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Business Tenancies

The Business Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (1996 No. 725 (NI 5)) (the Order) provides for regulation by the Tribunal of the relationship between landlords and business tenants.

Business Tenancy Notices including the Landlord's Notice to Determine and the Tenant's Request for New Tenancy may be found at The Business Tenancies (Notices) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997 (SR 1997 No. 72) .

Where an order for a new tenancy is opposed on certain grounds the tenant may be entitled to compensation. The amounts set out in the table in the 1996 Order have been amended by the Revaluation (Consequential Provisions) Order 2003 (2003 No. 73).

NOTE however that some cases may require reference to other legislation. The updated Statutes of Northern Ireland are available at the UK Statute Law Database.

The first step is to complete one of two types of application form. If you wish to make a tenancy application at the end of a lease use Tenancy Application (Form EA). For any other application use Other Application (Form EB). Send the form to the Registrar together with the appropriate fee (see the Rules).

The case will then be listed for mention before the Tribunal. This is an informal meeting to identify the issues. Once those are clear the Tribunal will make detailed directions for the preparation and Hearing of the case.

Usually sometime after the hearing, the Tribunal will give its decision with reasons in writing. An index of previous decisions is set out in the Table of Cases together with links to downloadable copies.