 KB
11 Sep 2014R v Francis Newell2014 NICA 87Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9379Final.htm 38 KB
11 Sep 2014R v Cathal Feeney2014 NIQB 107Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9374Final-PUBLISH.htm 32 KB
10 Sep 2014R v Martin McCauley2014 NICA 60Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9377Final-PUBLISH.htm 37 KB
10 Sep 2014Southern Health and Social Care Trust v A McS, JJ and J McI2014 NIFam 9Maguire JHTML Download - j_j_MAG9313Final.htm 56 KB
09 Sep 2014AB v Sunday Newspapers T/A The Sunday World2014 NICA 58Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9375Final-Publish.htm 41 KB
09 Sep 2014Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs v Aiga Spiridonova2014 NICA 63Coghlin LJ Word Download - COG9359Final.doc 115 KBPDF Download - COG9359Final.pdf 140 KB
08 Sep 2014Anakaa (Julius Ember) v Firstsource Solutions Limited2014 NICA 57O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9342Final.htm 46 KB
08 Sep 2014Republic of Poland v RP2014 NICA 59Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9373Final.htm 42 KB
03 Sep 2014DPP v Atkinson (Robert), Atkinson (Eleanor) and Hanvey (Kenneth)2014 NIMag 1District Judge (MC) KingHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMag1Final.htm 60 KB
27 Aug 2014United Dairy Farmers Limited v The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and The Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee2014 NICh 22Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9366Final.htm 54 KB
27 Aug 2014S’ Application (arranging for a child in care to live outside Northern Ireland)2014 NIFam 7O'Hara JHTML Download - j_j_OHA9371Final.htm 76 KB
18 Aug 2014Stewart (Colin), Geoffrey Falconer, Michael Crooks T/A Falconer Stewart, Accountants v Colin Patterson, Claire Donnelly P/As Patterson and Donnelly, Solicitors and Susan Warmington (Formerly Known As Susan Stevenson)2014 NIQB 103Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9368Final.htm 38 KB
18 Aug 2014Bank of Ireland (UK) PLC v Dermot McLaughlin2014 NIQB 104Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9345Final.htm 7 KB
18 Aug 2014Mackel (Kieran) and Michael Doherty practicing as Mackel and Doherty, Architects v Declan Rafferty practicing as Declan Rafferty, Architects2014 NIQB 113Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9369Final.htm 30 KB
12 Aug 2014The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland v Bangor Provident Trust Ltd2014 NICh 19Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9285Final.htm 55 KB
12 Aug 2014Victoria Housing Estates Limited v The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland2014 NICh 20Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9363Final.htm 36 KB
12 Aug 2014McIlhatton (James) v John McMullan2014 NICh 21Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9364Final.htm 46 KB
08 Aug 2014Fulton (Melvin) v Vion Food Group Limited2014 NIQB 100Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9291Final.htm 53 KB
08 Aug 2014HL (a minor) by her Father and next friend AL v Facebook Incorporated, Facebook Ireland Limited and Others2014 NIQB 101Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL9347Final.htm 69 KB
08 Aug 2014JM’s Application2014 NIQB 102Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9366Final.htm 34 KB
08 Aug 2014McManus’ (Stephen) Application2014 NIQB 105Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9367Final.htm 21 KB
06 Aug 2014Burrows (Nicola) v Alan Ross2014 NIQB 99Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9334Final-PUBLISH.htm 63 KB
04 Aug 2014Bank of Scotland PLC v Rosemarie Rea; Bank of Scotland PLC v Terence McGready and Ann McGready; Bank of Scotland PLC v Frank Patrick Laverty and Mary Christine Laverty2014 NIMaster 11Master EllisonHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster11Final.htm 400 KB
25 Jul 2014The Director of Public Prosecutions v Edward Edens, Graham Officer, Darren Millar, Ryan Kirkwood and Christopher Kirkwood2014 NICA 55O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9266FinalPUBLISH.htm 43 KB
16 Jul 2014In the matter of a solicitor2014 NIQB 98Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9257Final.htm 45 KB
11 Jul 2014KA’s Application2014 NIQB 108Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI9358Final.htm 31 KB
10 Jul 2014Oaklee Homes Group Limited v John William Barr2014 NIQB 96Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9356Final.htm 20 KB
07 Jul 2014O’Neill (Cahir) v Eddie Rowan trading as PLM Promotions2014 NIMaster 9Master BellHTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster9Final.htm 129 KB
