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What does it do?

What does it do?

The NITPT can only become involved in a dispute once the vehicle owner has first contacted the Roads Service TransportNI Parking Enforcement Processing Unit (PEPU) and made his/her complaint.

If the complaint is rejected, the PEPU will issue the owner with a Notice of Rejection of Representations. Included with this notice will be a Notice of Appeal to the Tribunal and a guidance leaflet.

Once a properly completed appeal is received by the Tribunal, it is copied to TransportNI to ascertain if the appeal is to be contested by the Department’s enforcement unit. If a contest is indicated, the Tribunal will request all documentation relevant to the appeal and request a copy be sent to the appellant.

When all documentation is received, the appeal papers are placed before an adjudicator who will consider all the evidence before the Tribunal and give a written decision that is binding both on the vehicle owner and TransportNI.