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Running Costs

The Court Funds Office (CFO) is a business unit of the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service and as such its administrative costs are included in the Agency financial statements.  However, to be transparent, we have separately identified CFO running costs and published them here.

Costs of running the Court Funds Office



Staff costs
Salaries 689,928 673,169​
Other staff costs 1,054 1,148​
Accommodation costs
Rent and rates 80,597 73,005​
Utilities, cleaning and storage 14,421 16,080​
Security 6,583 14,295​
Maintenance and office equipment 6,190 6,697​
Administration costs
IT 142,633 135,727​
Professional fees and subscriptions 39,660 35,467​
Postage, printing and stationery 11,909 18,952​
Telephone and communications 5,511 5,743​
Depreciation 373 -​
Total costs 998,859 980,283

Other staff costs include travel expenses etc.  The total costs figure for 2014/15 above includes £12,000 “non-cash” which relates to depreciation and audit fees.

There is a mechanism under the enabling legislation to allow the CFO to recover its costs from the interest earned on funds held, before disbursement to clients in the form of interest paid.  However, as current interest rates are historically low, interest earned has been passed on in full to the minors and patients for whom we hold funds.  As a result, the CFO costs were met in full by the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service for 2013/14 and 2014/15.