07 Jul 2014Blast 106's Application2014 NIQB 95Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9352Final.htm 47 KB
04 Jul 2014VK and AK v KK2014 NIFam 8Maguire J HTML Download - j_j_MAG9348Final.htm 96 KB
03 Jul 2014Callison’s Application - and In the matter of a decision of the Department of Justice and In the matter of Article 136 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 19942014 NIQB 92Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9349Final.htm 16 KB
02 Jul 2014M's (a child) Application2014 NIFam 13O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9449Final.htm 24 KB
01 Jul 2014DB’s Application2014 NICA 56Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9344Final-PUBLISH.htm 75 KB
30 Jun 2014Young, Roberta Ann and Andrew Sydney Hamilton, James Samuel Hamilton, Margaret Joan Hamilton and Lorraine Thompson2014 NICA 48Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9340Final.htm 85 KB
30 Jun 2014Commissioner of Valuation for Northern Ireland and Debenhams PLC2014 NICA 49Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9245Final.htm 132 KB
30 Jun 2014Devine, Mary and Daniel McAteer2014 NICA 50Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9338Final.htm 26 KB
30 Jun 2014Conway's (Brendan) Application2014 NICA 51Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9330Final-PUBLISH.htm 30 KB
30 Jun 2014Bateman (Geoffrey) and Lorence Dorcas Boyes Annan and David George Hull v Birchall Blackburn LLP2014 NIQB 112Weatherup JHTML Download - j_j_WEA9353Final.htm 41 KB
30 Jun 2014KD (a Minor) By His Mother and Next Friend v Belfast Social Health And Care Trust2014 NIQB 143Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9343Final.htm 33 KB
27 Jun 2014Re J (Freeing Order – Incapacity – Unreasonably Withholding Agreement)2014 NIFam 5O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9329FinalPUBLISH.htm 49 KB
27 Jun 2014A Health and Social Care Trust v K and M and R and R 2014 NIFam 6O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9328Final.htm 30 KB
27 Jun 2014RS’s Application2014 NIQB 88Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9337Final.htm 91 KB
27 Jun 2014Teer, Kevin and J Kennedy and Company (Contractors) Ltd in administration2014 NIQB 89Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9333Final.htm 34 KB
27 Jun 2014McCauley, Carol as personal representative of the estate of William McCauley deceased and Harland and Wolff PLC and Royal Mail Group2014 NIQB 91O'Hara J HTML Download - j_j_OHA9310Final.htm 43 KB
26 Jun 2014CR19 v The Chief Constable of The Police Service of Northern Ireland2014 NICA 54Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9320Final-PUBLISH.htm 49 KB
26 Jun 2014Mel Davidson Construction v Northern Ireland Housing Executive2014 NIQB 110Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9336Final.htm 38 KB
26 Jun 2014Watson, Ivan and Leah McCullough2014 NIQB 90Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9332Final.htm 27 KB
26 Jun 2014Bank of Ireland (UK) PLCS v Eugene Jones and Eamon Jones2014 NIQB 93Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9341Final.htm 29 KB
25 Jun 2014Harper (Amanda) and Rebecca Louden’s (a minor) Application2014 NIQB 97Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9355Final.htm 35 KB
24 Jun 2014KD (A Minor) By His Mother And Next Friend v Belfast Social Health And Care Trust2014 NIQB 106Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9322Final.htm 63 KB
24 Jun 2014MH and The Mental Health Review Tribunal for Northern Ireland 2014 NIQB 87Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9307Final.htm 93 KB
23 Jun 2014Queen v Kevin Higgins2014 NICA 47Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9258FinalPUBLISH.htm 76 KB
20 Jun 2014Doyle’s (Ellen) Application2014 NIQB 82Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9326Final.htm 37 KB
18 Jun 2014R v John Gaile, John Francis Hickey, Paul Gaile, Lena Gaile, Lee Paul Gaile, Kieran John Gaile; R v William Larmour2014 NICC 25Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9321Final.htm 34 KB
18 Jun 2014Rodger's (Robert James Shaw) Application 2014 NIQB 79Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9288Final.htm 145 KB
17 Jun 2014Fermanagh District Council and Gibson (Banbridge) Ltd 2014 NICA 46Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9299Final.htm 64 KB
16 Jun 2014Collins (Ryan) v Trustees of The Time Being of Abbey Christian Brothers Grammar School2014 NICty 4Deputy District Judge Brian F. Walker HTML Download - j_j_2014NICty4Final.htm 44 KB
13 Jun 2014Finlay, Karin and Phillip Cullen and Raymond Cullen2014 NICh 17Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9297Final-PUBLISH.htm 80 KB
