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The Office of Care and Protection (Patients Section)

Responsibility for the management of the property and affairs of people in Northern Ireland who, through mental disorder, are incapable of managing their own financial affairs is vested in the High Court under the provisions of Part VIII of the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 [SI 1986/595 9NI4)].

The office does not accept incoming telephone calls on a Friday.
If you need to contact the office urgently, please e-mail


The “Patient” is the name given by the Order to a person who is suffering from mental disorder and whose financial affairs are subject to the Court’s control. A “Controller” is the name given to those appointed by Court to manage a Patient’s financial affairs.


The Office of Care and Protection, (Patients Section), commonly known as OCP, is the department of the Court with responsibility for the administrative work associated with Part VIII of the Mental Health Order. OCP performs a similar role to that of the Office of the Public Guardian in England and Wales and in Scotland.

This area of our website provides more information on OCP including guidance in relation to the appointment and powers of Controllers. We have also provided information in regard to Enduring Powers of Attorney [EPA].

  1. Information on the role, structure and powers of the Office of Care & Protection
  2. How do I apply to become a Controller
  3. Information for existing Controllers
  4. Information on OCP fees
  5. Information for Health and Social Care Trusts
  6. Information on Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
  7. Solicitors costs in relation to Patients’ work
  8. Information about Security Bonds
  9. Conveyancing guidance and useful forms (please see below)

For further information please click here to view the booklet "Handbook for Controllers"

For further information please click here to view the booklet "Dealing with the affairs of the Mentally Ill"

Periodical Payment Order Lodgement Form



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