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What happens at my appeal hearing?

What happens at my appeal hearing?

Please see the NIVT leaflet What happens after I lodge an appeal? for further information.

You will receive at least 28 days notice of a date of hearing. The appropriate time and venue will also be stated. You should endeavour to be 15 minutes early to allow staff to note your appearance.
At any hearing, the tribunal panel will normally be composed of three members, one from each of the three categories. The legal member will always preside over the hearing (the chairperson).

At the hearing, apart from the tribunal panel there will also be representatives from the LPS (usually two - the valuer and the senior valuer involved with your case). The panel will already be familiar with the documentation and will ask for clarification as required from both parties. You will be given the opportunity to state your case.

Although those attending will not normally be asked to take an oath, and whilst the tribunal endeavours to remain informal, all parties are reminded of their duty to tell the truth at all times.

The tribunal panel will usually break for a short time to consider and discuss the case in private. In the majority of appeals the chairperson will announce the panel’s decision on the day, but occasionally it may be necessary to adjourn the hearing to allow for further consideration.