13 Jun 2014Bank of Scotland PLC and Greg Foster (also known as Greg James Foster)2014 NICh 18Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9317Final.htm 22 KB
13 Jun 2014Swann’s (Richard) Application2014 NIQB 81Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9190Final-PUBLISH.htm 99 KB
12 Jun 2014Armagh City Council’s Application 2014 NICA 44Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9314Final.htm 54 KB
10 Jun 2014Nash’s (Thomas Christopher) Application2014 NIQB 76Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9309Final.htm 159 KB
10 Jun 2014Johnston’s (Geoffrey) Application2014 NIQB 83Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9316Final.htm 21 KB
09 Jun 2014The Mortgage Business plc v Gilbert Nesbitt and Christine Farrell practising as Wilson Nesbitt, Solicitors2014 NIQB 114Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9315Final.htm 25 KB
09 Jun 2014SC’s Application 2014 NIQB 78Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9305Final.htm 110 KB
06 Jun 2014Queen v Patrick Corrigan2014 NICA 85Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9216Final.htm 71 KB
05 Jun 2014McAuley (Colm) v Aidan Grimley, Raymond Grimley, Matthew Grimley, Alan Foster and Charles McElhone2014 NIQB 94Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9318Final.htm 25 KB
03 Jun 2014Gribben’s (Sally) Application2014 NICA 42Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9303Final.htm 38 KB
03 Jun 2014Queen v Andrew McBride, Glenn Benson and Richard Barry2014 NICA 45Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9296Final.htm 46 KB
29 May 2014Queen v Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton2014 NICA 41Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9300Final.htm 178 KB
29 May 2014Baird, Heather v Stephen W R Hastings t/as Hastings & Co Solicitors2014 NIQB 77Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9301Final.htm 29 KB
27 May 2014Queen v L2014 NICA 40Girvan LJHTML Download - j_j_GIR9278Final-PUBLISH (2).htm 63 KB
22 May 2014A's Application 2014 NIQB 74Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9292Final.htm 182 KB
20 May 2014Jordan’s and five other Applications 2014 NIQB 71Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9256Final.htm 79 KB
20 May 2014Mullan, Liam and Margaret v Mountainview Ltd and Greg Mc Cartney and Kevin Casey practising as McCartney and Casey, Solicitors2014 NIQB 85Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_wea9306Final.htm 30 KB
16 May 2014Queen v David Mervyn2014 NICA 39Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9280Final.htm 31 KB
15 May 2014McDonnell’s (Elizabeth) Application 2014 NIQB 66Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9283Final.htm 67 KB
15 May 2014Committee on the Administration of Justice’s Application 2014 NIQB 67Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9282Final.htm 124 KB
15 May 2014Drumragh Integrated College’s Application and in the matter of a decision of the Department of Education2014 NIQB 69Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9202Final.htm 82 KB
14 May 2014Queen v Gareth McKinney and Michael Wilson2014 NICC 15Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9284Final.htm 32 KB
13 May 2014Northern Ireland Renewables and Harry Carey2014 NICh 15Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9274Final.htm 30 KB
13 May 2014CR19 and The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland 2014 NIQB 64Horner J HTML Download - j_j_HOR9272Final.htm 60 KB
13 May 2014Chen’s (Rong) Application2014 NIQB 72Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9289Final.htm 28 KB
12 May 2014JMCA v The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust2014 NICA 37Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9281Final.htm 18 KB
12 May 2014Rooney (James Joseph) and Kieran Kelly trading as JKL Furniture Warehouse2014 NIMaster 8Master Bell HTML Download - j_j_2014NIMaster8Final.htm 121 KB
09 May 2014Doherty’s (John) Application2014 NIQB 61Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9259Final.htm 37 KB
09 May 2014McAreavy’s (Emmet) Application2014 NIQB 62Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9268Final-PUBLISH.htm 85 KB
08 May 2014Fermin Vila Michelena v The Kingdom of Spain2015 NICA 38Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9279Final.htm 52 KB
08 May 2014Ramsey’s (Steven) Application2014 NIQB 59Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9276Final.htm 135 KB
07 May 2014Jordan’s (Hugh) Applications (13/002996/1,13/002223/1,13/037869/1) Preliminary Issue2014 NICA 36Morgan LCJHTML Download - j_j_MOR9275Final-PUBLISH.htm 40 KB
