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Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal

The Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal (NIVT) was established on 1st April 2007 primarily to hear and determine appeals against new capital values for property in Northern Ireland in respect of domestic rates. It also falls within the NIVT’s remit to hear and determine appeals against decisions relating to a number of rating rebates.

It is an independent tribunal set up to consider appeals by home owners (or interested parties) who have first applied to the District Valuer at the Land and Property Service (LPS) – formerly known as the Valuation and Lands Agency (VLA) – and, subsequently, also the Commissioner of Valuation for NI. Those appealing against rebate decisions will have firstly applied to the LPS department dealing with the relevant rebate.

NB: NIVT Decisions are a matter of public record and are published on this website.

Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal

2nd Floor
Royal Courts of Justice
Chichester Street
Belfast BT1 3JF

Tel:  0300 200 7812


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