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Telephone Conferencing Guidance

What is a telephone conference call?

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal endeavours to facilitate vehicle owners who wish to have a personal hearing in front of the Presiding Adjudicator but are unable to attend the Hearing Centre. TCCs allow appellants to take part in a hearing from their own home or from a convenient place where they will not be disturbed. The Adjudicator will conduct the hearing from the privacy of an office in the Hearing Centre and will be able to talk to both the appellant and TransportNI's representative during the hearing.

How do I apply for a TCC?

When you are filling in your appeal form you will have ticked the box requesting a personal hearing. If, when you receive your hearing invitation you are unable to attend due to other commitments, illness or disability you should contact the Tribunal immediately. The Tribunal will automatically offer you the TCC facility although you can, of course, seek an adjournment and attend on another date. 

How do I prepare for a TCC?

You will receive confirmation from the Tribunal that your appeal will be dealt with by TCC and supplied with a date and time for the hearing. At this stage you should consider where the most appropriate place for you to be is during the hearing. You should ensure you are in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and preferably where there is a convenient landline. If you are at home you should ensure TVs, radios, other phones etc. near you are turned off. If you are in work you should arrange to conduct the hearing in a place where you will not be called away. If there is too much background noise the Adjudicator may have to terminate the call. Finally you should supply the number you wish to be contacted to the Tribunal as soon as possible.

What happens during a TCC?

Approximately five minutes before the hearing the Tribunal Manager will phone to confirm that you are ready to proceed. You should ensure that you have the evidence pack supplied byTransportNI to hand. At the time of your hearing the Tribunal Manager will phone you again. The TransportNI representative will also be contacted.  Once the conference call is ready the Adjudicator will come to the phone and your hearing will commence. You should listen carefully to what the Adjudicator tells you and be guided by them as to the running of the hearing. Please note all parties to the proceedings will be able to hear what is being said throughout.

What happens after my hearing?

The Adjudicator will normally give you the result of your appeal over the phone but you will receive a written decision with a statement of reasons a few days after your hearing. If you feel the Adjudicator has made a material error in the decision or new evidence comes to light after the hearing, you have 14 days from the date of the written decision to ask the Tribunal for a review. More information on the review procedure can be obtained on this website.