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Customer Service

Customer Service

Information Leaflet - this leaflet gathers all the information on the NIVT website into a single document for easier printing.

Useful Information - includes directions to the NIVT Office and details of opening hours and facilities available.

What happens after I lodge an appeal? - explains the procedure for both options of having your case dealt with by written representations or through personal attendance at a hearing and gives information on publication of NIVT decisions.

Evidence submitted to NIVT - provides guidance on the type(s) of information you should consider including to support your appeal and assist the tribunal.

High Hedges Appeal Guidance - details the procedure for appeals from your district council’s decision regarding a high hedge.

Complaints Procedure - outlines the NIVT's customer commitment and explains the process whereby complaints can be made and how they will be dealt with.

Comments/suggestions - We are happy to receive your comments on how you think we have done and welcome your suggestions on how we might improve.