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General Standards

The standards below are the standards of service that customers can expect when visiting any of our court offices.

  • When you phone a Court office you can expect your call to be answered within 30 seconds, to be given the name of the court official; and the court official to be clear and helpful.
  • When you write to or e-mail a court office, you can expect an acknowledgment to your query. A written reply will be sent within 15 working days and you will be given the name and contact details of the member of staff dealing with your query and will include your reference details if supplied.
  • When you come to Court you can expect, the court building to be open by 9.00am. The public counter to be open normally from 9.30am to 4.00pm. Staff to be polite and helpful and clear signage to be in place.
  • At the public counters you will be attended to within 10 minutes. If this is not possible, an explanation will be given for the delay.

In addition to the above service standards, you can also expect that –


  • An information/reception desk will be attended from 9.30am daily at all main court venues.
  • Court lists will be displayed from 9.30am daily. You should note that cases are not always called in the order they appear on the list. (If you need any information about your case at any time please contact a court official who will help you)
  • Some court lists will be available on the Courts and Tribunals Service website;
  • When you go to the public counter, we will respect your privacy and discuss any confidential business in private.
  • If you require information, or are to meet someone when you arrive at court, you can get help from the reception/information desk or a court official.


  • Refreshment and toilet facilities will be available at all main court venues.
  • Waiting areas will be clean, heated well lit and comfortable.
  • Consultation facilities can be made available should you need to discuss confidential business in private. Please ask at the reception/information desk.
  • If you have a particular need in relation to your attendance at court or if you have a disability, arrangements can be made to assist you. Please ask at reception for the Customer Service Officer, the Disability Liaison Officer or contact the court office in advance.