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Matrimonial forms / checklists

This page provides the relevant forms for customers wanting to pursue divorce / dissolution of Civil Partnership proceedings. These forms are prescribed to meet the requirements of The Matrimonial Causes Order (Northern Ireland) 1978, The Family Proceedings Rules (Northern Ireland) 1996, Civil Partnership Act 2004 and any relevant EC Council Regulations.

The forms are provided in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format for customers to download, complete and print out. Customers are advised to complete the forms whilst referencing the "Notes for Guidance when completing Matrimonial Forms."

A set of checklists has also been provided to help customers ensure that they have correctly completed the forms and included all relevant documentation before submitting their paperwork to the Matrimonial Office. A completed and signed checklist must be submitted with all petitions.

Care should be taken to comply with the guidance and in the completion of the factual details in all forms to ensure that papers before the Court are sufficient and correct. Should an amendment be required at a later stage this process will incur an additional fee.

Documents to be lodged with Petition

All forms lodged in connection with an application must be correctly titled and contain the names of the parties. The Petition must be accompanied by:

  • A long form marriage/civil partnership certificate (Rule 2.6(2))
  • Long form birth certificates for all children of the family under the age of 18 (Rule 2.6(2) FPR 1996). Copies or short form certificates will not be accepted.
  • A Notice of Proceedings (Form M5 or M5(A) FPR 1996) (Rule 2.6(4)),
  • An Acknowledgement of Service (Form M6 or M6(A) FPR 1996) (Rule 2.6(4)),
  • A Statement of Arrangements for Children (Form M4 FPR 1996) if there are any children aged under 16 years or over that age and continuing in education or training,
  • Sufficient copies of the Petition and forms M5/M5A and M6/M6A for any Respondents and Co-Respondents. Note the M4 is not served on any Co-Respondents.
  • Legal Aid Certificate if applicable. If not lodged at date of commencement it must be lodged within fourteen days of issue of Petition
  • Previous proceedings relating to the marriage referred to in the petition should be verified by copy court orders.
  • Original agreements must be lodged where the petitioner prays that an agreement be made a rule of court.
  • Petition Fee.  For details see the matrimonial fees page.
  • Petition Checklist (completed and signed).

Forms for making an application for divorce

The Forms are provided in Microsoft Word format for customers to download, complete and print out. For ease of use, it is recommended that you download a copy of the template you wish to complete to your computer and then open it. Guidance on how to use the forms is provided here.

Forms for the High Court

Forms for the County Court

Checklists for submitting divorce applications

Divorce Petition Checklist

Judicial Separation Petition Checklist

Nullity Petition Checklist

Amended Petition Checklist

Second Petition Checklist

Answer & Cross Petition Checklist

Forms for making an application for Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Forms for the High Court

Forms for the County Court

Checklists for  submitting an application for dissolution of a civil partnership

Civil Partnership Petition Checklist

Nullity for Civil Partnership Petition Checklist

Civil Partnership Legal Separation Petition Checklist

Decree Absolute Search Application Form (PDF)

Draft Order Templates

Draft Agreement Order (PDF)
Draft Agreement Order (Word)