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Fixed Penalties - Legislative Changes

The following are the main provisions of the Road Traffic Order (NI) Order 2007 which came into operation on 27 June 2007.

  • 3 Penalty points for the offence of driving a vehicle without wearing a seatbelt
  • 3 Penalty points for driving with a child in the front/rear of the vehicle not wearing a seat belt
  • An increase in the number of penalty points from 3 to 6 for failing to give information to the Police for purposes of identification. Also, an increase in the fine to £120
  • Introduction of 3-6 penalty points for exceeding a temporary speed restriction
  • Introduction of a fine and 3 penalty points for not having proper control of a vehicle or for using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving or supervising a vehicle.

Recent legislative changes to the Road Traffic (Driving Disqualification) (NI) Order 2003 (SI No 2903 of 2003) will introduce the recognition in Great Britain (GB) of disqualifications in Northern Ireland.

The main provisions in terms of the Fixed Penalty Office are:

1.  From 11 October 2004 the holder of a GB Driving Licence committing a road traffic offence in Northern Ireland can avail of the Fixed Penalty System in Northern Ireland. The legislation facilitates endorsement of a GB Licence for a road traffic offence committed in Northern Ireland for which the fixed penalty procedure is applied.

2.  When a driver surrenders a GB Licence to the Police in GB, the Police in NI (PSNI) or the Fixed Penalty Office (NI), a NI counterpart will be raised with Driving Vehicle Licensing NI and it is this counterpart rather than the GB Licence that is endorsed. The NI Counterpart must be kept with the GB Licence for future reference.

The Crime (International Co-Operation) Act 2003 provides for the recognition in Great Britain of disqualifications in Northern Ireland. The Road Traffic (Driving Disqualification) (NI) Order 2003 mirror those provisions to the extent that it recognises in Northern Ireland, disqualifications made in Great Britain.