07 May 2014C (A Person under a disability) and The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland2014 NIQB 63Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9260Final.htm 71 KB
06 May 2014McVeigh’s (Sean) Application2014 NIQB 57Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9255Final.htm 49 KB
06 May 2014Turkington’s (David) Application2014 NIQB 58Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9270Final.htm 216 KB
02 May 2014Queen v McBride (Andrew)2014 NICA 35Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9243Final.htm 54 KB
02 May 2014In the estate of Agnes Maud Laverty (Deceased): The Session and Committee Mosside Presbyterian Church v Lorna Watton, Margaret McConaghie and Thomas Taggart & Sons, Solicitors, A Firm 2014 NICh 30Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9165Final.htm 46 KB
30 Apr 2014Mortgage Business PLC and Bank of Scotland PLC (trading as Birmingham Midshires) v Thomas Taggart and Sons2014 NICh 14Deeny JHTML Download - j_j_DEE9197Final-PUBLISH.htm 38 KB
29 Apr 2014The Queen v Hackett (Sean) and Mulrine (Ronan)2014 NICC 10Stephens JHTML Download - j_j_STE9211Final.htm 108 KB
29 Apr 2014R v Bredin (Lyndsey)2014 NICC 13His Honour Judge Babington HTML Download - j_j_2014NICC13Final.htm 33 KB
29 Apr 2014PH’s Application2014 NIQB 60Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9252Final.htm 118 KB
29 Apr 2014Marshall (Colin Samuel) v Seamus Kieron Vincent McGuire2014 NIQB 68Deeny J HTML Download - j_j_DEE9269Final.htm 40 KB
28 Apr 2014DB’s Application2014 NIQB 55Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9258Final.htm 212 KB
17 Apr 2014MP’s (a minor) Application2014 NIQB 52Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9251Final.htm 87 KB
16 Apr 2014Smith’s (David) Application2014 NIQB 50Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9250Final.htm 14 KB
14 Apr 2014Queen v Murray (Damien)2014 NICC 14Weir HTML Download - j_j_WEI9265Final.htm 24 KB
11 Apr 2014Keogh (Paul) v Banbridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau2014 NICA 32Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9248Final.htm 76 KB
11 Apr 2014Queen v Seales (Jimmy), McCaughey (Stephen) Weir (Jason), Weir (Ian) & Others (sentencing remarks in respect of James Seales, Stephen McCaughey, North Lucas, Stacey McCaughey, John Lawlor, Melissa Dickson and Lesley Weir)2014 NICC 12Weir JHTML Download - j_j_WEI9263Final.htm 29 KB
11 Apr 2014Queen v W, X, Kilmartin (Patrick), Fitzpatrick (Thomas), Y, Z2014 NICC 9Horner JHTML Download - j_j_HOR9239Final.htm 83 KB
11 Apr 2014In the matter of an application for judicial review and in the matter of decisions of the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust for Northern Ireland2014 NIQB 49Treacy JHTML Download - j_j_TRE9244FinalPUBLISH.htm 114 KB
11 Apr 2014McAleer (Nicola) v Chief Constable of The PSNI2014 NIQB 53Gillen JHTML Download - j_j_GIL9219Final.htm 52 KB
11 Apr 2014Crossey (Thomas) v The Police Service for Northern Ireland2014 NIQB 54Gillen J HTML Download - j_j_GIL9164Final.htm 106 KB
10 Apr 2014Headley (Andrea) v Southern Cross Health Care and others2014 NICA 34Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9249Final.htm 27 KB
10 Apr 2014Queen v Seales (Jimmy), McCaughey (Stephen) Weir (Jason), Weir (Ian) & Others (sentencing remarks in respect of Ian Weir and Jason Weir)2014 NICC 11Weir J HTML Download - j_j_WEI9262Final.htm 25 KB
10 Apr 2014R v McCartney, McCartney and Neimontas2014 NICty 5His Honour Judge Lynch HTML Download - j_j_2014NICty5Final.htm 48 KB
10 Apr 2014Northern Ireland Housing Executive v Combined Facilities Management2014 NIQB 75Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9261Final.htm 37 KB
08 Apr 2014Deman (Suresh) v Industrial Tribunal and Fair Employment Tribunal and others and Northern Ireland Equality Commission and others2014 NICA 30Morgan LCJ HTML Download - j_j_MOR9240Final.htm 57 KB
08 Apr 2014Mooney’s (Christopher) Application2014 NIQB 48Coghlin LJHTML Download - j_j_COG9221Final-PUBLISH.htm 58 KB
08 Apr 2014Hood, Brian and Stewart v John Dunlop and Barry Lyons (Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Antrim and Grand Secretary of the Grand lodge 2014 NIQB 73Weatherup J HTML Download - j_j_WEA9253Final.htm 59 KB
07 Apr 2014Curistan (Marion Anne) v Keenan (Thomas Martin)2014 NICA 29Girvan LJ HTML Download - j_j_GIR9222Final-PUBLISH.htm 46 KB
07 Apr 2014Kingsberry’s (Colin) Application2014 NIQB 45Treacy J HTML Download - j_j_TRE9236Final.htm 42 KB
06 Apr 2014McCook (Stephen Derek) v Department of Regional Development for Northern Ireland 2014 NIQB 80Stephens J HTML Download - j_j_STE9312Final.htm 26 KB