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How do I appeal?

How do I Appeal?

The Tribunal’s appeal process can only be availed of once a PCN has been formally challenged in writing to TransportNI and the vehicle owner has been issued with a “Notice of Rejection of Representation”. The vehicle owner has then 28 days to appeal to the Tribunal using the appeal forms accompanying the Notice.

If you have not received this notice you cannot appeal as of yet and must contact TransportNI, within 28 days of receipt of your Notice to owner. For details on how to contact the PEPU please click here.

Accompanying the Notice will be a Guidance Leaflet and a Notice of Appeal form. There is a list of the grounds upon which you can appeal on this website. The Notice should be completed in full and sent to the NITPT

You have 28 days, from issue of The Notice of Rejection, to appeal.

An appeal can be dealt with in two ways: by personal appearance, where the appellant attends the Tribunal and gives oral evidence; or by postal application, where the Adjudicator gives a decision based on all the documentation provided by TransportNI and the appellant. The appellant should indicate which method they prefer on the appeal form. If a personal appearance is requested the appellant will receive a Notice of Attendance from the Tribunal stating the date, time and location of hearing. If a postal application is requested the appeal will be acknowledged and placed before the next available Adjudicator.

In either circumstance the Adjudicator will consider all the facts and issues in the dispute and will give a written decision which is binding on both the person appealing and on TransportNI.