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How To Set Up An ICOS Account

To set up an ICOS Account the Account Holder should take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a payment for any amount at any court office. Staff at that office will enter this amount into ICOS against the account holder’s name and provide the payer with a receipt of the sum paid.
  2. If a solicitor's firm has more than one office, an account number will be created for each office.
  3. The system will automatically generate a letter detailing the PIN number to be used by the account holder to access the account. If for any reason the PIN number needs to be reset, this can be done by contacting a court office who will reset the number within ICOS and, as before, notification will issue to the account holder of the new number.
  4. When lodging a document with a related payment, where the account holder wishes the payment to be debited to their ICOS Account:
    1. The document can be taken to any court office. The office will record, on ICOS, the necessary details from the document. Then the court office will process the payment. This payment must be authorised by the account holder entering their PIN number through a 10-digit keypad, which is available at the payment counter.
    2. The document can be posted or lodged at a drop point, in any court office. The office will record the details of the document through the post book. Once recorded in the post book the document will be entered in ICOS, with all necessary details. The court office will then process the appropriate payment. The office will mark on the ICOS system that the document was received by post and this will allow the office to process the payment through the account holder's account without the requirement of a PIN number. A list of all post transactions will be printed at the end of the day and an office supervisor will check the details against the post book entries.
  5. When an application is granted for a refund of fees paid through an ICOS account, the amount refunded will be processed back into the ICOS account. On request, a sum held within an ICOS account may be refunded to the payer.
  6. A monthly statement will be issued to all account holders, detailing the account number, name, opening balance and transaction details (including lodgements, payments, refunds and any other amendments) made to fee transactions during the period of the report.