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Family Law & Childcare Literature

This portal was established by the Multidisciplinary Sub-Committee of the Children Order Advisory Committee. Its purpose is to facilitate access to a selection of summaries of articles, books and literature within the various disciplines in family justice and childcare and to raise awareness of this literature on an interdisciplinary basis. The portal will be updated regularly with the titles and summaries of articles and literature submitted by the members of the sub-committee.

Please click on the relevant title to view the documents. You may also click on the heading of each column to sort by Date, Title, Summary or Status.

If you wish to search for a particular publication please type keywords into the Search box on the top right-hand side of the screen. This will search the entire website. Please click here for help on searching.

Some of the documents from this section of our website have been archived. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, you should in the first instance check the list of archived Family Law & Childcare Literature documents, which can be found by using this link. Should you require a copy of any document you see listed in the archived Publications page you can contact the Communications Group by email and our team will happy to provide the same for you.

Documents published on this site before 12 April 2010 are designated as "pre-devolution". Some are of an historical nature and will remain unchanged as they are provided solely for reference.

Information leaflets about how to use Courts and Tribunals services which still carry our old title and logo are in the process of being renamed and re-branded. We would wish to make clear that the material they contain is still valid. We thank you for your co-operation during this updating process.

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11 Jul 2013Children Order Advisory Committee 12th ReportCOAC 12th Report HTML Download - coac-12th-report.html 90 KBPDF Download - COAC report 12.pdf 486 KB
24 Jan 2013Guide to Case Management in Private Law ProceedingsThe object of this Guide is to provide an effective means of managing the conduct of proceedings in which an application is made for an order under the provisions of Part III of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 and under Article 7(1)(c) of the Order HTML Download - p_fam_Case-Management-Private-Law-Guide.htm 30 KBPDF Download - p_fam_Case-Management-Private-Law-Guide.pdf 99 KB
12 Dec 2012COAC Best Practice Guidance 2nd Edition 2010 Incorporating amendments up to 29 November 2012  PDF Download - COAC-Best-Practice-Guidance.pdf 2137 KB
17 Aug 2012Children Order Advisory Committee 11th ReportCOAC 11th ReportLiveHTML Download - coac-11th-report.html 95 KBPDF Download - COAC report 11.pdf 437 KB
26 Jan 2012Guide to Case Management in Public Law ProceedingsGuide to Case Management in Public Law ProceedingsLiveHTML Download - Guide to Case Management in Public Law Proceedings.html 25 KBPDF Download - Guide to Case Management in Public Law Proceedings.pdf 137 KB
20 Jul 2011Children Order Advisory Committee 10th ReportCOAC 10th ReportLiveHTML Download - coac-10th-report.html 118 KBPDF Download - COAC report 10.pdf 649 KB
20 Jul 2011Children Order Advisory Committee 9th ReportCOAC 9th ReportLiveHTML Download - coac-9th-report.html 102 KBPDF Download - COAC report 9.pdf 553 KB
24 Feb 2011Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 12th EditionChildren Order Advisory Committee Multi-Disciplinary Newsletter 12th Edition, Winter 2011 HTML Download - COAC_Newsletter_Winter11.html 60 KBPDF Download - COAC_Newsletter_Winter10 access.pdf 929 KB
01 Jul 2010Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 11th EditionChildren Order Advisory Committee Multi-Disciplinary Newsletter 11th Edition, Summer 2010 HTML Download - COAC_Newsletter_Summer10.html 89 KBPDF Download - COAC_Newsletter_Summer10.pdf 1029 KB
30 Nov 2009Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 10th EditionCOAC Interdisciplinary Newsletter 10th EditionLiveHTML Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommitteeNewsletter10thEdition.html 142 KBPDF Download - Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 10th Edition.pdf 847 KB
23 Jun 2009Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 9th Edition COAC Interdisciplinary Newsletter 9th EditionLiveHTML Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommittee9thNewsletter.html 105 KBPDF Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommittee9thNewsletter.pdf 3638 KB
17 Dec 2008Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 8th Edition COAC Interdisciplinary Newsletter 8th EditionLiveHTML Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommittee8thNewsletter.html 145 KBPDF Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommittee8thNewsletter.pdf 3232 KB
04 Jul 2008Children Order Advisory Committee Newsletter 7th Edition COAC Interdisciplinary Newsletter 7th EditionLiveHTML Download - ChildrenOrderAdvisoryCommittee7thNewsletter.html 147 KBPDF Download - Children Order Advisory Committee 7th Newsletter.pdf 1941 KB