Tribunal Hearing Centre

Useful Information


The Tribunal Hearing Centre is situated on the 2nd Floor in
the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ), Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 3JF.


The RCJ is close to Central Railw ay Station and Laga nside
bus station, w hich is one of the tw o city-centre bus stations. The other is in Glengall Street. There is a Centrelink bus serv ice av ailable betw een Laganside and Glengall Street bus stations, leav ing approximately ev ery 15 minutes. The quickest pedestrian route from Glengall Street to the RCJ is along Great Victoria Street to Wellington Place, leading directly into Chichester Street and meeting Victoria Street at its junction. This is about a 15 minute w alk. There is a taxi rank at the City Hall. The nearest Citybus stop to the Hearing Centre is in Oxford Street, just before the Waterfront Hall. The main bus terminus is around the City Hall area in Donegall Square.
For information about bus and rail timetables contact
Translink on 028 9066 6630 or w w w

Car parking

Car parks are av ailable w ithin the immediate v icinity of the
RCJ. M ulti-storey parking facilities are av ailable at the Hilton Hotel, Laganside Bus Station, Victoria Square Shopping Centre and M ontgomery Street.

Opening hours

The Hearing Centre is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The
office is open to the public from 9.30am to 4.30pm M onday to Friday (except for Public and Bank Holidays).

Refreshments & other facilities

There is a refreshment/tea bar located on the ground floor
w hich is opened from 9.00am to 4.15pm M onday – Thursday and 9.00am to 2.15pm on Friday. The Big Word telephone interpreting serv ice is av ailable at the Hearing Centre or if you require an interpreter a t your hearing please contact a member of staff.

Do you have any special requirements?

If you hav e a disability or special need and require a
particular facility or adjustment to enable you to attend or take part in the tribunal proceedings please contact the Tribunal Hearing Centre where the Disability Liaison Officer

Contact Information

I f you have any comments or suggestions or require any

further information on the T ribunals Hearing Centre please contact:

T ribunal Hearing Centre, 2nd Floor, Roy al Courts of Justice, Chichester Street , Belfast BT 1 3JF


Northern I reland Valuation T ribunal 028 90 72 4857

M ental Health Review T ribunal 028 90 72 4843

Charity T ribunal 028 90 72 4857

Office of the Social Security Commissioner

& Child Support Commissioner

028 90 72 4885

Pensions Appeal T ribunal

028 90 72 4884

Care T ribunal

028 90 72 4893

T raffic Penalty T ribunal

Special Educational Needs and

028 90 72 4892

Disability T ribunal

028 90 72 4887

Health& Safety T ribunal

Criminal I njuries and Compensation

Appeals Panel NI

028 90 72 4892

028 90 41 2326

Lands T ribunal

028 90 32 7703

Fax : 028 90724826

Email: .uk CicapniCust om ers@court landst ribunal@court

Complaints Procedure

Parties w ho are dissatisfied w ith the administrativ e serv ice

prov ided by the Tribunal Hearing Centre may initiate the complaints procedure in the first instance by contacting M ark Radcliffe, the Tribunal Hearing Centre Complaints Officer, at the address, phone/fax numbers or email addresses opposite.

Northern Ireland Courts & Tribunals Service

Communications Branch

Laganside House Ox ford Street Belfast BT 1 3LA

T elephone: 028 9032 8594

Fax : 028 9041 2390

T ex tphone: 028 9041 2920


The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service is committed to improving its quality of service to all court users. By making comments about our services, you enable us to improve them. By making a complaint, you enable us to put things right.