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Quick Links to Telephoning the Royal Courts of Justice

Telephoning the Royal Courts of Justice

The telephone system at the Royal Courts of Justice has changed to NI Direct. The new telephone number is 030 0200 7812.

Normal business hours (9.00am – 5.00pm)

All incoming calls to 028 9023 5111 during the day are being automatically redirected to 0300 200 7812 (NI Direct) for another 3 months. Thereafter, the telephone number 028 9023 5111 will no longer be available. If it is dialed, the caller will hear a message saying the number no longer exists and to please dial 0300 200 7812. The signpost message will remain for a further 3 months.

Out of hours

The NI Direct number will not be answered outside normal business hours, therefore if any practitioner finds that they need an OOH Court for High Court / Court of Appeal Business, they should follow the procedures set out below:

If the need for an OOH court arises before 21.00 (Mon – Fri) or before 16.00 (Sat–Sun), EXCLUDING PUBLIC HOLIDAYS when the building will be unmanned, the solicitor should telephone 028 9072 4618. This will give them access to the security staff on duty who will contact the Duty Registrar (DR) to make the necessary arrangements.

If the need for an OOH court arises after 21.00 (Mon – Fri), or after 16.00 (Sat - Sun) or on Public Holidays, the solicitor must contact the DR directly using the on call mobile number which has been provided to the relevant organisations.